Tropical Plumpkin now available on Etsy!

This is the Tropical Plumpkin! Plumpkins are also known as ambling loaf dragons and love to be pampered. They are expert at finding the warmest spot in a house and will lie there for hours soaking up the heat. 

The tropical plumpkin has fresh, bright colours that will liven up your day! He’s definitely the leader of the pack, he’s confident and has a mischievous curiosity. You will need to make sure the lid to your biscuit tin is firmly stuck on or he’ll eat them all in one go!

I made this Plumpkin to test the body pattern and construction time, and as such he is being offered at a discount! 

He has a wire armature so he can be gently repositioned, and a soft squashy body. His head, wings and feet have been cast in resin from an original sculpt, and his body is sewn from the same material used for baby blankets - it’s so soft!

Plumpkins are 100% VEGAN FRIENDLY and Made in Scotland

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i get to see my dog again on monday!!!
in celebration, i’m doing a commission sale this weekend! $5 off all pets! :D check out the deets here


sale’s over! thanks to all who bought commissions! i’ll be finishing them up tonight and tomorrow c:


We found out mid-week that our landlord isn’t renewing our lease with us - no problem on our end, he loves us! But his son is getting a job up here and wants him to live in this apartment again. Whiiiiiich means we unexpectedly have to move (and VERY quickly, at that). YIKES.

Unfortunately we weren’t prepared for this at all, and due this AND my battling debilitating chronic illness, we’re short on funds. ALL PRODUCTS IN MY SHOP ARE NOW 70% OFF. ***Discount is applied automatically at checkout***

ANY PENNY HELPS and less product on hand means less to move! So please take a look or signal boost, if you can. THANKS SO MUCH….

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(Or if for whatever wild reason, you just want to donate a dollar or two, you can do so here!)

HHD shop ideas

(That are not clothing)

Book shop
Pet shop
Grocery shop
Car sales
Art shop
Furniture shop
Movie theater
Fish market
Music shop
Photography studio
Appliance shop
Kitchen goods
Bath house
Flower/Garden shop
School supply shop
Halloween/Costume shop (boarders on clothing)
Beauty supply
Beauty boutique
Fruit stand
Toy shop
Candy shop
Mug shop
Souvenir shop
Themed shop (like potion ingredients, pirate stuff, etc)
Pest control
Shoe shop
Hat shop
Manga shop

There’s probably limitless ideas. So why everyone & their momma gotta make a clothing shop?


Society6 is doing a sale!

Get 5$ off everything in my store, plus free shipping with this link!

My store is full of cute rat related designs which make the perfect gift for any rat lover. You can get t-shirts, v-necks, hoodies, tank tops, mugs, cases and skins for phones, laptops and ipods, clocks, pillows, blankets, duvet covers, rugs, shower curtains, tote bags, and more. 

Sale ends 8th November.

If you’re feline hungry for some fresh art, “Meow” by Elena Arkhipova is one of this week’s newest designs! We asked Elena how she makes creating a priority, and here’s her inspirational response:

“Every time I create art, it brings me joy and improves personal development. These are the most important things in my life.”

Save 40% on this week’s new tees right MEOW!


Finally finished the Cheshire Cat Tail! It is a massive 29 inches in length and 7 inches wide unfluffed! Being a HUGE fan of the original Alice in Wonderland, and I am proud of how this one came out! What do you guys think? <3

Check it out here!


Just launched my online taxidermy store Perished Pets! Chogan, Jack, Rascal & Bill have already been adopted, mental!!! Was not expecting this sort of response at all, hard work really does pay off sometimes! :)

Still lots more pets up for adoption, go check ‘em out, they are all looking for lovely new owners! <3