It’s so exciting for us that Closer is now charting on American Top 40 radio. It’s our first time ever! To celebrate, we teamed up with the amazing Pet Collective, to shoot what they call a Petody. It’s a re-creation of the video for Closer, with a cast of adorable dogs! Watch this and just try to keep your heart from breaking for that pug!


Dogilates: K90X. ‘Nuff said. Watch it and share it!


China’s first recycling machine that turns bottles into dog food

This may look like any other vending machine, but rather than needing coins, this magic metal box only requires plastic bottles. In return, it offers back food for stray dogs and cats.

Last Sunday, China got the first such machine installed in its capital Beijing. The moment a plastic bottle is put into the machine, 20 grams of food drops onto a plate placed at the machine’s bottom, designed to let dogs and cats enjoy their food.

The machine, named “Smart Recycling Box”, was the invention of Turkish company Pugedon. The device was put into use in Istanbul last July, and has been widely praised as a genius idea that kills two birds with one stone – recycling plastic bottles and feeding stray animals at the same time.

However, Chinese netizens are worried about the feasibility of the machine in China, with many saying they are afraid people will take advantage of it.

“I’m afraid that people with pets will start to collect plastic bottles, and recycle them for food for their own dogs and cats…” said a Weibo user @MiaoyangerAMY.

On this, net users have offered some good suggestions for the government.

“There should be surveillance cameras near the machine to prevent people from taking advantage of it. And I think a better way to handle stray animals is to build some shelters in the city, so that they may get better care,” wrote @Linshuilianhuangyi


Golden retriever puppies in a pile of stuffed animals


Because cats.


Golden retriever puppies play with bubbles!