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Bought myself a new lens - Tamron 28-200 AF XR IF - and Gale was the test subject.  I think I’m pretty happy with the lens considering this picture. :D

Put yourself first then friends!

I saw too many of my friends have friend problems at the same time so i’m saying it here and i’m saying it now:

  • Please, if you gonna be loyal to your friends such as helping or be there for them put it at moderation.
  • Don’t too over loyal to him/her until you never know your friend turn your backs on you! I’ve been there and I vow to had enough.
  • You can go great lengths for your friend but make sure to know your friend first or how long you know your friend to tell how well you know your friend.
  • Friend can change from good or bad. By all means don’t expect friendship last forever. Put your expectations upon them as low.
  • If you or your friend make too much drama, that’s a sign friendship won’t last right there.
  • Be brave and be bold to make new friends if your old friends backfired you.
  • If you feel depressed like your world is against you after your friend left you please DON’T DO SUICIDE, it wont help you. It makes you feel worst. Its an obsession of choice YOU WANT/FEEL. Your ex-friend wants you to feel that. Or not, but they couldn’t care right?
  • Follow all these steps and I guaranteed you won’t feel like suicide. You brave enough to handle the world. 80% truthful cruel reality; is that you helped people but no one helps you.
  • That is why PUT YOURSELF FIRST. A.k.a your health, your spirit, your emotions. Have faith in Everything ABOUT YOU.
  • Never ever rely on anyone to make you happy. Is you and ONLY YOU can put yourself on the right track. Find your positive track.
  • *optional* Feel free to seek someone you close, relative or professional help on your friendship problem just to vent out at least.

You can find other ways to make yourself happy without friends. Like hobbies or pets or anything that peeks your interest. As long as;


I hope this post helps you as much as is a reminder for me. I have been through all this and I don’t want to feel myself as not important anymore. Don’t ever let a friend put you down. And I want you feel important too inside and out.

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marco want to try new toys and sabo is at home. ace comes back from work.

Marco slams the door to his cabin room clutching a cardboard box to his heaving chest. He managed to slip away before anyone on the crew saw his package had arrived. 

As far as anyone on the Moby Dick knew he hadn’t come to collect his mail yet. He left his letters where they were, running with the box as soon as he saw the bird over the News Coos land on the deck.

He had a few close calls with some of the members but luckily he was able to avoid them spotting him by ducking and weaving around the halls. It’s hassle to transform mid way to fly above their heads though.

Marco doesn’t mind it too much if it meant no one learned of this. He certainly wasn’t about to let anyone know he caved and bought one.

He takes a deep breath after locking the door. Walking over to his desk he drops the box on the surface and cuts off the tape. He frowns at the bad condition the box arrived in -stupid News Cos. can’t handle anything right- flipping the top open excitedly.

They sit there, wonderfully bright and he wants to play right away at the sight of it.

 Marco’s ears are trained on any sound outside his hallway. He waits a few minutes, making sure the hall really is disserted before taking the object and holding it up above his head.

He tugs strings that dangle from it with his mouth. Bells ring, in such a wonderful way that he soon starts cooing.

He lets out happy chirps from deep within his throat as he grabs one that has little circles and swings them around a bit. He smiles at they twist and turn in the air.

He pulls on the strings and kicks out his feet when the urge it too hard to fights. Soon he is jumping, kicking and chirping while the toys dingle and ring with their bells. 

He starts dancing in a circle around his cabin, feeling high with glee. And the fun has only just begun!

He is so happy he bought five different ones. Just as he is going to reach for the third the door is kicked open. 

“Hey Marco I’m back!”  Ace shouts not caring that he broke the blond’s door. It dangles uselessly from the hinges like a sack of potatoes.   “My mission was super easy this-what are you doing?”

Marco stares at him wide eyed,  frozen with three yellow strings in his mouth and one foot still in the air. The blood drains from his face as Ace stares at things in his hands. “N-nothing.”

“He’s playing with the bird toys he just got.” The voice makes him jump and he reels around to the railing above his head where a male body is sitting crossed legged. In the shadows, he can barely make out a top hat and a pipe.

Oh no.

“Sabo?” He asks voice small and practically begging to not be him.

Sadly the body jumps down to reveal a smartly dress blond who holds a camera in one glove handed. “You’re adorable Marco.”

He’s been here the whole time! The First Commander thinks horrified 

“Wait wait. Bird toys. Like from the pet stores?” Ace asks peeking into the box with innocent curiosity. “Why are you playing with those-oh!”

The raven hair man slams a fist into one open palm a look of understanding on his face as Sabo giggles. “It causes you’re a Phoniex - you’re a bird! That’s so cute. Can I play too?”

Marco wants the ship to sink so he and everyone in this room can drown.

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For the PokeTales AU: Scrooge is the champion. The Elite 4 are Launchpad (flying), Beakley (fighting), Quackfaster (psychic), and Gyro (electric). Donald and Della were Rangers. Mark Beaks somehow faked his way into becoming a gym leader (steel); he takes selfies with every challenger. Glomgold gets blasted off every other episode. Gladstone has received many offers to become a gym leader, but he refuses because a) gym leader=WORK and b) he would never lose, so no badges for anyone.


Louie secretly really wants to do ranger-type work (they don’t capture Pokemon, they befriend them; he gives out hugs and they put out the fires) but he feels it’s super out of his lil’ delinquent persona so shh it’s his darkest secret.

Mark probably found an Aron egg in the woods somewhere and carries the little thing around like a pet chihuahua, comfortably peeking out of his purse while he sends out updates.

Of Human Conditions

Based on these imagines:  Imagine a human Gadreel wanting to lose his virginity to you and he wants it rough and slow.  // Imagine giving Gadreel his first blow job

Characters/Pair: Human!Gadreel/Female Reader

Rating: Explicit

Warnings:  Maybe I should warn for my attempts at writing humor? Or weak endings? Or the first person POV. I know some people don’t prefer that, but that’s the way this fic came out. 

Summary: Gadreel makes a rather blunt request. 

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dumb newbie just offered me three 2009 rares and a bunch of old store items for one of my december 18 pets. i took a peek at the archives and the dec 18 pet has all uncommon outcomes and is from 2016 lol thanks for the pets! keep my shitty pet dumbass