pet taxidermy

Charles Dickens’s cat paw letter opener

(Berg, New York Public Library)

When Dickens’s beloved cat died, he had his foot made into this letter opener, with the inscription, “C.D. in memory of Bob 1862.” Victorians, great lovers of taxidermy, sometimes had beloved pets stuffed, especially terriers, and then put under glass in the home. A dog called Wimbledon Jack, who had labored on behalf of charities by wearing a charity box attached to his collar, was stuffed after his death and displayed in a case at Wimbledon Station. In another act of memorialization (or maybe just thrift), Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Princess Victoria, had the shed hair of her poodle knitted into a shawl.


Can’t wait to work on this little guy. Sorry for the weird lighting, I don’t know what it is about the barn and taking pics in it.

Came from a lady who owns all kinds of cool, interesting animals. Sadly this guy became very ill, and despite the lady doing all she could, he didn’t make it.

Will be traditionally lifesized on an altered kit fox form (no one sells forms for fennecs, and I don’t have the tools to carcass cast it lol may attempt to wrap a body for it, but we’ll see.)

Oh how I’d love to have one as a pet ;o;