a surplus of:

- stuffed animals (must be cute… varied sizes…)

- coloring books that have cute themes

- crayons to use for said coloring books

- hello kitty / pusheen / my melody / rilakkuma themed stuff

- cute pens, pencils, & stationary supplies

- cute band-aids with animals or princesses or the themed stuff i listed

- collars for pet-space or to just feel cute in bc duh adorable

- cute cups for drinks

- maybe some nice little hair-bows

- pastel sweaters that are too big for me so i feel small

- pastel sweaters that fit me just right too tho

- adorable thigh highs that don’t suffocate my thighs bc thicc

- garters … must be pink for aesthetic

- fluffy or just cute socks (preferably pastel pink or other pastel colors)

- white jeans to pair with my cute pastel sweaters when going out since at home i’ll obviously just be wearing them without pants and maybe paired with some thigh-highs or my cute socks

- skirts to maybe try to wear out and not feel self-conscious in

- super cute dresses that flatter my figure &/or make me feel small and pretty (preferably pastel pink or other pastel colors)

- cute pink/pastel/white shoes to wear with said skirts and dresses and just outfits in general

- puppies and small animals to pet

- lotion and perfumes that smell nice

- big soft pillows to lay on and cuddle with all my stuffed animals

- love and attention and cuddles and pets

feel free to add on to this list!