pet trust fund


Emperor’s basement dwelling, scientist son Baazlik, had been thinking about the people who were selling the newly acquired, pink, spotted, horned bloodsucker to his Emperor Father.

They had come to know that the sellers were renegade patrol ship pilots from Corpo-Bruptis, the very mysterious sentient world-entity. Outer line of defense guys, who vetted incoming vessels and escorted approved trade ships to the surface of the planet. Unapproved trespassers found in Corpo-Bruptis airspace were destroyed with quick efficiency by these pilots. Their bio-mechanical ships manufactured a deadly poison. 

Not much was known about Corpo-Bruptis. It was not open to tourism. But a few things were gleaned from the few who did trade with the entity.

 Corpo-Bruptis was mostly self sufficient, only engaging in sporadic trade with other worlds.  Individuals from that world were much like cells in a body…adapted for very specific system functions. It was highly irregular for two individuals from this world to be engaged in activity that was about personal profit, as with this ship crew.

It would be interesting to know why this ship crew was behaving so erratically.

What did they want money for? Patrol pilots lived in their small ships. There were no economic class distinctions on Corpo-Bruptis. All class distinctions were functional in nature. That much was known. So what would these pilots be buying with money of their own? What was motivating them? It could be useful to know.

 It would be interesting to know more about Corpo-Bruptis, from a scientific perspective but also in terms of seeing what opportunities might exist for resource acquisition or partnership. 

Baazlik decided to go talk to his Emperor Father about this topic. They should try to cultivate a working relationship with these pilots, not just end things with this one transaction for a pet.

His Emperor Father was upstairs near the bar, glowing red from what dwelled inside him - the instigator of his evil.  He was dancing with his treasured pet, Liluck.


Mambo’s OVC Pet Trust interview (by electrobutt


This is an interview that the OVC Pet Trust Fund did of Me and Mambo.