pet rabbit

In part as an excuse for a party, a friend of mine held a convention specifically focused around her rabbit Tully.

There was, of course, an Artist’s Alley. (I cross-stitched the con logo.)

There was Tully cosplay.

The host held a “History of Tully” panel, where we learned that Tully was found under a car and taken to a rabbit shelter, where he spent the longest time not being adopted of any rabbit there. (Apparently when the owner saw him on the website and went ‘yes. that one. with the huge-ass eyes.’ the staff actively laughed at her on the phone, because no one wanted the rabbit who hated kids, noise, and socializing. When she finally showed up to get him the staff ran through the halls shouting “SOMEONE’S ADOPTING TULLY”)

We had a photo meet and greet with the bun himself.

And at the end there was a celebrity appearance and award-presenting, followed by a raffle for the privilege of feeding him fruit..

EDIT: Apparently Tully is a girl-type rabbit and I mis-remembered, I apologize. It’s possible she’s so small and void-colored that gender can’t find her.