pet theraphy


It’ s time to introduce to you, my Tumblr family, my new little fluffly friend; Sergeant Long ears, chewie boy, apples little thief, my new 4 months old rabbit friend named Kiwi!! 

We already had an injury 2 weeks ago but nothing serious and now is healthy and happier than ever. (I know “kiwi” all around the world is the name to refer to the NZelander animal and the fruit is called “kiwi fruit” but here in Italy we do the exact opposite: “kiwi” is for the fruit and “kiwi animal” for the bird.)

I took it with me the 10th of june, without second thoughs just looking at it. Its not a breed usually used as pet rabbit, actually is a “meat rabbit”, (and if I had to be sincere, one of the most hight quality for his meat - the breed is called “Grigio di Carmagnola”) meaning that it will grow out to be a 5/6 kilos of pure fluffiness, theeth and joy and i can’t wait to have this giant rabbit to chew all my furniture!!

Pet terapy is absolutely not adviced for OCD sufferers, it can drammatically increase increase the disorder, but this little meatball fills my heart with so much joy and warmt that i accept the challenge! 

That’s all from me and Kiwi!! Have a good rest of the day, wherever you are.

Love each other.