Acerola and Mimikyu <3

I’m open for commission!

1 character Bust - $30 Halfbody - $40 Fullbody - $50

*Add $10 for extra details like: weapons, pets, intricate accessories, armors, shield, etc.
*Add $15-20 for background illustration (or more $ if too complicated)

Full anime character style illustration like this Acerola illustration: $70-80 (depending on complexity of the whole illustration)

For anyone interested, just message me here or email me at  :)

While those of us who own small dogs love them like our children, to others they look like nature’s appetizer. And the threat is very real, as poor Paul Mott discovered in 2014. After a lovely day playing at the dog park with his dog Buffy, Mott was walking back to the car when a coyote ran out from a bush, grabbed innocent little Buffy, and ran off with her (no word on if the coyote’s name was Spike.) This obviously traumatized Mott, who decided no one should ever have to see their puppy dragged off to be eaten. So instead he came out with an outfit that will save them from all danger, because when you put them in it they will refuse to show their face in public. Even dogs have some pride.

The Coyote Best Pet Body Armor vest is made from Kevlar to stop puncture wounds. Then Mott added long thin spikes along the spine, just in case the dog was attacked from above. And to further protect its sides, he decided to go balls to the wall and run a current through the thing, so that anything that goes in for the kill will get a hell of a shock, literally. Of course, so would any dogs trying to play with it, or humans who reach down to pet this strange punk dog, but nothing’s perfect.

6 Ways To Survive A Disaster That’ll Make You Pray For Death

I levelled up in Habitica! I’m so happy I found this website. Getting experience points for doing tasks like washing the dishes or waking up early is so much fun. And also motivating as hell. 

If you’re struggling to find the right way to track your habits or journal, I recommend giving it a try.

You can join parties where you motivate each other to do tasks. There are also challenges (like reading, walking or even duolingo challenges!) where you can earn gems if you complete them, and you can buy all sort of cool stuff like armors, pets and mounts. You can also do quests with your party. And if you do your daily tasks you’ll defeat monsters. But if you don’t do your tasks you’ll lose health and die, so it’s really motivating to keep doing them.

Like I said, so much fun! It is free and there is also an android and ios app that you can use.

Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection - Localization Blog #3

Gadzooks, true believers! You don’t need to whip out your decoder rings to figure out that, in mere days, we’ll officially be in the autumn season. And I know what you’re thinking: “But Nick, you said Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection was coming this summer, and as of right now, you’re just about out of summer!”

Alas, it’s true. You’re not going to see Zwei pop up on Steam without warning – both because there’s more I want to share before the game finally comes out, and because…well, letting you know in advance so you can plan/budget/spend accordingly is good policy. But most importantly, you’re not going to see it pop up because it’s not ready for release yet.

I’m not great at math and even I can tell there’s something iffy about those fractions.

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No, it’s not a glitch or anything. You’re supposed to receive the ice armor, pet lynx, arctic wolf, etc. It says it in the Jamaa Journal and Membership pages. I know it’s confusing because this is typically a retail membership card thing but they specifically say “all members” will receive this in December. They’re specific when they mean it’s a membership card thing, specifically saying retail gift card and they never referenced the card this time.

The way they talk about it in the Jamaa Journal is kind of eerie to me though. They’ve talked this way with ajpw packs on their Instagram. We know WildWorks is having trouble right now because kids aren’t buying as much memberships so to me at least, whenever they say “there’s never been a better time to become a member!”, it’s worrying knowing the reason why they’re wording things like that. In addition to the wording, it’s just kinda obvious. They’re trying as hard as possible to get new memberships with the latest spiked sale (I know those happen alot now but I feel it’s related, especially since the tattered spike was member despite being a recolored worn spike) and now this out of the blue bundle.

The Serpentine Kiss - Recruiting!


The Serpentine Kiss is a third party mercenary service working for various different patrons, regardless of background, class, race, or title. We draw no faction or party lines; everyone’s money is good.

All jobs are performed by specialists, armed with unique skill sets, working directly for The Serpentine Kiss. Individuals or organizations that hire us to perform services can rest assured that every job will be handled with the utmost care and attention. Whenever the desire for secrecy is invoked, we are bound to comply.

The moral flexibility of our specialists allows us to negotiate a wide range of different contracts, from the most innocent to even the most sinister. Each specialist may decide what types of work they will accept. Contracts are negotiated by a headhunter, and are subject to approval by the guild triumvirate before they are posted to the job board. No contract becomes available for assignment until the triumvirate is sure that a patron will receive exactly what they pay for, and nothing less.


 Our guild can become a home for just about anyone looking to belong to a strong, welcoming group of long-time friends. Many of us have known each other for up to ten years, and others a little less. Everyone is equally cared for and invested in.

It may be difficult for some fresh faces to feel as though they can belong to a new group of people, and oftentimes they join established friend groups that are incapable of putting in the time and effort to incorporate new members. It would be easy to say that we are not that way, but the only way to find out is by joining and seeing it for yourself! All that we ask is that you are active and stay connected to other guild members!


 For people who enjoy collecting achievements, mounts, pets, armor sets and weapons, we establish weekly or bi-weekly events to tackle older content. Anyone can make a suggestion, or even create and run their own events directly from the in-game guild calendar.

OOC: Inquiries for membership can be directed to the in-game character names of Shaeliora, Faldrias, and Caeluith. We can be found at @verwandeln-characterblog​   @winterlisse​  @duskdrawdragoon

Opening commissions again!


  • Portrait: 12$
  • Waist-up: 16$
  • Fullbody: 24$

(couple picture are double the base price)


  • Fullbody: 26$
  • Waist-up: 18$

(couple picture are double the base price)

• I will ask for extra fee for complicated armor, pets, etc.
• Payment in two half! One half at the start, and another one after the sketch is sent. No refunds.
• Mentioning your paypal address and tumblr username is required! You will be invoiced!
• I have the right to decline a commission if I don’t like the theme/topic.

In your e-mail, please include:

Your username and paypal address that you’ll send payment from, Character references (written, face claims, art, etc), Information about the character(s) that might not show on refs, a couple words that sum up personalities.

Email to be sent at

Want examples? Check my art tag here

anonymous asked:

lately, it's been feeling like my mental illnesses have been eating me alive. i can barely function correctly anymore and i get so upset so easily and i'm getting tired of it. i can't get diagnosed professionally with anything (lack of money) so i'm just stuck in an endless spiral of helplessness. earlier this year it was managable, i could hold myself together long enough to hide, but i'm just losing it slowly and i don't know what to do.


If you can afford it, start taking multivitamins. I don’t know if a deficiency is causing your symptoms to worsen, but I do know that it’s possible. Worse case scenario, you get all your nutrients. And then you don’t have to worry as much about what you eat, because you have yourself handled.

I also suggest getting a survival game of some kind. I think that the process of getting everything you need to ‘survive’ can help with the feeling of helplessness. It’s also pretty good for calming down. In particular I suggest Slime Rancher (because it’s cute and maximizes the calming aspect) or Don’t Starve Together (it’s engaging and easy to get servers set up).

I also suggest keeping a post it pad near your bed. Before you go to sleep, write something that you did on it. Doesn’t have to be a big ol’ list or anything important. ‘Made Bed’ or ‘Ate Green Beans’ will do.

Also I suggest habitica. It’s fantastic for those periods when getting dressed seems too much. You set up what you need to do (brush teeth, make bed, etc) and can get rewards like pet eggs and armor and such.

-Lou the Lobster

So I've had a couple of sessions of dnd and right now my party consist of

A violently inappropriate half Orc with a micro dick

A manic depressive rogue who craves nothing but the sweet embrace of death

A lesbian Druid who’s main goal is to cockblock the half Orc

The Druid’s pet armored owl that has a thirst for blood

A monk who can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that the stock market doesn’t exist in ancient times

A blind ranger

A warrior with an axe fetish that does 90% of the work and has resolved to mercy kill the rogue if he goes down

D’aw, Trinket...

@ellanarosetw asked: hi, love the blog! would you be so kind as to make a list of the times matt does the whole sad bear routine please? one of my favourite moments is trinket’s reaction to the ribbons. thanks! <3

Gif by lilefarc

We decided to include all instances where Matt or the rest of the cast pretends to be Trinket, because he’s just so cute. Thanks to Don Dresser and @SilentEnGee for all their help! Updated through episode 54.

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A continuation of the Attack pet concepts I sketched a few days ago.

I updated Engarde’s sketch to be a musketeer since people felt he looked too much like a Defence pet with knight’s armor in the first sketch. I also played with his color palette a bit, too.

Any thoughts for Engarde before I finalize his concept art? (I’ll still do a final concept for the snake pitch too, but he didn’t need nearly as big of an overhaul as Engarde did.)