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We Only Have Sex With The Government on Wednesdays (Trixya) -Puck

A/N: Thanks for all of the prompts you sent in! I tried to do a bit of a mishmash of everything that I saw and as many fluffy tropes as I could fit in an attempt to try and cheer people up, so here. Have an established relationship, non AU fic with playful banter, domesticity, emotionally charged song lyrics, smut, pets, puns, and proposals. I’m not even American, but I’m still messed up over these election results, so I hope that a little bit of sappy fluff can help cheer some of us up <3

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Ways To Win My Heart (Romantically and Platonically)

•Breakfast for dinner
•Sitting together on a park bench and talking
•Watching movies in a theater or at home
•Introducing me to your pets because I love animals
•Going and getting coffee together
•Making awful puns, because why not?
•Walking around a city to see cool stuff
•Cuddling so I can steal your body heat

Episode 2: Serious Business- Feat. Tamara and Chell

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We talked too much about:
West Wing or Real Political News, Chell’s frustrations with Christmas, weird Christmas games, Letting friends write dating profiles, Supergirl/DC, trying to figure out if coworkers are not-straight, bad too-straight reality shows, Serious Business, double pronouns/fanfiction pet peeves, bad puns.

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