pet peek

Bought myself a new lens - Tamron 28-200 AF XR IF - and Gale was the test subject.  I think I’m pretty happy with the lens considering this picture. :D

theregoesthaturl  asked:

"Heyyyy love.... so uh what's you opinion on a pet?" Lyra peeked her head in the door frame to his office obviously hiding something.

Repard looked up to hear Lyra at the door. “Now hun a pet is a lot of responsibility. Pets are like raising kits. But I suppose if you want one you can just know that you have to feed and train it.” The Galra Commander knew he couldn’t say no to that. His eyes stared over seeing that she was hiding something behind the doorway. “Lyra are you asking me after getting a pet?” He asked looking at her with a smirk on his face.