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so i saw on your updating dashboard that you're making a jason percy octavian and luke fanfic again and i am freaking out Tm because i loved your last one so much??! also i gotta ask, is this one gonna be a kinky one like the last? or fluff or something? hugs from canada

Ah. There. Yes. Was in the middle of answering this before I had to go to classes.

It’s pure smut. Like. All the flith. Pet-play. Double-penetration. Collars. Catboys and puppyboys. BDSM. Like. I’ve done so many fluff-pieces for this series lately? Even though it started out as an outlet for smut? So. Smut. Pure smut.

I mean, if I have some time this weekend I might end up stretching it a little to add fluff because catboy!Percy is a cuddly thing and stern!Octavian melting into giving his boys cuddles is what I live for, so there is that.

For my Followers Evacuating

- Tightly roll your clothes when you pack them instead of a standard fold. This is what I always refer to as “military packing”, because it’s how my dad learned to pack in the army. It allows you to fit more in your bags. 

- Do not forget toiletries, those who have periods make sure you grab your products as well, you do not know how long you’ll be gone or if you’ll have the availability to get more. Unscrew the lids to things like shampoo or anything that might leak and place plastic wrap over the opening (ziplock bags work as well), then screw the lid back on, this will prevent any leaking. 

- Grab all prescription medication and EPI Pens, it is also a good idea to pack any NASIDs (ibuprofen and other anti-inflamatory mediciation),and allergy medication like claratin, zyrtec, or benadryl. Grab any emergency medical kits in your house and make sure they have bandages, gauze, sanitizing wipes, and neosporin. If your box is big enough, pack a small sewing kit, a lighter, a ball of steel wool, a 9 volt battery, a swiss army knife, and small food bars like protein bars or granola bars. 

- Grab all personal documents, IDs, passports, SS cards, birth certificates, insurance cards, including car insurance, legal documents including marriage licences and tax papers. If available place these in large ziplock bags to keep them safe from getting wet or dirty. 

- Grab all family heirlooms, photographs, gold and other valuable jewelry, diplomas, and other irreplaceable items. 

- Pack power banks and charging cords 

- Most shelters only allow service animals, please find lodging for your pets, make sure collars and name tags are secured and that you’ve entered your information on their chips, pack food for your animals as well. DO NOT ABANDON YOUR ANIMALS 

-  Withdraw cash from your bank, grab check books, take your wallets and purses and make sure your cards are in them. 

- It is getting colder. Pack hats, gloves, scarves, water proof coats, lots of socks and underwear, water resistant boots. 

- Pack plenty of water, non perishable and ready to eat foods, manual can opener. Also bring flashlights 

- if you have infant children pack baby formula, even if you normally breast feed

Remember to stay safe, do not panic. Do not drive recklessly, many people are trying to find a safe place, bad driving will only cause accidents which will slow down evacuation routes more. Stay safe friends. 


My sister just started an Etsy account and is making collar accessories for cats and dogs. It’s called CollarCollections. She has some very cute floral clip-on up on her shop and she is planning on making bow ties and bandannas. 

(note the daisy flower does not include the purple daisy collar)

And prices are pretty reasonable. If you guys can reblog this to get the word around and or make a purchase it would mean the world to my older sister :)

Again her shop is CollarCollections

Little Space: Ideas

Sometimes it’s rather hard to get into little space, but here are just some ideas! They are not meant to be directed towards one gender over another, nor are they everyone’s cup of tea!


You can change different aspects of your physical appearance to feel little.


~Done by Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Pig tails
~Pony tail


~Any clothes belonging to Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Button down
~Graphic (with cartoons, quotes, photos, etc.)
~Pastel colored


~Pull up

Full body:

~Any clothes belonging to Dommy/~Mommy/Daddy


~Blanket cape
~Clips (hair)
~Clips (paci)
~Glitter ;)
~Pet gear (ears, tail, collar, leach, etc.)
~Socks (animal, fuzzy, knee high, lace, patterned, ruffled, striped, etc.)


Here are active things to do to put or keep you in little space!

~Action figures
~App games (I will make a list of cute apps)
~Bake (with supervision and or help)
~Bath (bubbles, color tablets, paint toys, etc.)
~Beads (bead animals, charms, jewelry, key chain, etc.)
~Blanket fort
~Cinema (movie theater)
~Coloring (general)
~Coloring books/pages
~Cuddling (blankets, Dommy, pets, pillows, stuffed animals)
~DIYs (any you want!)
~Dress up
~Finger painting
~Help with a meal
~House (playing as mommy, daddy, pet, etc.)
~Instruments (play or learn to play)
~Jewelry making (bracelets, neckless etc.)
~Make believe
~Meals (chicken fingers/nuggets, dino nuggets, fries, Mac and cheese, anything else that makes you feel little)
~Movies (animated, Disney, ect.)
~Music (listen to, or create your own)
~Pet play
~Picture books
~Pillow for
~Prince/Princess (pretending to be in a castle etc.)
~Put on a show (for Dommy/Mommy/Daddy, stuffies, toys) with Dommy/Mommy/Daddy, Little friend, friend (movie/tv/YouTube/video streaming)
~Reading (to someone else, stuffies, Dommy/Mommy/Daddy, or having some one read to you)
~Rolling on the floor (pretending to be a crumb)
~Snacks (candy, crackers, cupcake, fruit, fruit snacks, ice cream, goldfish, gummies, pie, Popsicle, sprinkles, yogurt, etc.)
~Speaking with Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Stories (Making up your own, reading some)
~Stuffies (cuddling, playing with, watching movies/tv with)
~Sticker books
~Sucking on paci
~Tea party
~Toy store
~Tv shows (Cartoon Network, cartoons, ~Disney Jr., PBS kids, Sprout, etc.)
~Video call with Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Video games


Teddy & Bear! These two little rascals will be the perfect additions to any sim, couple, or family. Together their entire lives, these fluffy twins are as thick as thieves and looking to be pampered and loved wherever they end up. 

You can add Teddy & Bear to your game through the Origin search function.

No CC is required, but I currently use these default pet eyes.

Sweater & Collar ❤

Origin ID: OhareLane

How to piss off your vet

1. Give human medication to your pet

2. Make that passive aggressive comment “With all the money I have spent here, I should: have my name on the building/have a whole wing dedicated to me/buy you a new car/have just gotten a new dog/etc”

3. Discuss a lot of concerns and do nothing to address them because it costs money to do diagnostics 

4. Make them call your spouse after spending 20 mins on the phone with you explaining your pet’s illness, recommended diagnostics, potential outcomes to explain the same thing to them

5. Call at the last minute to refill your pet’s important meds and then get mad when it is not ready for you at that second

6. Show up at the front desk to handle something that could easily be done over the phone

7. Use the statement; “Can’t you just give them some medication to fix it” when you refuse all diagnostics and “it” is a vague symptom with 20 differentials 

8. Text/message/post on Facebook asking about your pet at any time of day, but especially at 8:30 at night on a Friday

9. Call 1 hour after dropping them off for a surgical procedure asking if they are ready to go home

10. Treating their technicians, receptionists, assistants like crap 

11. Stop medications or change dosages without asking

12. Call asking for a same day appointment for vaccines because you are dropping your pet off at the boarders this afternoon for a week long vacation and getting mad when they cannot be squeezed in

13. Not making your pet wear an e-collar after their abdominal surgery and getting angry when they must be placed under general anesthesia again to fix an incision dehiscence

14. Having a very fear-aggressive puppy and getting offended when behavior training and puppy classes are strongly recommended

15. Laughing when the dog tries to bite 

16. Using the statement: “He started scratching at his ears/having goopy eyes/licking at his skin about a month ago”

17. Not telling the receptionist when booking the 15 minute vaccine booster appointment that the pet has been vomiting for 4 days and isn’t eating anymore