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Hotel in Seattle/Come Hang Out 11/19/17

So yesterday when I was panhandling I met a dude who claimed to be a Christian Speaker who travels around and puts on shows where he speaks about God to people. He asked my about myself and how I got into the situation I’m in. He told me “God impressed him to help me out.” And that I “deserve it.” And that the money he’s spending on it doesn’t matter because I’m “priceless to God.” He booked me two nights at a pet friendly hotel (so my dog Poppy could come along) and he handed me $200 cash. So for the first time ever (since I’ve been on the streets and needed a place to live, shower, sleep, etc.) someone got me a hotel room and I couldn’t be happier. I finally get to relax and do drugs in a safe and cozy place without having to worry about like nodding out and my stuff getting stolen by another homeless person or something like that.

This room is super nice also. There’s a kitchen, two beds, a bathroom, there’s like three rooms in this suite. I feel so blessed right now and I couldn’t be more thankful.

The guy who got it for me gave me an odd vibe, like I’m scared that he might have a key card, show up in the middle of the night and kidnap me from my room since the hotel room is in his name and not mine, but after sleeping here last night I feel a lot safer now. I have one more night’s stay here and I plan on making the most of it.

So if any of you are in the Seattle area and you’re down to come hang out in my hotel suite with me today/tonight, shoot heroin, do other drugs, get fucked up and just have a good time shoot me a message (bring drugs/money so that way we’re both contributing to the dope fund/drug fund. No moochers!) I wish I had friends I could share this moment with.

I hope all of my followers are having a fun and safe weekend! ♡