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omnomivorous  asked:

What concerns or advice would you have for someone interested in owning a (common, "beginner" species) herp in a country where they only just became legal pets? We're likely still a year+ away from actually getting one, which gives us time to plan (and hopefully time for pet stores/suppliers and vets to catch up) but I want to make sure we've covered our bases.

My advice would be to learn everything you can about that particular species before you get one. Find out what kind of enclosure you will need, the proper temperatures, right food, etc. You can also get your enclosure set up ahead of time. This way you can monitor the lighting and temperature and have it all worked out before you put the herp in it. If you are getting a young animal that will need a larger enclosure as it a grows, a year gives you enough time to save up and maybe have the enclosures you will need ready to go so you aren’t stuck without one. Finally I would see if you can find a vet and have an appointment for a check up ready soon after your purchase to make sure the animal is healthy.