Last chance!

In May last year I started closing out the Pooch and Puddy shop. By September I was done shipping out my last orders. With an impending move I’ve been going through my old supplies to see what I can do with them.

I still have at least a hundred yards of a variety of ribbons, hardware for days, and enough webbing to choke a horse.

If you’d like a 100% handmade custom-made-for-your-pet collar, hit me up! I have many more patterns than those pictured available. I can make cat collars and small, medium, and large dog collars

Cat (3/8"): 10$ each
Small Dog (½"): 10$ each
Medium Dog (5/8"): 12$ each
Large Dog (1"): 15$ each

Shipping worldwide is included. It amounts to about 2.50$ across North America and up to 6.50$ anywhere else. As I start running out of supplies or if you place a big order I’ll be liable to throw in extras.

Needless to say any orders will be helpful. I’ll get my supplies moved, you’ll get awesome collars, and I’ll get more fundage towards my service dog’s spay, gear, training, and our moving expenses!
Dog collar , leather dog collar , custom tooled hearts collar , floating hearts collar , 13 inch collar, Chihuahua collar ,
This leather collars a 1/2 wide with holes starting at 11 1/2 thru 14 1/2. This custom collars comprised from two straps of vegetable tanned leather glue together, tooled, oiled, dyed and hand painted, beveled and sewn. The edges are then burnished to perfection tuff kote the entire collar which is a poly coating top finish for years of beauty and service. It has a center bar solid brass buckle, welded metal d ring and a matching leather keeper. 13 is best fit. Thank you fopr stopping to see my latest collar to hit shelf here. Lawrence