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Can you do a Pet Au of how they would all think/ react to kids trying to play with them and pet them and give them attention like regular pets such as dogs?

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-He doesn’t really mind kids getting close, even if humans make him a bit nervous. The pets are kind of nice, and maybe, if he gets really lucky, someone’s parents will cave and buy him. 


-It would be preferable not to have his hair messed and sticky hands put all over him, but for the sake of being a proper, docile pet, he takes the attention and pretends to enjoy it. 


-The small humans are the fun ones! They don’t mind petting him, can’t hit very hard, and sometimes their parents give in and look at the pets that are up for adoption. None of them have ever wanted him, though… 


-Small humans are sticky and loud and he wouldn’t like them at all, if it wasn’t for the fact that they offer attention. He’ll stay still for petting, so long as there’s a chance he might appeal to a potential owner for it. 


-Humans being near him, even the small ones, make him very, very nervous. He knows that they’re all going to grow up to be no different than the ones who have done nothing but terrorize him. 


-If adult humans aren’t safe near him, than the child ones are really in danger. The attention is wonderful, but he’s just terrified that he’s going to slip up and do something to hurt one of them. 


-As nice as it is to have someone not hate him, humans are nothing but trouble for strays. Their parents would gladly turn in him and his brothers, and at the very least be angry that a stray came close to their children. 


-Even small humans send him into a panic. All he can see is the ones that hurt him; any kind of hand reaching toward him is nothing but a threat. He can’t stand to be near humans of any kind. 


-It’s kind of dangerous to let any human get close to them, but the temptation of attention and praise is hard to resist. Kids have small, warm hands, and they’re not afraid of him just because he’s big. 


-He’d love the attention from someone, even a slight idea of what it would like to be someone’s pet, but any human coming too close turns him shivery and afraid. He loves pain, but is terrified of rejection. 


-There are always children at shows who want to touch him. He’s had enough sticky hands in his hair, or pulling at his clothes to be very accustomed to small humans getting in his space. 


-He’s pretty used to having kids messing with him, but can’t help but be annoyed by it. They remind him so much of his first owner, and he knows they have just the same capability for cruelty. 


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Tiger cowboy. I read an old article that mentioned that there are more tigers in captivity in Texas than in the wild globally and felt like it would make for an interesting piece. I love my tigers so I’m quite passionate on what’s going on with them around the world (even 5 year old news articles)  🐯

Very pleased with the turnout for this illustration overall!

I am truly sorry

I am really sorry for even eluding to the idea that someone who hasnt completed high school isn’t capable of being educated enough to be a proper pet owner.
It was not only a poorly worded post that was NOT supposed to sound like that, but incredibly hurtful and inconsiderate of others. It doesnt really matter what my intentions were because they were lost in what was portrayed as a malicious, elite viewpoint.
It was also a very reactive post that was very emotionally fueled, and therefore not very straightforward.

Please know that it has nothing to do with not getting a diploma. My frustration stems from a combination of factors and i should have never listed a lack of formal education as one.

It was never my intention to imply that at all and I am so very sorry to all that I’ve hurt for making a stupid post like that.

I also just wanted to thank @followthebluebell for holding me accountable, as i am a white cis female who doesn’t always see clearly how my actions impact others. His discussion points were valid and appreciated.

Again, i am really so sorry I came accross like that, and I know nothing will take away the post I’ve already made. I am constantly trying to evolve my way of thinking and redo my socialization. It’s not always easy or at the top of my list. But i am incredibly sorry.

when drawing this i forgot how tumblr hates horizontal so uh. Click for better resolution or be forever cursed with pixelated blur! 

How I imagined Izaya’s shop from Moth’s amazing request witch fic!  - GO READ. 

You know honestly I’m so excited about the knowledge and interest people have in pets nowadays. Like not just how to look after them but how to really give them the best life they could have with you. I love seeing all of these young people on Tumblr who are so knowledgeable and excited about thier pets it makes me feel so good that there are people who are really dedicated to proper pet care and love.

Like I can even see in my dad the lack of knowledge and respect for animals. He loves animals and would never be purposefully ignorant.
But he’s just… So used to pets being not much else you know. He doesn’t really seem to understand animal body language very well and when I tell him stuff like you can’t feed them this or that or they don’t like being petted here for a specific reason or like… That birds don’t like you silently stating at them because it makes them feel like you’re a predator. He kinda responds like I’m some kind of overprotective mother who sanitizes every surface and only lets her kids eat like raw organic gluten-free food.


Hi fishblr! this is my little Plakat betta. I got him from a festival crammed in a bowl. Yes, i posted a bringing him home photo in his bowl that I had cleaned the water of already and fed him. He gets daily water changes. Below is my 10 gallon heated filtered tank CURRENTLY BEING CYCLED. So Im doing a fishless cycle. So its safer for him. Once my tank is fully cycled he will be added to his new home. :] a few of you were saying im abusing my fish and thats not nice without knowing more information. But its ok misunderstandings. Im not upset. But thankyou @queenofthebettas for pointing out to @razzhasbettas @betta-fish-rogers @my-sorority-tank @betafishus and @flicker-betta. Hes safe guys. No worries <3 

Honestly, it’s okay to make mistakes when you own pets… but what’s not okay is knowing better and refusing to do better and give your pets a proper life. What’s not okay is knowing your animals are improperly cared for and refusing to do anything about it.

Please don’t mistake living for thriving.



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No I’m also not going to be a simmer who rants about not having real vacations, pets, seasons or even proper generational gameplay… I could tho

But come on, spending money on a pack JUST bowling? I was hoping it’d have some other things included. Maybe new arcade machines, a tie in to Dine Out so you can own a fully functioning bowling alley? I dunno, just… more. Bowling alleys don’t always JUST have bowling lanes. I live not too far from a place that has skating AND bowling plus some decent arcade games.

I feel like I learned my lesson with ‘Cool Kitchen Stuff’ that barely had anything for kitchens and it was more for the CAS options… oh and the ice cream I barely have sims eat 😂

Eh. Back to Andromeda I go. I’ll be queueing up some more IWTGM posts since it’s gonna run out tomorrow so don’t worry! I got y’all.

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as much as i love being vegan, i would never subject an animal to my diet. it’s probably not even that healthy for me and it sure as hell isnt healthy for your animals please please give your pets proper nutrition it’s really angering to see y'all starving your pets


The Tagalong crew.  These three will be available as pets after a proper, lengthy quarantine.  

The skinny one there is a male, who reportedly is like that due to a combination of not wanting the food available and horniness.  He apparently hates crickets.  You got good tastes, buddy.  He already exuberantly ate some superworms.  

In fact everyone is already eating.  You go little troopers.