After featuring metal, leather, and even 3D-printed suits of armor for cats, the latest in protective pet gear takes a turn for the traditional. A Japanese pet supply shop called Kandaya has creates handsome suits of samurai armor for both cats and dogs, which comes in a traditional color scheme as well as one styled after the giant bio-robot Eva Unit-01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Located in the town of town of Kurayoshi in Japan’s Tottori Prefecture, Kandaya rents out its suits of cat and dog armor by the hour, 500 Yen ($4.20 US) per hour for the traditional style and twice that for the Evangelion version.

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The outside world can be a dangerous place for cats and even the fiercest feline warrior can benefit from added protection. Previously we’ve seen metal suits of armor for cats and leather armor for cats and now Nashville-based artist Jwall of Print That Thing has designed an awesome suit of 3D-printed Cat Armor. In these photos and this behind-the-scenes video the armor is modeled by Jwall’s brave marmalade kitty Bobo:

Jwall has made his 100% printable design available for download via Thingiverse. The armor features a leash hole, pet ID tag ring, a catnip holder, and a spiky scorpion tail that’s detachable for those cats who’d rather let their own tails take all the swishing, swatting glory.

“Want your own cat armor, but don’t own a 3D printer? PrintThatThing is asking subscribers to submit a matching helmet design via social media channels; the winner will receive his or her own suit—and endless gratitude from a fierce feline.”

Head over to Thingiverse for all the details and to download this awesome design.

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These dogs may look like they’re getting ready to go to a rave, but they’re actually modeling the latest in protective pet gear. We’ve seen metal, leather, 3D-printed suits of armor for cats as well as suits of samurai and mecha armor for both cats and dogs. Today we’re checking out the CoyoteVest, a vest specifically designed to help our smaller canine friends ward off predators, such as coyotes or hawks. Made for dogs weighing up to 20 lbs, the vest is made of Kevlar and features a stiff, spiked Kevlar collar, as well as optional quills and spikes that can be places along the back of the vest.

Wearing the CoyoteVest does not inhibit a dog’s movement or ability to play, but we suspect the spikiest versions might make it harder to make a good impression with fellow dogs at the dog park. Either that or it will impress the heck out of them.

Visit the CoyoteVest website for additional info.

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so lemme tell you guys about somethin fucking AMAZING luna found at comic con when she went. theyre called dragon pets

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“Today, everything exists to end in a photograph.“

Nowhere Photography: One // The Gang

When Finch came across an old Naturalist camera, he insisted on taking pictures of everyone. After he took one he liked, he’d make them sign it and write down the (aproximate) month it was taken. Besides his post card collection, these are his most valuable items, and he keeps them on his person always.

Sketch of Cloud because I felt like it. That FFVII Remake tho AMIRITE?

He’s more based on the original PS1 design rather than his newer FUCKING HOT look.

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So I've had a couple of sessions of dnd and right now my party consist of

A violently inappropriate half Orc with a micro dick

A manic depressive rogue who craves nothing but the sweet embrace of death

A lesbian Druid who’s main goal is to cockblock the half Orc

The Druid’s pet armored owl that has a thirst for blood

A monk who can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that the stock market doesn’t exist in ancient times

A blind ranger

A warrior with an axe fetish that does 90% of the work and has resolved to mercy kill the rogue if he goes down

Pet commission: Sydney, a vigilant protector


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