Fish fo sale

I’m posting a ton of shit right now, but…. Meh.

I’ve decided that, in the best interest of keeping my fish alive, I think I need to sell him to someone else. I’ve barely been remembering to feed him every day, and I suspect it will only get worse as I continue on with school. As happy as it makes me to say that I can take care of a fish, and that I have something keeping me around… It’s too much of a burden on me, right now. And he deserves better.

So if you happen to live in the greater Bellingham, WA area (I’ll even extend this to Vancouver, B.C.) and you would like a pretty betta fish… Please let me know. I’ll sell him, his tank (including decorations, heater, thermometer), his food, and chlorine remover drops for $20. You just have to come get him.

I should probably also note that if you’re interested feel free to message me about it.

So, I have to find a home for this little baby before I go off to college on the 17th of August. He’s a nine (9) week old Netherland Dwarf male, and has a very sweet disposition. I am not doing free to a good home, because I do not want him to end up as snake food for someone’s pet. He’s priced at $15.00, I can go as low as $10.00. I’m able to take his parents with me to college, but not him (I would if I could). If anyone out there is in the Orlando area and is interested, please drop me an ask and we can discuss the specifics. 

Look at that face. Look at how cute and adorable he is. His favourite thing to do is sit on my shoulder while I read. He also enjoys being carried around like a baby. Did you know he’s only nine inches all stretched out? Netherland Dwarfs are the smallest of the rabbit breeds. He’d make a great pet.

afeministsaesthetic  asked:

I live in North America. What is the largest toad I can (legally) keep and obtain as a pet?

Nearly all toads for sale in the US are legal to keep as pets so long as they aren’t endangered [and depending on your own state laws of course- you can check with your local Fish and Game if you’re unsure] Wild-caught, non-endangered native toads are generally legal to keep as pets because they breed extremely proficiently in the wild, so come spring there will be thousands of babies all hopping around- but again, all states have their own laws, and you should definitely check before acquiring an exotic animal.

Also if size is what you’re after you have a good number of options! Cane/Marine toads are incredibly easy to come across at reptile shows and online, they’re very very cheap due to being an invasive species. They also have the potential to reach an enormous size, but keep in mind that they become more expensive over time, due to needing a large amount of space [40 gallons minimum but ideally as much space as you have to spare] and having massive appetites. They’re also likely to need a vet check-up, depending on where you get them from. Since they’re so cheap and easy to find some sellers don’t take as good care of them as they should, and they could have stress or husbandry related illnesses in need of treating.

Another option would be a Sonoran Desert toad/Colorado river toad. They’re easy to find for sale online, and captive bred babies are becoming more and more popular. You’ll definitely want to get a captive bred one as opposed to a wild caught, even though they’re more expensive, because captive bred ones are nearly always much healthier and adapt to captivity more easily. Legality-wise there has been some controversy regarding these animals due to their incredibly potent bufotoxins, which are sometimes “milked” and dried to make psychoactive drugs. They’re also considered threatened in some states and thus are unlawful to keep as pets there [California and New Mexico come to mind but I’m not sure if anyone else has the same laws,] but in most states you can keep them as a pet with no problems. They get huge, need lots of space, require higher temperatures than normal and eat like pigs. They’re quite charming though!

Moving down the line you have a few more options for giant toads- but its very uncommon to find captive bred individuals of the following species. That doesn’t mean they’re impossible to keep as pets, but it does mean they’re more prone to previously established illnesses and parasites, especially combined with the stress involved with capturing, shipping, and selling them. However if you’re really committed to them and do your research, you can have lots of success. These toads include Smooth-sided toads and Rococo toads, both of which get pretty big and are lovely animals.

Smooth sided toad:

Rococo toad:

I hope this helps!!

Finding Dory

I know the movie has been out for a while, but I feel the need to let people know something.

If you are in a pet store that sales fish, more so clown fish and stuff like that, DO NOT tell the employee “look, I found Nemo!”

It isn’t funny. You aren’t the first to come up with it. In fact it is right up there with “if it doesn’t ring up, it’s free!”, and everyone on here should know that pain.

I am selling a baby from an LBC breeding I did (it is beautiful and I love it but I love the sibling more haha). They come with a PSD (they were a predict).

It is up for 35GP in my shop (link), but I’m also open for offers for items or a lower GP offer (I also take a mix of GP/BP/items).

Interested? PM me at 39676 :D



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Im back from school and im so overwhelmed by nct dream i cant even reblog stuff its too cute like, compare this to that feeling when youre at the pet store and its puppy sales week and you go in there like “….. can i play with all of theeeeese puppies” and the person is like “yeahh” so you’re hust waiting there in the pin and then the worker opens the gate and they all come running up to you and you dont know what to do so u start crying because you love them so much and theyre so cute im crying