UPDATE: He’s found an adopter!!
Hey reptiblr, I need to rehome Hamilton, my ball python. My mental illnesses have gotten very in the way of me taking proper care of this guy, and he needs a better caretaker than me. I don’t have a job nor can I drive, and my money has to go towards dental work so I can no longer afford him either.
If you’re in New York State (Rochester area, or willing to drive very far) and would like to adopt him, I;m asking $45 (this includes all of his tank and his accessories), I also have a 20 gallon that he was in when he was younger that I;m willing to give you as well for $10 extra (it also comes with some accessories).
He hasn’t been handled in the last few months due to my mental illness taking all of my energy, but when he was handled regularly he was very docile.

Please don’t bash me for this guys, I honestly want what’s best for him and I know I’m not that any more.

If you want to adopt/buy him please PM me. I;m willing to haggle prices as well.

Pet Store Fun...

I work at a popular pet store where we sell just about everything, from dog food to fish and other small furry animals. So this woman comes up to me (in her early twenties maybe) and starts asking about buying a rabbit. She tells me she knows nothing about rabbits and wants me to go through with her all the basics and everything she would need to buy if she were to get a rabbit.
No problem there, thats part of my job. Always happy to make sure people have everything they need for a new pet.

So we go through everything from food to cages etc. But then this stupid bitch asks me if it’ll be fine in the house from 9 til 3 when theres no one home. So I’m like, well rabbits are really social so ideally we prefer if they’re going to be alone a lot that you take two of them.

And she goes, but my dogs will keep it company!

Say what now?

Turns out she has 4 dogs, including a Husky and a German Shepard. Dogs who have never lived with another animal before. Dogs who will look at a rabbit and think “dinner”.

This stupid bitch thinks shes just gonna buy a baby rabbit and leave it to frolic about the house with her 4 dogs every day! 

I try to explain to her how they absolutely cannot be left unsupervised together, that the dogs will most likely go for the rabbit and the rabbit will be terrified of the dogs. And shes like, well I’ll just keep it in the cage and let the dogs go up and sniff it, they’re so friendly! Honestly, she just kept going on about how friendly and well behaved her dogs are like that was all that mattered. 

I don’t care how friendly a dog is. If it isn’t used to rabbits, its still gonna think that the rabbit is dinner. I mean, my dog is ridiculously friendly and grew up with 2 cats, but I still wouldn’t leave her alone with them just in case!

I’m trying to tell her to at least go home and take a few days to properly research rabbits before she decides to buy one, but shes like well I’ll go home tonight but I’ll be back tomorrow because I want one. Umm, no. That isn’t how this works. She literally told me she only came in for dog food but saw the rabbits and decided she wanted one. She’d never even touched a rabbit before today and knows absolutely nothing about them!

And then she gets all like, why are you trying to put me off though? Well bitch, my first and only concern is the welfare of that rabbit. You don’t get to just impulse buy a rabbit when you have 4 dogs and know fuck all about rabbits.

I told my colleague too who would be in the next day that if she comes back don’t sell her a rabbit. Thank god no one who works there is a fucking idiot and we’re totally allowed to refuse pet sales to arseholes like her. Also I’m sure all animal lovers here will be happy to know that my managers would have totally backed me up there too and also refused to sell her a rabbit. 

Hear, boy? Pet translators will be on sale soon, Amazon says

Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting to a cheetah, as Dr Doolittle once sang – what a neat achievement that would be. Well, Amazon has revealed that the animal-loving doctor’s ambition might not be entirely fantasy.

Pet translators that can turn woofs into words and make sense of miaows, might really be on the horizon, according to a report backed by the internet retailer.

Futurologist William Higham of Next Big Thing, who co-authored the report for Amazon, says he believes devices that can talk dog could be less than 10 years away.

“Innovative products that succeed are based around a genuine and major consumer needs. The amount of money now spent on pets – they are becoming fur babies to so many people – means there is huge consumer demand for this. Somebody is going to put this together,” he says.

animal shelters are always needing donations! and since these are going for so cheap right now this is a good option. you could also consider donating a few of these to your local wildlife rehabilitation clinic since it’s spring & they are going to be getting more baby animals than usual! 

(also, walmart seems to have a lot of pet items on sale like dog treats, dog shampoo, and dog bowls, just to name a few. consider grabbing these for later, your friends who have pets, or for donating to your local animal shelter as well!)

Hello lovers! I’ve decided to put my pet up for sale. This is no joke. He is a wanna be submissive male, who doesn’t understand this isn’t all about him. He minds and follows the rules well for other females but not the one he pleadged his life, love and heart to. He likes to be controlled and do what anyone says, other than his Goddess. He craves attention but isn’t so great at giving it in return. He wants to be a foot stool, foot cleaner, toe sucker, pussy eater, ass licker, dick sucker, and ashtray. He has recently taken his cage off on his own with what appears to be no intentions of putting it back on. Please comment if you’d like him to be your submissive, slave, sissy, bitch, whatever your fancy or if you think you could have a session with him in which you teach him how to act that can possibly be arranged too.
Have a wonderful night. 💖


Sorry for the off-topic post, but I have a ton of Littlest Pet Shop pets from when I was younger, and since I stopped collecting them many years ago, I thought I’d advertise what I have left for sale on this blog since I think there’s some overlap between robot and toy collectors! I sold all of the really rare/expensive ones a while back, but I still have a lot of pets remaining!

Message me if you’d be interested in buying any of these! If you also decide to buy any Furbies from me, I can ship everything together to save on shipping costs.

PSA: Staff Of Are NOT Above Character And Art Theft

Hello there! My name is TK, and that is also my username via Acitius.

I’m calling out the users Elliott and Rat, both staff members of the site (Head Moderator and Head Artist, respectively), for blatant theft because I would not trade Elliott a custom character I owned.

I’ll leave everything under a cut now ♥

A long, long time ago in 2015, I bought the first design from Pet Sales because a lot of people jumped ship and were selling characters left and right, since people were assuming Acitius was going to be hitting the fan.
Back then, I actually bought this character from the user Monster, if I remember correctly. Not Elliott.

But fast forward to 2017, when Acitius takes new ownership and Elliott/Rat become staff under Brian, Elliott started asking to trade for Honey (which is the name the custom pet ended up with, with me)
I unfortunately wasn’t interested in anything Elliott had and so I eventually traded the design to Titania at, then deleted the original pet on Acitius

I released a bunch of character names for free on Acitius for others to use very recently, and this is what I found just a little bit ago

thanks for making images too small, tumblr


Elliott had Rat draw a blatant copy and had still taken the design for themself – on a name I happened to release

I even went ahead and spent the 1.5k WSG to remake the deleted version of Honey

Which I wouldn’t have had the ability to do if I’d traded this pet to Elliott instead of deleting it
(The pet was renamed to Bell because someone already snatched the name Honey so I had to force rename)

Proof that this pet existed long before Caramel

I’ve alerted @mothyard (Haunt) via Discord and Acitius’ site owner Brian of this, but I am waiting to see the reply from Elliott and/or Brian before I tell Titania about the theft


Digimon Electronics FOR SALE!

-Can take close up pics of packaging, screens, etc, and battery test vids if requested, but please don’t ask unless you’re actually interested
-Batteries not included/shipping cost not included
-Can accept payment by Paypal or Interac etransfer [within Canada]
-Can combine shipping with other sale items
-Feel free to ask me for feedback; I may ask for yours too
*Anything valued over $100 will be shipped with tracking
*This post will be xros-posted in multiple places

$100 USD - Pendulum Cycle V8 White
Very Good condition, opened to remove batteries. Inner box & manual only. Based on Pendulum 3/3.5 Nightmare Soldiers

$55 USD - Japanese Digimon Mini V1
Complete with box/good condition, opened to remove battery

$200 USD - Japanese Pendulum V5.5 Metal Empire
Complete with box/essentially new, opened to remove batteries

$145 USD - Korean Pendulum Progress V2 Armageddon Army
Complete with box/essentially new (never used), opened to remove batteries

MORE SALES: Digimon Part 1 | Digimon Part 2 | Pokemon


Pet Portrait commissions are currently: Open!

Some extra notes:

  • I use traditional media for all portraits. I’m less comfortable with digital media, but we can discuss if this is your preference.
  • All pet types welcome! Unfamiliar subjects will naturally take a little longer, but as long as you provide plenty of reference photos I’ll be able to draw them. Please send reference photos via the above email, or send links if you have photos uploaded.
  • Realistic style portraits are not intended to be a carbon copy of a photograph. Although I aim for accuracy, my main focus is on portraying a sense of personality, so details will occasionally differ.
  • Payment is via PayPal, preferably upfront. Prices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and PayPal invoices will be sent in this currency (PayPal takes care of the conversion at no cost to you).
  • Shipping within the UK is included in the price! International shipping varies and will be calculated in light of your location and the price of your commission(s) and this will be added on to the overall price (various options are available so please don’t be put off by this!).
  • In addition to the above, please let me know if you’d rather not have your commission physically shipped - that’s absolutely fine, and in this case I’ll send you a full size high quality scan instead.

Thanks for the interest! I’m excited to have a chance to draw your beautiful furred, feathered and scaled friends! ♥

HHD shop ideas

(That are not clothing)

Book shop
Pet shop
Grocery shop
Car sales
Art shop
Furniture shop
Movie theater
Fish market
Music shop
Photography studio
Appliance shop
Kitchen goods
Bath house
Flower/Garden shop
School supply shop
Halloween/Costume shop (boarders on clothing)
Beauty supply
Beauty boutique
Fruit stand
Toy shop
Candy shop
Mug shop
Souvenir shop
Themed shop (like potion ingredients, pirate stuff, etc)
Pest control
Shoe shop
Hat shop
Manga shop
There’s probably limitless ideas. So why everyone & their momma gotta make a clothing shop?
Editing this in here, as it’s the most widely seen version of my post.
Arcade + food (like Dave & Buster’s or Chuck E. Cheese)
Italian (not pizza)
Ice cream parlor
Soda fountain
Korean BBQ
Bakery (breads, sweets or both)
Candy shop
Tea shop
Fast food (think McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., etc)
Mexican food
Indian food
Soup kitchen
Juice/Smoothie bar
Multi-cltural foods
Food + (music, groceries, games, etc)
Competition like Iron Chef, Cupcake Wars, etc
These are also good spins to add to villagers that request shop or food themes.


Andddd done! The Pet Portrait Summer Sale is over! Thank you so much to everyone who has reblogged and commissioned me!! <3

Pet portraits are still open, but the price for familiar-style portraits is now back at $40, with the normal style still at $30. The next sale will be during Christmas season, beginning November. I’ll open a limited slot of Special Edition Halloween familiar-style portraits (graveyards! skulls! all spoopy motifs!) mid-October.

unclerazzhead replied to your post “ADOPT DON’T SHOP”

ah I always hated seeing “Adopt don’t shop” cause what will happen to the animals in the care of Pet shops? and for some families they usually can’t adopt due to prices (some places charge jacked up prices for adoption on animals) :/ hmm..

I actually don’t recommend buying animals from pet stores. it may hurt to see miserable animals for sale (that you could take home & heal), but you’re only signalling to the pet store that their animal sales are successful & should be continued.

it’s better to get animals from responsible breeders, rescues, or from families rehoming pets.