While those of us who own small dogs love them like our children, to others they look like nature’s appetizer. And the threat is very real, as poor Paul Mott discovered in 2014. After a lovely day playing at the dog park with his dog Buffy, Mott was walking back to the car when a coyote ran out from a bush, grabbed innocent little Buffy, and ran off with her (no word on if the coyote’s name was Spike.) This obviously traumatized Mott, who decided no one should ever have to see their puppy dragged off to be eaten. So instead he came out with an outfit that will save them from all danger, because when you put them in it they will refuse to show their face in public. Even dogs have some pride.

The Coyote Best Pet Body Armor vest is made from Kevlar to stop puncture wounds. Then Mott added long thin spikes along the spine, just in case the dog was attacked from above. And to further protect its sides, he decided to go balls to the wall and run a current through the thing, so that anything that goes in for the kill will get a hell of a shock, literally. Of course, so would any dogs trying to play with it, or humans who reach down to pet this strange punk dog, but nothing’s perfect.

6 Ways To Survive A Disaster That’ll Make You Pray For Death

I levelled up in Habitica! I’m so happy I found this website. Getting experience points for doing tasks like washing the dishes or waking up early is so much fun. And also motivating as hell. 

If you’re struggling to find the right way to track your habits or journal, I recommend giving it a try.

You can join parties where you motivate each other to do tasks. There are also challenges (like reading, walking or even duolingo challenges!) where you can earn gems if you complete them, and you can buy all sort of cool stuff like armors, pets and mounts. You can also do quests with your party. And if you do your daily tasks you’ll defeat monsters. But if you don’t do your tasks you’ll lose health and die, so it’s really motivating to keep doing your them.

Like I said, so much fun! It is free and there is also an android and ios app that you can use.


dear i think you may have a problem

A continuation of the Attack pet concepts I sketched a few days ago.

I updated Engarde’s sketch to be a musketeer since people felt he looked too much like a Defence pet with knight’s armor in the first sketch. I also played with his color palette a bit, too.

Any thoughts for Engarde before I finalize his concept art? (I’ll still do a final concept for the snake pitch too, but he didn’t need nearly as big of an overhaul as Engarde did.)

D’aw, Trinket...

@ellanarosetw asked: hi, love the blog! would you be so kind as to make a list of the times matt does the whole sad bear routine please? one of my favourite moments is trinket’s reaction to the ribbons. thanks! <3

Gif by lilefarc

We decided to include all instances where Matt or the rest of the cast pretends to be Trinket, because he’s just so cute. Thanks to Don Dresser and @SilentEnGee for all their help! Updated through episode 54.

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“Today, everything exists to end in a photograph.“

Nowhere Photography: One // The Gang

When Finch came across an old Naturalist camera, he insisted on taking pictures of everyone. After he took one he liked, he’d make them sign it and write down the (aproximate) month it was taken. Besides his post card collection, these are his most valuable items, and he keeps them on his person always.


Alright folks!

As I’ve mentioned, I recently had some rather expensive computer troubles to deal with and it’s left me a bit… poor. Due to certain circumstances it’s kind of pressing that I make that money back as quickly as possible, SO that’s where you lovely people come in~

I’ll be offering these special prices and options for however long it takes me to meet my current goal of $400. That will allow me to start restoring what came out of my savings for computer repair, as well as cover other living expenses for the time being.

What I’m offering:

  • Flat-fee $25 sketches
    waist-up, single character, monochrome color-wash. Either you give me a color scheme you want me to use, or I’ll use my best judgement based on the character’s looks. (Because these are all the same flat fee, be aware that the level of detail may vary based on how complex the character is.)
  • All other commission options at a 15% discount
    The discount will come out of the final quoted price (ie, the “starting price” plus any added cost for props, pets, armor, etc.), and applies to everything from sketched busts all the way down to full-body illustrations.

So if you’re interested, feel free to write me here, shoot me an email at, or get in touch with me on skype as eryn.amanda!

If you can’t buy, a signal boost is always greatly appreciated!

So I've had a couple of sessions of dnd and right now my party consist of

A violently inappropriate half Orc with a micro dick

A manic depressive rogue who craves nothing but the sweet embrace of death

A lesbian Druid who’s main goal is to cockblock the half Orc

The Druid’s pet armored owl that has a thirst for blood

A monk who can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that the stock market doesn’t exist in ancient times

A blind ranger

A warrior with an axe fetish that does 90% of the work and has resolved to mercy kill the rogue if he goes down