This old telephone pole has been outside of the home I grew up in, even before my time.
Its seen its share of missing people, lost pets, garage sales, advertisements for just about everything you can think of.
It makes me think of summer.
Though I feel terrible for all of the lost children and animals that never get found, I still love looking at it.
Some people return to take their signs down but most leave them to fall apart in the rain.
The nails and screws go up higher than I can reach with my camera.

I guess I just wanted to take photos of this old telephone pole tonight because I have a feeling it’ll need to be replaced soon. Its something Ive been looking at all my life.

Im feeling super nostalgic tonight in case you couldnt tell lol

animal shelters are always needing donations! and since these are going for so cheap right now this is a good option. you could also consider donating a few of these to your local wildlife rehabilitation clinic since it’s spring & they are going to be getting more baby animals than usual! 

(also, walmart seems to have a lot of pet items on sale like dog treats, dog shampoo, and dog bowls, just to name a few. consider grabbing these for later, your friends who have pets, or for donating to your local animal shelter as well!)

thnks-fr-th-mngs  asked:

Need me something where jack impulsively buys a dog and when Fe is like "what is that" he just answers "TRICO" (but in the way the boy pronounces it in the game get me?)

Jack chewed his lip in contemplation as he stared wide eyed through the glass window, his nose nearly smashed against it.

He’d come to the mall just to buy something for the house. Just an air freshener, a few shirts, nothing too crazy.
Felix had even specifcially told him,

“Don’t buy anything we don’t need, ok? Even if you want it. You gotta learn how to stop yourself from impulsive buying.”

And oh, was Felix right.
Jack had a problem.
He knew.
But he couldn’t help it!
He’d be walking with Felix through a store, just there for milk or something, and then, Oh look! We could use that!, and he’d grab it and buy it before Felix could say no, or just use his puppy eyes to pursuade Fe into letting him get it.
It always worked, and he always got his way.

But now, it seemed it was Jack that was being swayed by someone’s puppy eyes, and he was staring straight down into them in total adoration.

Cute, and big, and shiny eyes, pleading Jack to squish the creature’s face.
And its fur looked so very soft, all grey and black and patterned like a turkey, and its paws went pap pap pap on the container floor, and Jack couldn’t help but want to cuddle him forever and ever.

Jack tore his eyes away from the pup’s golden pools for a moment, as he felt a tap on his shoulder.

A small woman stood in front of him, a bright smile on her face, eyes cheerful and inviting.

“Are you interested in buying him?”

Jack immediately nodded, grabbing his wallet from his pocket and taking out bills, “How much is he?”

“A-are you sure you wouldn’t like to play with him first?” The woman seemed pleasantly startled at Jack’s willingness to give her his money.

“Oh-yes, please!” Jack hopping lightly from one foot to the other as he clapped his hands together slightly.


“Hey, Fe, I’m back!”

Felix heard his boyfriend’s cheerful voice down the hallway as he tapped at a few buttons in their den.

“What took you so long?” Felix called through the house, not taking his eyes off his game.


“Jaaaaaack,” Felix paused his game, narrowing his eyes toward the suspiciously quiet man’s direction.
He stood up, sighed and walked out of the room, stopping in his tracks as he took in what Jack was holding.

In his arms was a riggling, yipping brown and gray puppy, not even the size of one of Felix’s shoes.

Felix looked from the dog to Jack expectantly, crossing his arms.

“Before you say anything, the pet store was having a sale and he was like half price, and look at him, isn’t he so cute?!”

Felix opened his mouth to speak, but sighed instead and put his palm to his face, covering his smile.

“Jack, you fucking dork,” He muttered, shaking his head at the easily pursuaded irishman.

“Looklooklook!” Jack smiled, putting the small dog on their floor, walking a few steps away from it. “He answers to his name!”

“His name?” Felix started, “You just got him and he already-”

“Turrricuuuuurrrrrrrr!” Jack called excitedly, squealing as the little thing half jumped-half stumbled toward the green haired man with high pitched yaps. Jack looked up at Fe as he squatted to pet it, giggling in delight, his eyes brighter than Felix had ever seen them. “See, Felix, isn’t he so precious?”

The pup wandered over to Felix’s foot, pouncing on it and nibbling on his toe with faint little growls.

Felix looked down at it with a straight face, then back at Jack. He was supposed to be upset at Jack. The swede frowned slightly, studying the puppy attacking his ankle now, and slid it gently away from him, watching as it stumbled on it’s face and then back toward Jack.

“Felix, please don’t be mad at me?” Jack looked up from his place on the floor, his eyes wide and pleading as he played with the small thing, chewing his lip slightly. “I don’t wanna take him back..”

Felix softened his glare, rolling his eyes as he got on his knees and proded at the pup. He couldn’t be mad at Jack if he was like this with the little dog; all childish, and joyful, and excited. It made his heart warm up to see his boyfriend so giddy over this little creature.
And okay, fine. Maybe this little guy, this little Trico looking dog, wasn’t so bad.

“It’ll take some getting used to..” Felix muttered with a sigh as he smiled slightly, watching as the gray stripped canine fell on its face, its tail wagging in the air slowly. “But alright, fine, we can k-”

“Oh, thank you!” Jack pushed into Felix in a hug, squeezing tightly. “Thank you, thank you!”

Felix laughed a little, wrapping his arms firmly around Jack’s torso as their new pet clambered onto Felix back with his front paws.

Hello lovers! I’ve decided to put my pet up for sale. This is no joke. He is a wanna be submissive male, who doesn’t understand this isn’t all about him. He minds and follows the rules well for other females but not the one he pleadged his life, love and heart to. He likes to be controlled and do what anyone says, other than his Goddess. He craves attention but isn’t so great at giving it in return. He wants to be a foot stool, foot cleaner, toe sucker, pussy eater, ass licker, dick sucker, and ashtray. He has recently taken his cage off on his own with what appears to be no intentions of putting it back on. Please comment if you’d like him to be your submissive, slave, sissy, bitch, whatever your fancy or if you think you could have a session with him in which you teach him how to act that can possibly be arranged too.
Have a wonderful night. 💖

Digimon Electronics FOR SALE!

-Can take close up pics of packaging, screens, etc, and battery test vids if requested, but please don’t ask unless you’re actually interested
-Batteries not included/shipping cost not included
-Can accept payment by Paypal or Interac etransfer [within Canada]
-Can combine shipping with other sale items
-Feel free to ask me for feedback; I may ask for yours too
*Anything valued over $100 will be shipped with tracking
*This post will be xros-posted in multiple places

$100 USD - Pendulum Cycle V8 White
Very Good condition, opened to remove batteries. Inner box & manual only. Based on Pendulum 3/3.5 Nightmare Soldiers

$55 USD - Japanese Digimon Mini V1
Complete with box/good condition, opened to remove battery

$200 USD - Japanese Pendulum V5.5 Metal Empire
Complete with box/essentially new, opened to remove batteries

$145 USD - Korean Pendulum Progress V2 Armageddon Army
Complete with box/essentially new (never used), opened to remove batteries

MORE SALES: Digimon Part 1 | Digimon Part 2 | Pokemon


Pet Portrait commissions are currently: Open!

Some extra notes:

  • I use traditional media for all portraits. I’m less comfortable with digital media, but we can discuss if this is your preference.
  • All pet types welcome! Unfamiliar subjects will naturally take a little longer, but as long as you provide plenty of reference photos I’ll be able to draw them. Please send reference photos via the above email, or send links if you have photos uploaded.
  • Realistic style portraits are not intended to be a carbon copy of a photograph. Although I aim for accuracy, my main focus is on portraying a sense of personality, so details will occasionally differ.
  • Payment is via PayPal, preferably upfront. Prices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and PayPal invoices will be sent in this currency (PayPal takes care of the conversion at no cost to you).
  • Shipping within the UK is included in the price! International shipping varies and will be calculated in light of your location and the price of your commission(s) and this will be added on to the overall price (various options are available so please don’t be put off by this!).
  • In addition to the above, please let me know if you’d rather not have your commission physically shipped - that’s absolutely fine, and in this case I’ll send you a full size high quality scan instead.

Thanks for the interest! I’m excited to have a chance to draw your beautiful furred, feathered and scaled friends! ♥

unclerazzhead replied to your post “ADOPT DON’T SHOP”

ah I always hated seeing “Adopt don’t shop” cause what will happen to the animals in the care of Pet shops? and for some families they usually can’t adopt due to prices (some places charge jacked up prices for adoption on animals) :/ hmm..

I actually don’t recommend buying animals from pet stores. it may hurt to see miserable animals for sale (that you could take home & heal), but you’re only signalling to the pet store that their animal sales are successful & should be continued.

it’s better to get animals from responsible breeders, rescues, or from families rehoming pets.

The Usual

This is a birthday gift for @furaitsu !! It’s nothing big, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while…and if anyone deserves adorable egg n’ toaster fluff, rosso does X3

    “Can I have my usual? To go.”

    He’d come in every Saturday or Sunday, order a bowl of whichever noodles were cheapest (“Extra napkins and spoons, please?”), and leave. His clothes were worn out but clean, and he was bald—really, totally, 100% bald. Everyone figured he had some medical condition and let him alone. It’s not like he needed help there, though.

    He always came by himself…and since he didn’t talk much, no one could figure him out.

    The shop didn’t get a lot of customers—being in the most dangerous city in the world meant that it was dead most of the time—and it ran on regulars, ones that you got to know after weeks and months of chatting to them. Not this one though. In the three years he’d been visiting, all we could tell was that he might’ve been in college because of his age. It didn’t make sense, though—college kids were anxious messes, and he wasn’t. He just…was. He came, he got his food, and he left.

    We were all surprised the first time he asked for a second bowl.

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HHD shop ideas

(That are not clothing)

Book shop
Pet shop
Grocery shop
Car sales
Art shop
Furniture shop
Movie theater
Fish market
Music shop
Photography studio
Appliance shop
Kitchen goods
Bath house
Flower/Garden shop
School supply shop
Halloween/Costume shop (boarders on clothing)
Beauty supply
Beauty boutique
Fruit stand
Toy shop
Candy shop
Mug shop
Souvenir shop
Themed shop (like potion ingredients, pirate stuff, etc)
Pest control
Shoe shop
Hat shop
Manga shop

There’s probably limitless ideas. So why everyone & their momma gotta make a clothing shop?

Pet for sale|Open|Neko Verse

Ryou looked out the glass window with a small pout. He pawed the glass as someone walked past him and he newer in a soft, sad way. His white tail flicked back and forth, sprouting up from a hole in his black shorts which were already getting a bit tight. He sighed and curled up on his little, too small, uncomfortable bed. He gazed sadly out the glass window, watching people walking past him without hardly a second glance.

i get to see my dog again on monday!!!
in celebration, i’m doing a commission sale this weekend! $5 off all pets! :D check out the deets here


sale’s over! thanks to all who bought commissions! i’ll be finishing them up tonight and tomorrow c:

Anyone want to buy some African Clawed Frogs on the cheap?

I have albinos and wild types. The biggest froglet is about 2" long, the smallest is the size of a nickel. As adults they get about as big as the average fist, slightly smaller for males. In the store, these frogs sell for between $13-20 each. I’m asking $5 each plus shipping. Unless you already have other ACFs already, I’m requiring that they go in pairs, at least. They’re social animals. But do not out the babies in with adults! They will be eaten.

As babies, a pair can be housed in as little as 10 gallons, adults NEED 10 gallons per frog at least– bigger is better, but keep the water level relatively shallow if you can. They’re cold water frogs, no heater or chiller needed, room temp is fine. DO NOT keep them with ANY type of fish or invert, including snails. Think of them like axolotls but hungrier. They will eat anything. Even if it can’t fit in their mouth. Especially if it can’t fit in their mouth.

As such, no gravel or small stones. Some people keep them on sand, but a harder-packed substrate is better imo– even if they don’t eat the sand, they will be constantly kicking it up and muddying the water. Eco-earth with some kind of moss/grass spreader is great, or you can go bare-bottom. Silk or live plants only, their feet webbing is sensitive. And they need lots of hides to feel secure, but take care to avoid any holes they can get stuck in.

They eat lots of things. In my opinion, the best diet is 90% earthworms and 10% frozen food or gut-loaded insects. But with enough variety, they can eat 100% frozen food. It’s just a tad more expensive. Avoid large amounts of krill or other foods with lots of thiaminase; they LOVE krill but it should be fed only as a treat, and with vitamin-b rich foods.

I can ship them just about anywhere (as long as they are legal where you live– they are totally fine in the US as far as I know), but if the temperature in your area, or on their route, exceeds 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll have to wait for it to cool down. I would prefer to go with overnight shipping for their safety. They will come in a Tupperware container filled with damp moss. If you want to buy more than 2, we can talk about reducing the price of each.

I need to rehome these babs so please boost if you can!