Pet owners are forever excited about their pet’s Halloween outfit more than their own costumes. If you love your four legged friend most and crazy about him, you should definitely check these 37 dog Halloween costumes. We are quite sure that you and all the pet lover’s will go crazy, if you just take a quick view over them. All these fabulous WTF dog Halloween costumes are available in Amazon and taken from best-selling list. Promise, you’ve never seen such dog Halloween costumes ever!!


I’ve now added my cute little cat/pet costume witch hats to my store…. ;) lol yes i know some of you will probably think i’ve gone bit silly. I used to dress my cat up when I was little…and she was a kitten and she loved it, until she got into her cat teen years then I was told to get lost lol :D Hats available here :) Huge thank you to Emily the cat and owners Kirsty and Alex!

Halloween Dog Costumes

Let your pet join in the fun with their very own pet Halloween costume.  In a variety of sizes to suit a large number of breeds we have this super cute and adorable pumpkin outfit for dogs.  This dog outfit fastens in front and underneath their belly with velcro which means it can be adjusted to suit your particular pet (or if they put on a little weight!!). Available now from Canine & Co.

Six Halloween Pet Safety Tips

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While Halloween is fun for kids and adults alike, many Halloween activities can be stressful or dangerous to your pet. Follow these six Halloween pet safety tips to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun:

  1. Keep your pet inside. Never leave your pet outside unattended, especially cats. It is a good idea to confine your feline family members to the house for Halloween night. Also give your pets access to a quiet place while they wait out the noisy festivities.
  2. Limit front door access. Keep your pets away from the front door while you’re greeting trick-or-treaters. Frightened pets can dart out through an open door. Some dogs may conclude that the strange looking visitors are cause for concern and become aggressive or scared.
  3. Wear current ID tags. Make sure your pets are wearing ID tags and a glow–in–the–dark or reflective collar in case they get out.
  4. No candies or other Halloween treats. Keep all candies and Halloween treats out of reach. Also make sure that the foil and cellophane wrappers are out of reach. They can cause serious health problems if ingested.
  5. No candles. Keep candles and pumpkins out of reach. Prevent burns or fires by using caution when burning candles.
  6. Watch costumed pets. Never leave your pet in costume unattended. The costume also should fit properly and not cause skin irritation or constrict your pet’s breathing.
Halloween pet costumes

Halloween is a fun time of year for both pet parents and their dogs.Two more months until Halloween. Nowadays, the choices for dressing up your pet seem endless. Here are some cute, fun, and unique ideas for your dog this Halloween, inspired by our great history with dogs. The most popular pet costume like last year is a pumpkin (11 percent), with devil (8 percent) and hot dog (6 percent) following closely behind. Some pet owners also plan to dress up their dog like a cat (4 percent) or their cat like a dog (2 percent). Besides those outfit what kind others are going to grab people’s attention?

1. Fast food

2. Rob-Bun

3. I know this one looks like it’s just a dumb penguin, but it’s actually a CAT, dressed as a penguin.

4. Harry Potter And Fluffy

5. Two Generous Dogs Bearing Gifts

6. The Justice League

It takes 3 quarters of a MILLION DOLLARS to raise a child from birth to the age of 18

Just for their basic needs. Food, shelter, water, clothes, and general public education Not including special ed, babysitting, extra curriculars, cellphones, toys, beds, computers, TV, pets, sweets, costumes for Halloween, gifts for birthdays and Christmas, and EVERYTHING WE TAKE FOR GRANTED.

So next time you see a 16 or 17 year old teenager (or basically ANYONE under the age of 25 that aren’t settled down) say that they WANT to have a kid, show them this. Seriously. Having a child at a young age closes a LOT of doors for you. No matter how many people ‘support’ you, raising a child takes time. Time that you could have used building a better life for yourself and therefore a future child
However, this post is NOT directed to those who did not plan on getting pregnant. You didn’t PLAN it. But I will say this again, for EVERYONE to know….. RAISING A CHILD IS HARD.

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