Rain from a lightening storm

  • this has the greatest energy
  • used in a bath to re-energize your being and aid in a ritual of clearing and cleansing your energies of negativity by soaking in it
  • used to clear and cleanse an object or area 
  • store in a white glass bottle

Rain from thunderstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes

  • Used to empower spells for moving things forward such as letting go of the past and moving forward in life
  • used to help move a project forward and get beyond current blocks in life
  • used to change a pattern or habit you don’t like
  • store in a blue glass bottle

Sun and Rain

  • Used to balance energies when feeling weighed down
  • helps gather your thoughts when they are flighty and scattered
  • store in a dark green bottle

Hail storm

  • collect in a metal bowl but dont let it sit in the bowl for more than 6 hours
  • allow the hail to melt before bottling it
  • store in a black or dark brown bottle
  • used to dispel psychic attacks or negative energies
  • best used for black magic to get rid of your enemies or negative forces that stand in your way

Spring Rain

  • used to empower new ventures such as new relationships, new business ventures, a new job
  • rain collected on the spring equinox or the first rain after the spring equinox is good for empowering spells for relationships
  • stored in a light green bottle

Summer Rain

  • used to encourage growth whether it be personal, spiritual growth or growth of a business venture or relationship
  • used to break bad habits
  • great to water indoor plants
  • rain collected on mid-summers eve and day is especially mystical
  • store in a sky blue bottle

Fall Rain

  • used for giving thanks and showing gratitude for the abundance the year has given you
  • store in an orange or fall colored bottle

Winter Rain

  • can be used for blessing a person, relationship, family or object
  • can be used to bless an event such as a birth, wedding or new business venture
  • to be able to survive the hardships of winter one is able to survive the hardships of life

Full Moon Rain

  • Used to honor the Goddess
  • a small glass can be added to a cleansing bath
  • add a couple of drops to your bath before an important event or ritual
  • used for a blessing during a full moon ritual
  • used for blessing a child or pet 
  • rain collected during the full moon according to that season will have the energies of that moon according to month and season
  • clean altar spaces and other things by putting an ounce of rain water into your cleaning products
  • also very good for divination

Waning Moon Rain

  • good for getting rid of things, banishings, and purging negative energies
  • used like a banishing oil
  • also can be added to your bath for relaxation, clarity or promoting self love
  • use to prepare for lunar rituals
  • anoint your money with it to increase your wealth 
  • anoint yourself to increase your psychic awareness

New Moon Rain

  • good for workings in which something needs to be brought in 
  • used when starting a new project

Waxing Moon Rain

  • used to bring in good energies and blessing
  • used at the start of a new project or a new beginning

Rain collected from trees or roses will have different energies depending on the type of tree or color of the rose you collect it from

Use 1 cup of rain water to 1 tub size of water

For rituals use 1oz of rain water in a glass bowl or cauldron, to add effects to the water pour over crystals energized with your intent

For a spell place all your spell items in your bowl or cauldron and add 1tablespoon of rainwater

For cleansing or anointing ritual take 1/2oz of rainwater into a glass bowl and as you recite your incantation dip your fingers or wand/athame into the water then mark your physical body, the mark can be any spiritual symbol that has meaning to you

To anoint a tool, pout 1oz of rainwater onto the tool as you state your incantation to empower the tool for its intended purpose.

@autumnwitchesx i hope this helps you some!!!

also the bottles you store in dont have to be a specific color unless you want them to be, im all for using what you have first and foremost 

Let’s be intersectional, shall we?

- if you cannot handle and accept having a child who will reject your religious beliefs, do not have a child.

- if you cannot handle and accept having a gay child, do not have a child.

- if you cannot handle and accept having a transgender child, do not have a child.

- if you cannot handle and accept having a child with physical or intellectual disabilities, do not have a child.

- if you cannot handle and accept having a child who is fat, do not have a child.

- if you cannot handle and accept having a child who is neuroatypical, do not have a child.

- if you cannot handle and accept having a child whose appearance is not what you expected (recessive genes and parental secrets are real), do not have a child.

Altogether too many people seem to be laboring under the staggeringly false belief that children are not autonomous human beings of complete intrinsic value regardless of whether they match parental life fantasies. Nothing is promised to you. Nothing is owed to you. If you can’t commit yourself to understanding and accepting that before you even begin to think about children, don’t have children. Get a pet. Collect dolls. Find a hobby. You aren’t prepared for the extreme challenge and extraordinary blessing of parenting.

Headcanon: Tim sleepwalks

  • It’s part of the reason he prefers to nap rather than maintain a healthy sleep pattern because if he doesn’t sleep for too long at a time the chance of him sleepwalking lessens. 
  • The thought that one day he’ll be somewhere unfamiliar or in a situation where sleepwalking would be really dangerous / get him in trouble terrifies him.
  • The first time it happened at the Manor, he scared the crap out of Bruce. When Bruce figured out that his newest Robin was not, in fact, being mind-controlled, only sleepwalking, he followed him around for hours until he finally fell asleep on the kitchen floor because he had no idea what to do.
  • After learning about it, Alfred suggested he cut down his caffeine intake and try to minimise stress in his life as much as possible. Tim just laughed.
  • Dick once had an entire (somewhat one-way) conversation with him before realising he was asleep the whole time
  • He always wakes up in really strange places because of it. One time he climbed out of the window and woke up on the roof. Bruce had a special alarm installed on all the upperfloor windows the next day.
  • If he wakes up somewhere other than his bedroom and is freezing because it’s a really cold night, he just goes and climbs into bed with Bruce because everyone knows human heaters are the best way to warm up and also did he mention sleepwalking is scary
  • Jason thinks it’s amusing and repeatedly tries to get Tim to do ridiculous things while he’s asleep. Tim still doesn’t know why he woke up covered in glitter one morning.
  • He often collects Damian’s pets along the way and ends up trailing a menagerie of animals around the Manor. Usually followed by a grumpy Damian who claims he’s doing it to keep Titus out of trouble but they all know it’s because he’s worried about Tim getting hurt or something

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Can we get some more klance headcanons pweeease?

I suppose so.. ;)

  • Keith likes to sleep with a blanket over his head
    • It’s just something he started doing from a young age; more for comfort than anything
    • and now he can’t sleep without at least his ears being covered
      • No matter how hot it gets, Keith will always sleep with a blanket
    • Lance teases him but it actually works out great when they cuddle at night
    • Like Lance doesn’t mind being the big spoon and/or having Keith lie on top of him
    • And with Keith liking his head covered that means Lance gets more blanket at night, and they both sleep fairly well
  • Lance once bought gloves and cut the fingers off
    • Not because he wanted to match the aesthetic of his BF, (and BFF too I guess)
    • Oh no.
      • Instead of donning the fingerless portion of glove when he was finished, Lance instead wore the fingers.
      • The bits he had cut off.
      • Keith was disgusted
        • K: “You just ruined a perfectly good pair of mittens.”
        • L: “You’re just jealous.”
      • He wasn’t. They were super ugly.
    • Lance called his creation “Just the Tips”
    • Shiro made a rule that banned them from the castle after that
  • Keith is touch starved
    • So much so in fact that he doesn’t even realize it
    • He really only ever touches/hugs Shiro, who’s like a brother to him (his words not mine) 
    • After he and Lance initiate a sort of relationship, Keith is uncomfortable with the amount of touching
    • Not because he hates it or anything, just because he’s not used to it.
    • It’s an intimacy he’s not accustomed with.
      • Lance comes to realize that it’s because Keith is sort of new at receiving affection 
      • He makes a point of only touching him after getting Keith’s permission
        • He’ll look over at him before placing a hand at his hip, just to make sure
        • Or if they hold hands Lance will ask if he’s alright with it
        • He also makes a point of only cuddling Keith after wrapping him up in a blanket, so that skin-to-skin contact is minimized (so that Keith isn’t immediately overwhelmed)
      • Eventually Keith warms up to the physical contact, and is less shy about seeking it out on his own
      • He’ll grab hold of Lance whenever he feels the need
        • the day he rested his head on Lance’s shoulder unprovoked was the day Lance’s heart exploded in his chest
      • It takes time, but Lance is patient and Keith’s koala side is eventually unearthed.
    • And nothing is better than clingy Keith
  • Lance has low blood sugar
    • It’s nothing major, but every now and again his energy levels will plummet
    • He’ll be grumpy and miserable and just so exhausted
    • It took a while for the others to realize what the problem/cause of it was
      • It was Hunk who figured it out 
      • He passed the info onto Keith
        • who now carries around an emergency supply of sweets in his utility belt for whenever Lance crashes
      • If he notices Lance’s hands shaking on a mission, or that his gaze is unfocused and dizzy, he’ll pull him aside, shove a candy bar in his hand, and draw patterns on his back while he eats
      • Lance feels like he’s bringing the team down, but Keith reassures him that the mission can wait until he’s 100%
        • K: “We can’t have our sharpshooter losing focus.”
        • L: “Then maybe our leader shouldn’t be so attractive.”
        • (This takes place while Keith still pilots Black)
  • Lance has a vast collection of pet names
    • Which isn’t a surprise really
    • And they usually make Keith blush and shyly look away
      • The day Keith dropped his own pet name is the day Lance ascended into Heaven.
      • It wasn’t even anything substantial, just a simple “hey babe”
      • But Lance was speechless 
        • K: “Lance? You ok?”
        • L: “say it again.”
        • K: “What…babe?”
        • L: *dies*
      • After that Keith makes a point of dropping pet names at the most inopportune times
      • Like in a mission, or casually during a conversation with aliens
    • It drives Lance crazy in both senses of the word.
    • And he gets his revenge later on when he gets Keith in a dark corner alone

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Since these two requests are basically the same I’m including them in the same post~


✮ you ran a gaming channel
✮ you two had bonded over LOLOL but he didn’t know about your videos
✮ so when you go over to his place one day for a gaming session he gets kinda confused when you start to set up your equipment
✮ ‘mc what’s all this for?’
✮ ‘…. my youtube channel? you mentioned a video of mine once in the chat so i thought you knew?’
✮ is just completely shook
✮ you had posted a guide for how to beat one of the game’s bosses and get the best loot for it
✮ and he had posted a link in one of the chats hailing whoever made the video ‘a goddess’
✮ this was before he had ever seen you, and when you did finally meet it had been too long in between so he didn’t recognise you
✮ he is shooketh
✮ yes yoosung~
✮ he insists on you joining his guild (his guildmates are hype af when they recognise your username)
✮ you begin to make videos with him
✮ he’s such a dork in them because he’s kind of camera shy
✮ in the first video he said next to nothing and he kept fumbling with his controller because he was so nervous that he would mess up and make a fool of himself
✮ but after a few videos he gets more comfortable~


✎ you had a lifestyle/vlog channel
✎ one of your videos was a vlog/review of some of the best and worst cafes
✎ and she watched it,, trying to see what to do and what not to do
✎ seeing as it was apparently ‘a well respected channel that was very honest’
✎ it takes her a while to realise it’s you
✎ at first she was like ‘oh this woman looks like mc haha how strange’
✎ and then she checks the channel name
✎ ‘oh… MC?!’
✎ ‘what’s wrong jaehee?’
✎ ‘why didn’t you tell me you had a youtube channel! it’s popular as well!’
✎ you’re kinda flustered
✎ ‘i dunno, it didn’t seem that important? it’s just my job…’
✎ is shook
✎ ‘this is your job?!’
✎ does so much research tbh
✎ is going through literally all your video and channel statistics
✎ ‘mc, your views and subscriber count went up exponentially when you made you _____ video, you should do something similar’
✎ you post a video about being a partner for the cafe
✎ a fair amount of subscribers come along for the grand opening and jaehee is just really thankful


✿ you were a beauty channel (of course~)
✿ he was a fan before you even joined the rfa
✿ but like, a secret fan (nobody could know!!!)
✿ his favourites were your hair care videos (how to keep your hair healthy, how to make your hair shine, etc.)
✿ when you joined the chat he was like ‘haha mc, like the youtuber’ but didn’t say anything
✿ later though, when he met you
✿ he fangirled
✿ he was like ‘omg aren’t you are a youtuber?’
✿ so you just-
✿ ‘omg aren’t you an actor?’
✿ he just gets super excited
✿ just skips the whole awkward phase
✿ ‘mc you should do those boyfriend tag videos!’
✿ all of them happen
✿ boyfriend does my makeup (and vice versa) ((and he does it really well as well)
✿ just does all the dumb challenge videos happen
✿ your fans love him
✿ his fans love you
✿ it’s basically a joint channel now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


₩ you have a pets channel
₩ you take videos of your pets and/or make compilations (like the pet collective)
₩ when he has spare time he watches cat videos with elizabeth the third
₩ and yours becomes one of his favourite channels
₩ only thing is that he doesn’t know it’s you
₩ until he insists that you stay at his place and you mention that you have a pet
₩ he says that it’s okay if you bring them as long as they’re trained, well-behaved, and friendly to cats
₩ when you get there with whatever pet you have he’s kind of like ‘oh that looks like the animal from those videos’
₩ when you say your pet’s name he does a double take
₩ ‘excuse me?’
₩ you tell him you have a channel and he’s just– so happy?
₩ excited that his partner loves animals
₩ insists on hiring you like a sales manager and whatever
₩ also insists that you add elizabeth into your new videos


✞ you had a pranking channel (your stuff is real and none of that intense shit like convincing someone their best friend just got shot)
✞ (prank channels are so problematic these days)
✞ you would do dumb shit like wearing a red polo to target and pretending you worked there
✞ mostly just convincing randoms of things that weren’t true
✞ saeyoung, admittedly, got a few ideas from your videos and used them on yoosung
✞ did that prank with the fake hand like ‘oh here take this [item that is in my hand]’ victim takes it and hand ‘comes off’ - chaos ensues
✞ as soon as he found out it was your channel
✞ it just gets 110 times more meme-y
✞ he joins in on your pranks (whenever he’s not busy)
✞ yoosung is the victim of all most of them
✞ your pranks also become more advanced
✞ pranking vanderwood and the last few minutes of the video is either you both running away or you laughing as saeyoung is pummelled
✞ trying to prank jumin by convincing him of things (like the melt and chew thing) but it doesn’t really work because he just doesn’t understand that it’s a prank
✞ and even when you tell him that it is he’s like ‘well, it’s a very practical idea’
✞ you both prank zen by fake-cutting his hair (his rattail)
✞ and he legit cried and you both felt bad
✞ his fans were not happy (until you posted a follow-up video with the three of you all happy cheery and still friends)


⚠︎ you run a conspiracy / theory channel
⚠︎ the moonlanding was fake and the world is ending fucking fight me
⚠︎ whenever saeran is awake in the early hours of the morning he just binges (same)
⚠︎ your channel quickly becomes a favourite of his
⚠︎ he likes how you explain things so well and simply
⚠︎ he also likes your voice (it calms him~)
⚠︎ so when  you meet him in person and he hears your voice he’s like ‘!!’
⚠︎ but he’s too shy to ask so he hacks you (lmao)
⚠︎ when he figures out that it is you
⚠︎ he doesn’t outright mention it
⚠︎ but he starts talking to you about a few theories
⚠︎ and he has that little bashful smile as he listens to you because he’s like
⚠︎ ‘that’s my girl! i get to hear her in person! suck on that everybody else’
⚠︎ he’s just,, super proud of you?
⚠︎ the only time he actually acknowledges that you have this channel is when you’re editing and he tries to help you out
⚠︎ if anyone ever tries to hack your channel they better watch the fuck out lmao
⚠︎ he also probably tries to hack places to see if he can find government secrets to help you out with authenticity~


☼ you have a travelling channel
☼ saeyoung tells him about your channel after doing his background check
☼ and he notices that when in the chatroom (the short times he is) and he mentions he’s ‘going for a trip’ you always recommend some lovely places to visit
☼ when he begins talking to you more he subtly asks more about your opinions
☼ some nice places to take photographs, places with the best community atmosphere, etc.
☼ he begins listening to watching your videos
☼ and once y’all get together (waiting for that v route mm)
☼ he asks if you will revisit a few places because he thought they looked so lovely and he wanted to experience them with you
☼ and take photos
☼ he gets the eye surgery so he can completely enjoy this time with you and these different environments
☼ you still record (even if you’d already been there and done a video on said destination)
☼ because now there’s this big ball of sunshine to include and he just makes everything so much better
☼ your videos include a few more cutesy couple shots because neither him nor you can help it
☼ you use his photography for thumbnails and transition shots
☼ sometimes he takes your camera and records you (his favourite times is when you don’t notice)
☼ he sits with you while you edit so he can see your reaction to what he recorded (he gets really giddy when you blush and giggle about how cheesy he is)

these got a bit longer than I anticipated ;;

I’m currently replaying through 707′s route while waiting for V’s route to come out because I love Saeyoung (and Yoosung, whom I lost my Mystic Messenger virginity to) (( Saeyoung x MC x Yoosung is my ot3 5ever fight me))

requests are currently closed (inbox is at 106!!) but I’ll work hard so hopefully you’ll be able to send in requests soon!

  • Sirius Black: Muggles buy human organs? What for?
  • Lily Evans: Never mind.
  • James Potter: Use them to decorate the house for Halloween!
  • Peter Pettigrew: Juggle with them.
  • Sirius: Eat them with soup!
  • James: Adopt them as pets.
  • Peter: Collect them to display in museums.
  • Lily: ...
The ultimate list of Falsettos headcannons

Some of these are stolen from @falsettosheadcanons

- Can play 3 instruments: trumpet, piano, and guitar
- is very bad at the trumpet (but played it all through middle school and a little bit through high school ), can play a few songs on the guitar, and is very good at the piano. But he is mainly a GREAT singer (he joined choir when he quit band in high school)
- Is addicted to coffee. He will slap a bitch if they talk to him before he drinks coffee
- As we know Marvin is very smart. He reads all the time and Whizzer practically has to tear the book he’s reading out of his hands. But some people may not know he especially excels at math, and can do almost any math problem in his head.
- One time: He got in a fist fight with a Trump supporter (he is VERY invested in politics)

- Is a musical ho and sings them VERY loudly in the shower
- When he was little he always tried out for the school musical, but the poor kid is practically tone def. he treasured his parts in the chorus though.
- Not only is Whizzer an amazing photographer, he’s also a great drawer. He particularly loves pointillism
- He has invested his life to those BuzzFeed personality quizzes. He not only takes them himself, he will take them on behalf of Marvin (because he refuses to do it) and see what they get.
- One time: he almost became a model. But he was still in high school at the time and his parents said that was “too gay”. Boy, did his parents have a surprise a few months later when Whizzer came out.

- Is actually a great dancer
- She used to do competition dance for tap and ballet and still does dance moves from time to time.
- Is very addicted to Candy Crush
- LOVES cats. Much to the dismay of Jason, she will foster stray cats for a few days and let them back out into the wild (Jason: What if they have rabies?!?)
- One time: she was on Cutthroat Kitchen. She was not afraid to sabotage anyone, so much that she went a little ~overboard~. She spent all her money in the first round, and got all the sabotages in the next round. Mendel was still very proud of her anyways even though she lost.

- Will wear a Snuggie un-ironically
- He loves all infomercial products. He owns 3 Shamwows
- His favorite animal is a goldfish and he will go to the fair and win 10 goldfish.
- He has an ever growing Pillow Pet collection
- One time: he took Jason and Trina to an amusement park to go on this all-new-very-VERY-tall roller coaster. Mendel, is terrified of heights but wanted to be a good sport. Needless to say, it did not end well.

- Is a straight A student, but barely scrapes by in gym
- He actually was supposed to earn a C in gym because of his lack of physical ability, but many angry phone calls from Trina and Marvin later, he managed to get extra credit to get an A.
- Like Whizzer, Jason is also very good at drawing. But he draws cartoons.
- Hates public speaking. Every time he has to speak in front of the class, he gets all nervous (poor bby ;~;)
- One time: in class when he had to write an argumentative essay he wrote “why chess is better than checkers.” Which seems stupid, but not only did he get an A+, his was used as an example in front of the whole class

- Actually has two degrees: one for being a doctor and one for pre law
- She decided she wanted to be a doctor instead because she wanted to save people. Not send someone to prison
- Has a very weird taste in music. She has a Spotify playlist with half rock music and half classical music. She puts it on shuffle to “get some variety”
- Charlotte & Marvin are bffs and totally watch Jeopardy and play along together with no shame.
- One time: in middle school she tried to prove she wasn’t a “goody goody” by pulling the fire alarm. It did not go over well.

- Is VERY accident prone
- That’s actually how she met Charlotte. Cordelia broke her arm and went to the doctors office to get it looked at, and met her.
- Loves the snow. She grew up in Southern California (where they obviously don’t have snow) although she’s been living in New York for quite some time, she still gets a kick out of seeing it
- Also loves bubbles. Will buy 20 of those $1 bubble wands just for no reason.
- One time: she tried to make Charlotte cake for her birthday solely based on instructions from Pinterest. Just,,,,,, make of that what you will

Feel free to add :)

Get A Room

Request: Could I get a Peter Parker x reader where they are in a relationship, but it’s like, a normal relationship, not super romantic, but still sweet, where one gets grossed out because the other one drools in their sleep, or one gets mad at the other for touching them with their cold feet, or for wiping their popcorn fingers on them? Just normal things? Thanks! 

Warnings: None…. Maybe something suggestive towards the end… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A/N: So, I might be writing a part two to this: Wait Up!, but in the meantime, you can pretend that this(Get A Room) is a part two to Wait Up!, because I think that would be cute. Oh, and if you do do that, just ignore the fact that I wrote about the reader’s parents. Or just don’t do that at all because wow that got really long and I’m gonna stop talking now bye enjoy the story.


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A weekend at the Avengers tower, what a weekend it will be.
Your parents were out of town for the weekend, and you didn’t want to be alone, so Tony had graciously invited you to the tower.

But, it that obviously wasn’t enough, so you had invited your boyfriend, Peter, over as well.

“Hi!” You jumped on him when you saw him in front of the elevator, “Let me get that for you.” You picked up his backpack.

“Jesus, Pete. What’s in here?!”

“I always bring my pet rock collection with me!” He exclaimed, holding his hands out in defense.

“Wait, seriously?” Your smile dropped.

“No!’ He shook his head.

You giggled, “Whew! Okay, that might have been a deal breaker.” (Tbh a pet rock collection doesn’t sound that bad)

“But, um, will you hold my socks?” He held out his socks to you.

You looked at him, raising your eyebrows, “Fine.” You rolled your eyes.

“Thanks!” He beamed, kissing you on the cheek before reaching inside his bag.
“Alright,” Tony looked at Bruce, “I don’t want them thinking that this is what we do every night.”

He gestured to the empty, quiet room. And then to his beer.

“But, this is what we do every night.” Bruce Shrugged.

“Exactly!- Oh hey guys!” Tony sat up straighter at the sight of you and Peter In the hallway, “We were just gonna… Watch a movie! Right Bruce?”

“Yup.” He answered quickly.

“Okay,” You looked at Peter, “Does that sound good?”

“Yeah!” He smirked at you.

You raised your eyebrows at his expression, nudging him gently with your shoulder, “You’re scaring me, Peter.”

“Alright, I’ll get the others.” Tony stood up and rubbed his hands together.

You heard Natasha’s voice coming from the other side, “What? but we never do stuff on Friday night!”

“Okay, ready?” Steve popped a disk into the million dollar DVD player.


You snuggled closer to Peter, only to be met with his freezing cold feet against your thigh.

“Ew!” You squealed, earning a few glances from the other Avengers, “You’re nasty, Parker.” You pushed his leg away.

He giggled and turned his head to the side, admiring your beauty.

“I can literally feel you staring at me.” You whispered.

“Sorry.” He looked away quickly, “You’re just, so gorgeous. It’s hard not to stare.”

“Peter Parker, if you’re being sarcastic-”

“No! I mean it!” He cut you off immediately, much louder than he had intended.
You blushed, “Okay.”

“Ew!” Peter exclaimed, looking down at his shirt.

“What?” You asked innocently.

“You’re literally rubbing your buttery fingers on me as I speak!”

“Eh, I’ve seen better puns.” You motioned to the words on his shirt.

He sighed, looking at you with his eyebrows furrowed, “Y/N, will you hand me my drink? It’s over there,” He pointed to the table on your left.

You nodded lifting your arms up.

Peter took advantage of the situation, poking your sides with his fingers.

“Peterrrrrrr!” You attempted to pry his hands off of your sides, “No! Stop!” You giggled.

But he wasn’t going to stop, he could watch you smiling for hours and hours.

“Get a room!” Tony yelled, throwing a handful of popcorn on you.

You looked at Peter, smirking, “Don’t think we won’t!”

You poked him, then grabbed his hand and ran off with him.



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japanese-yuri-fanfic-queen  asked:

How canon are the Touhou print works? I'm nearing the end of an LP of LOLK, and am debating whether or not to read them.

It varies! Most of the manga are completely canon, like Forbidden Scrollery, Silent Sinner in Blue and Wild and Horned Hermit. Curiosities of Lotus Asia is canon. Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and Symposium of Post-Mysticism are both canon, and are actual texts that exist in-universe (as part of the Gensokyo Chronicle) but written from the perspective of Hieda no Akyuu, so youkai might seem portrayed as more dangerous than they actually are (due to being written by a human). Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth is just a bunch of funny 4koma, so is probably dubiously canon and not a necessary read.

Other books, for example, the Grimoire of Marisa, are canon, but don’t contain much important information - in this case, it’s just Marisa’s descriptions of various characters’ spellcards.

If you want to know what the most important ones are, I would say:

And then also check out Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and Symposium of Post-Mysticism for more information on the characters and some interviews! The rest are probably okay to go without unless you’re curious, but they’re also good if you want to, and I would recommend them! The print works add so much to the Touhou lore, and it definitely wouldn’t be as big if it weren’t for them.