MBTI on a long weekend

DISCLAIMER: all true things that may have happened ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

- Saturday: re-reading old msgs, wondering if their friend is mad at them but not sure how to bring it up and discussing it with close friends
- Sunday: finally blackmailed into leaving the house by an extrovert
- Monday: willingly left the house to see fireworks, enjoying the aesthetic of watching them solo

- Saturday: plays in a competitive strategic game tournament (e.g. chess, sports, esports), takes home 1st place relentlessly
- Sunday: does not sleep in, wakes up, and proceeds as usual on a Sunday
- Monday: 50/50 chance of sleeping in, would prefer to spend the day being a closed-off hermit but fam barges in and drags INTJ out

- Saturday: binge-watched a new Netflix original and isn’t ready to talk about the emotional and psychological trauma inflicted by the finale yet
- Sunday: scouring the internet for info and details on the show they just watched, re-blogging everything related to the show only to be recommended another one to watch by a total stranger on Tumblr
- Monday: hasn’t eaten in 17 hours from a sudden surge of creativity and they’re 5 chapters deep into a fanfiction they’ve written about their favourite pairing

- Saturday: at an art show enjoying the experience, talks to the artist afterward, and quietly wonders if they’ll ever leave their mark on the world
- Sunday: dabbles in a couple of activities, supports a friend at a concert, attends a chill afterparty, and doesn’t notice they’re being flirted with which is really cute
- Monday: after days of incubation, inspiration takes hold and ISFP basically drops off the face of this earth — they’re moved to Japan, rooming with a friend, please check up on them

- Saturday: bakes the most heavenly tasting cookies anyone has ever tasted and befriends all of the neighbours/neighbourhood pets/random birds and deers
- Sunday: mass, always
- Monday: gathers family together for dinner, ISFJ is always the best cook

- Saturday: Saturday routine (I.e. wake up, shower, breakfast, read/write/schoolwork, lunch, music rehearsal/sport practice, dinner, chill, sleep)
- Sunday: Sunday routine (I.e. fam time, friend time, me time)
- Monday: finally gets to sleep in

- Saturday: absorbing Wikipedia through an IV until fam kidnaps INTP for a long weekend trip
- Sunday: enjoys the sights, rebels in small ways, wishing they were alone but weird fam members and random strangers keep the trip interesting
- Monday: sleeps in, exhausted AF, in no mood to converse with anything that requires oxygen to functiom or has 2 or more legs, will sleep anywhere until they get to their bed, in which case they’ll revisit their good friend Wikipedia

- Saturday: hitting up the city, doing whatever they want, flirting, eating, dancing, interested in new experiences and noticing new people who can provide it
- Sunday: hermit - working on an independent project no one knows about
- Monday: ISTP is nowhere to be found, until their Instagram reveals that they went to the Arctic to film penguins for National Geographic

- Saturday: went Mexico for the weekend, told nobody about wanting to go but somehow drags 2 friends with them across the border
- Sunday: their Instagram pics are all tagged in Mexico but their Facebook update says they’re in Disneyland partying it up with Mickey and Minnie
- Monday: they show up to work by accident and immediately leave for a hike at the national park, only to get lost with their friends and get flirted with by the park ranger

- Saturday: low key attends a wedding and somehow wedges his way into the speaker’s list, makes jokes about the groom at his expense mercilessly just to get the crowd energy up
- Sunday: working on a lip sync dance battle YouTube project with friends, spends all day goofing around, and cracking jokes
- Sunday: hermiting the whole day at home to edit the video in time for Monday, king of memes and procrastination as always

- Saturday: tutor kids in need on weekends, not for the money but because ENFJ lives off the praises of the parents and is waiting for the moment when the student tells them they’re ‘so cool’
- Sunday: summons all their introverted friends out to play via black magic to come a long weekend party ENFJ is hosting
- Monday: runs into a friend while doing errands, the conversation somehow becomes about the friend’s abusive relationship, prompting ENFJ to suggest that they go somewhere to eat right now so the friend can pour over all the details over brunch and sangria

- Saturday: running a community fundraiser, spends their time mostly luring people they know to buy their baked goods and by chatting with friendly elderly during their 1pm walk (all of which ESFJ know by name), somehow raises $5000 from a bake sale
- Sunday: designated day to spend time with SO, brunch with drinks, quick hike through the local park and taking cute pictures together to remember these moments
- Monday: helping to host a neighbourhood block party at their cul de sac, making sure the music isn’t too loud, getting volunteers to stay on task, having fun meeting new people and spending time with friends

- Saturday: works overtime on Saturdays, doesn’t mind as long as they’re getting paid, task isn’t too meaningless, and it needs to get done, gets drinks with co-workers at the end to loosen up (it’s Saturday after all)
- Sunday: high key runs a business on the side, spends the day at business lunches, knows how to push a deal effortlessly
- Monday: plans with loved ones, highly structured, lunch at 11, freetime until 4, dinner party with friends At 5, sleep at 10, ready to wake up and go back to work for 8, just the way ENTJ likes it

- Saturday: long weekend cottage party that low key doubles as a networking session, leaves with new contacts and a job interview, not bad for a Saturday
- Sunday: designated date with the bae, doing couple things but mostly helping each other solve problems at work, always pushing each other to strive for higher, often called “high powered couple” and secretly likes it
- Monday: attends a charity ball, delivers a solid handshake to everyone they meet, bae in tow, both relishing at all the possible contacts they will make at the party, never forgets what charity the ball is raising awareness for

- Saturday: dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance
- Sunday: stays hydrated, goes to the gym to work on that body, makes a new friend by chatting with their treadmill neighbour, invites new friend to happy hour tonight, gets asked out right as they are leaving the gym
- Monday: rooftop patio bar, takes shots for their Instagram and their liver, soaking in the last of the long weekend with friends, the city, and a rooftop of fun loving strangers

- Saturday: away at a cottage, shenanigans ensue erupting in chaos for thr TJs, knows how to get what they want, gets yelled at by park ranger for causing a disturbance, always sleeps with something with 2 legs or more at night
- Sunday: sneaks out of the cottage early morning to look for animals, finds a bear, accidentally hikes through entire forest and is found by the park ranger (sent by friends who reported ESTP lost), and ESTP finally returns to their friends
- Monday: ESTP leaves the cottage by themselves at 7am, stops by the park ranger lodge to ask them out, catches a flight to Japan, and low key bumps into ISFP

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Hii, I really love X-men (marvel in general) and I was wondering what kind of mutants the rfa+ V,Saeran and rika (vanderwood if u want) would be, but If you dont know them You can just ignore this if you want, Have fun writing! x

The first bomb begins.


  • For most of Yoosung’s life, he’s been able to understand animals (much to the envy of Saeyoung and Jumin)
  • Because he’s naturally smart, he is pressured to do well in school and behave
  • So, if Yoosung needs some me-time, he goes out to a grassy area and sits and waits for the animals to gather around him
  • More than once he’s actually been caught petting a deer while playing a game on his phone
  • Yoosung’s a Disney Princess


  • She’s got some form of super speed
  • Granted, Jaehee isn’t as fast as some mutants with super speed, but she’s infinitely more efficient
  • While Jaehee does have a lot of control over her powers, if she gets too tired or doesn’t concentrate properly, she’s very likely to crash into walls or hurt herself
  • Thankfully, her speed carries over to her healing as well, so she recovers fast enough that it’s not anything serious


  • Well, naturally, he has an unnatural healing ability
  • It’s interesting that it’s actually a mind based super power as he has to focus and force his body to heal, knowing every cell and what it has to do to heal himself
  • It’s nowhere near as fast as, say, Wolverine, but it’s fast enough that he’s able to recover from a broken bone or sprained ankle within minutes to hours (depending on severity)
  • Some speculate that he has some sort of hypnotic singing voice, but he doesn’t, he’s just a beautiful singer
  • Also, although he doesn’t advertise it, he has had a vision or two of the future in his dreams, but they’re infrequent


  • if he weren’t a mutant, his superpower would be money
  • Jumin’s able to shift his body into diamond and back again
  • He’s able to manipulate this form and create diamond weapons or just straight up diamonds
  • Of course he wishes he could speak to cats, but unfortunately, he’s not so lucky and believe me he has tried to get Yoosung on his employee roster
  • Instead, he has an ability that can make him money and he can use to give people he likes nice things (also, he can spoil Elizabeth)
  • Would totally transform his hand and use the light refraction to play with Elizabeth


  • Omnilingual
  • Aka, he speaks, reads, and understands all languages perfectly
  • Computer code, ancient Egyptian, and Korean all look the same to him
  • Not a super power, but he’s also super smart, and because he got to skip the step of “learning” new languages, he’s able to read a lot of books and how to hack better than anyone else
  • However, sometimes he misses something simple because he doesn’t realize that something is written in two languages for a deliberate reason that hints at the truth


  • He has enhanced senses and the ability to make super sonic blasts
  • So V is very good at knowing his surroundings at all times
  • He can detect anything new or wrong in his immediate area long before he even sees it
  • When V goes blind, he’s still able to see, but it’s different, and he’s not sure he likes it, but it’s interesting
  • The pictures he takes after he goes blind are drastically different in style, the critics say, but they’re still beautiful and his work continues to be adored


  • Twins are often similar, but never the same
  • So while Saeyoung is omnilingual, Saeran isn’t
  • Instead, he’s telekinetic
  • He also has a little telepathy, but it only works with Saeyoung (twin telepathy for the win)
  • As a result, when he gets worked up or really emotional, Saeran loses control and things are either thrown or destroyed
  • When he was first rescued from Rika’s control, he had to be quarantined so that he couldn’t hurt anyone


  • Human taser
  • Basically, he controls electricity and polarities and such
  • Vanderwood, when irritated or pushed, will simply raise his hand and have electricity arc between his fingers as a quiet threat
  • He’s also extremely useful to have around if something electrical breaks, because he can sense if the electricity isn’t passing through part of the machine, or if it’s an electricity problem at all


  • Rika… well, she’s got kind of a Queen Bee type power
  • In that, she produces pheromones that can warp and control a person’s mind
  • Now, people with strong minds or mental based powers, resist her control (such as MC and Saeyoung, Saeran to a lesser extent, and even V, although you wouldn’t know it because he gives into Rika’s will anyways, most of the time)
  • When her powers firsts appeared, her powers only appeared to make people more attracted to her, more drawn in, more interested in making her happy rather than anything else, and she used that to get people to donate money towards good causes
  • One day, someone tried to kill for her, misinterpreting her order, and Rika realized, if she could control people like this, she could change the world
  • Reshape it in a way that nobody would ever be unhappy or want for anything ever again (by taking away their free will)
  • Thus her descent into a power mad, world domination bent, villain


  • MC would be a psychic
  • Probably with some form of ability to telepathically link people’s minds so that everyone can be on the same page
  • But she wouldn’t be strong enough to control or influence people
  • Although, be warned, she does have visions of the past, present, and future, so she could know more about you than you do
  • Not that she would tell you
Deer often hide/leave fawns in high grass at this time of the year. If you are mowing high grass with a Riding Mower or similar machine take extra time and check entire field before you start. If you do find one don't be afraid to move it, mama deer will not abandon fawn because of your scent!

e-plum  asked:

you should make a "pets for the zodiac signs" post!! please make libra rats or dogs because they need social interaction and are nervous

dogs are really sagittarius to me, like… big dogs because sagittarians need to be on their feet so something they can run around with and burn lots of energy, and sagittarius has that general unconditional love and that free, active lifestyle. same with aries  

scorpios and cats. well cats know they are goddesses and therefore may be a bit more content in the presence of an underworld god like scorpio. idk. scorpios just have that sleuth cat thing. mysterious. private. so do leos. leo is the big cat in the jungle. one they can worship is worshipping an element of themselves.

virgos… anything that doesnt make a mess? is easily manageable? lol. thats probably not true. virgo rules the 6th house and the 6th house rules domestic, small animals and pets. they like giving care to something fragile or incapable. but not birds, i know too many virgos terrified of birds, and bugs, crawly things. something tender.

cancers respond well to cuddly and protective pets. like a dog that will always come back for cuddles and stay in their bedroom guarding them. even a little one will do, cancers like to feel safe. aquarius…. aquariams… because they are so fascinating, and you can do all lights and wacky decorations in there, and the colours and intrigue of sea life for aquarius can be enlightening, aquarius is the sign of dolphins, but a pet dolphin would be difficult to have 

gemini needs a parrot. the reason is obvious. somebody they can yak to all day and all night, and someone that will yak back to them. what more do they need. capricorn is the unicorn, capricorn and a pony, or a horse, the feeling of the wind as they gallop through the wind toward mountains. and horses are probably so hard to look after capricorns have the responsibility factor lol. 

libra… peach faces, or parakeets, or little birds that will swing to them, little birds that sit on their hands in balance, making music and chirpy sounds, rainbow colours, blue, pink, and beautiful. i have visions of taurus with a deer. i dont think you can have deer as pets. but they have that hallow, misty, eerie beauty, in fog in the dawn, now thats taurus.

pisces out of all respond to pets the most, doesn’t matter what one, dog,  that unconditional comfort, that hug that can come whenever and forever, the companion that never judges, has a listening ear, represents something higher and peaceful because it is non verbal. 


Guys I just had this really really weird dream.

So I was Lucien’s pet deer and we were on our way to visit Tarquin, except that Tarquin actually wears these big black goggles and has white shoulder length hair gelled back. Oh, and when we reached he was doing yoga under the sea and smokin’ a hookah.

And like I have no idea what to make of this???


This is based off of @seeliequeenofprythian‘s post ACOTAR DREAM.  This was also inspired by @ships-and-saints‘s comments.

“Willow! Come here, girl!” Lucien hollers, searching for his pet baby deer. She allows runs off, especially when it’s thundering outside like it is now. 

A noise comes out from behind the couch, and Lucien laughs a little. She’s stuck again. 

Walking towards the couch, Lucien leans over the couch to give Willow a pat on the head. “Silly girl.  Here, let me help you.”

Slowly, Lucien moves the couch just enough so that Willow can race off again. Towards Tamlin’s ‘office’.  

Tamlin, though he loves many animals, doesn’t particularly like when Willow invades his ‘office’. Lucien quickly darts after her, only to see his beloved fawn sniff at his friend, who is smoking from his personal hookah. 

“Oh…uh, hey Tam. You okay?” Lucien inquires, trying to draw Tamlin’s attention to him.  

As he breaths out, which causes a huge circle of smoke to blow away from him, Tamlin answers, “Yeah, man…just relaxing.”

“I can see.” 

“You should join me.”

“Maybe later, Tam. I have to go visit someone.”

“Who?” Tamlin asks as inhales some more vapor from the hookah.

“You know, our good friend.”

“Which one?” He exhales repeatedly, making the rings larger each time.

“Um…Tarquin! Yeah, you know our water-loving pal. He’s asked me to come over later today.” Lucien lies, hoping, praying, that Tamlin will be convinced.

“Oh…Waterboy…” Tamlin pauses, inhaling more of the flavored vapor. “How nice. Tell him I said hi.”

“I will, Tam.”

Lucien then whistles, and his fawn rushes out of the room.  He trails behind her, sighing to himself.

“Okay, Willow, the rain’s cleared up. Let’s head to Tarquin’s,” Lucien pets the deer, calming her.  

He gets up, and Willow follows.  They walk to the car together, and Lucien lets the fawn in the front seat.  “Okay, let’s go”

After about 40 minutes, Lucien and Willow are at Tarquin’s. They both jump out of the car when they see Tarquin and his cousins doing some yoga. And, Tarquin smoking out of a hookah. 

“Hey, Lucien!” Varian greets him, waving towards him. However, this causes him to lose balance and fall on his butt.  His twin sister laughs at this, which causes her to lose balance as well. 

Tarquin just shakes his head, and sets down his hookah smoker to pet Willow. “Hello, little fawn.”

Willow rubs up against him, and tries to chew on his leather biker jacket. She backed up, trying to eat the leather like a dog would.  

Lucien smiles at the interaction. Willow’s always loved Tarquin, especially since he always gave her a bunch of treats. 

Willow soon gives up, and frolics back to Lucien. He gives her a pat and says, “Go play with Katnip and Seelie.”

Katnip is Tarquin’s cat, and Seelie is his horse. Willow obediently listens, and walks off to join the sleeping cat and horse.  

“I see you’re trying out a new hair, Waterboy,” Lucien says, teasing. 

Today, Tarquin’s hair is gelled back, which gives a bigger focus to his ocean blue eyes.

“Oh, don’t push it, Foxboy.”

“Hey, unlike you, I like that name. It means I’m as sly as a fox,” Lucien says, running his hand through his hair.

Tarquin, subtly, turns his head to the side, hiding his darkened cheeks (if they can get any darker). “Honestly, Lucien, you try to find a way to flirt with anyone.”

Lucien smirks, happily walking towards Tarquin, and whispers, “Only you, Tarquin. Only you.”

Before anything extreme starts to happen, Varian jumps up and says, “Why don’t you have dinner with us today, Lucien? I’m sure you’ll love it.”

Smirking widely, Tarquin whispers to Lucien, “If you agree, we’ll be able to finish this later.”

Lucien blushes madly, his face turning 50 different shades of red. He can only nod, not even trusting his own voice.

“Great! Why don’t you come inside and get situated?” Cresseida asks, pulling Lucien towards the seaside home. Willow follows behind them, making happy little noises.

Okay, so I may have went overboard. I didn’t plan to use Tarcien in here.  It just…happened.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Because I enjoyed writing it. 

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Care to share some v head cannons at this sleep over ?

I love jihyun kim, of course I can!

it’s a sleepover!

i literally have a doc full of some hcs i thought of in class when i had school rip

  • V can sing, but he can’t dance. He likes to sing lullabies for mc
  • sleeps with 3 pillows and one blanket
  • he’s the only one who can take jumin down a notch and does so 8/10 times
  • accidentally makes mc laugh loudly with his lowkey sass at everyone that only they can hear
  • the biggest plant lover. he has a bunch at his house
  • a candle hoe™
  • he also loves stationery
  • and bathbombs??
  • i said this before, but he wants a pet deer. he really does
  • his eyes light up so brightly when he talks about something he loves, like past the sunglasses
  • the rfa gets him mainly records as presents because he loves them
  • not caught up with the ‘slang’, but calls everyone in the rfa his cinnamon rolls
  • for some reason, he’s really good at those claw machines
  • loves fruit. his favorite is watermelon
  • once made jumin dance a full routine with him to the Pussycat Dolls
  • they recorded it 
  • he still has it
  • did someone say ‘blackmail’? :))

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V please!

of course, I love him (❀◦◡◦) thank you, love! 

send me a character! (literally until i run out of mysme characters lmao or check out my main and ask me there ?idk)

1. sexuality headcanon

  • the lowest of lowkey bisexuals

2. otp

  • v x happiness. i mean, if i had to pick one of the rfa, i like jumin x v but im also lowkey trash for v x zen >.>

3. brotp

  • I like to imagine he and jaehee are more of good friends than they show us

4. notp

  • whatever happens to him in canon wtf

5. first headcanon that pops into my head

  • he wants a pet deer! 

6. favorite line from this character

  • my all time favorite V line is: “Is that person…over there, Sarah? I can’t really see. Her dress makes her look like a giant cake.” but i also like the simple “There’s nothing you can’t do.”

7. one way in which I relate to this character

  • I also want to make sure everyone’s happy and tend to keep things to myself;;;

8. thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

  • every time he says “long time no see” or something like that, like hun.. 

9. cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

  • both, honestly. I love him, and I know he means well, but there are things he really could have done to prevent a lot of those bad things from happening.