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Raph’s Growth as Shown by his Pets

I was thinking about Spike and Chompy, and how different they are, and it dawned on me… they really highlight different character traits of Raph in his growing up, or different phases of maturity.

Spike was Raph’s sounding board. Raph was younger and more childish at the start of the series. All of them were. But Raph needed Spike more than Spike needed him, I think. Raph is the most sensitive of his brothers, and he needed a good listener he could say anything to without getting judgement. Spike took care of Raph, in that sense.

By season 4, Raph had grown up a lot. He’d learned to manage without relying on Spike. He learned to control his temper a little better and self-soothe. He started realizing more and more what putting his brothers first really means. He even got to experience romance for the first time.

Then this little guy came along:

Before Spike mutated into Slash, he seemed to exhibit some intelligence and the personality of a teenage boy not unlike Raphael.

But Chompy is a baby. He hatched in Raph’s hand. Instinct may tell Chompy that Tokka is his mother, but otherwise, he believes Raph is the one he needs to cling to. 

Raph has learned to get along just fine without a pet. He’s more mature now, and that’s one of the reasons his owner/pet relationship with Chompy is different.

Raph’s pets illustrate his growth. He relied on Spike and Spike took care of him, but Chompy relies on him so he takes care of Chompy. Raph isn’t some kid anymore who needs a listener because he can’t talk to anyone else. While he still talks to Chompy about his feelings, he doesn’t need to for emotional maintenance. Raph has grown up, and he’s responsible enough to care for a little baby critter that needs him now.   

Headcanons #1

// I feel bad for leaving you guys with nothing at the moment, but I’m kind of having a hard time with coming up with things. So hey, if any of you all are interested in helping me come up with scenarios private message me. In the mean time take these random headcanons I’ve came up with. 

-Mod Memetastic

- There isn’t such a thing as a Slender-mansion per se. Hiding an entire mansion would be piratically impossible, and entirely too time consuming for Slenderman. Instead, he owns a house that’s hidden in almost any forest. Slenderman has created his own pocket dimension to keep said house in, where any of the other ‘pastas can take refuge. The easiest way to find the pocket dimension is to look for the three trees place in a row, with nine branches each. No more, no less. (fyi that last part came from an RP of mine. ‘Holla at my old RP partner. why did you leave me)

- The only permanent residents of the house hold are Slenderman, Masky, Hoodie, and Toby. All of the other ‘pastas visit regularly, mostly Jeff. Slender also likes to hold gatherings for holidays. Not all of the Creepypastas show up, of course. This man is as old as time, he does not have the time or the patience to deal with ALL of those murderous psychopaths. 

- Sally has a huge fear over all of the men ‘pastas. Ever since the incident with her uncle, she’s had a hard time getting used to the men in her life. The only guys she gets along with are Masky and BEN. Masky was the one who first introduced her to their world of killers, and they’ve gotten along very well. BEN and her get along so well because they were both young when they died. BEN however, has aged since then but Sally still remains in her eight year old body.

- Most of the ‘pastas don’t have pets, since owning one wouldn’t be very helpful in their line of work. However, their are a few, Jeff being one of the rarities. He claims that Smile dog is his dog, but he really isn’t. Sure, he does take care of the dog, making sure he’s fed every once and a while and such, but Smile dog never sticks around enough to actually be considered his pet. Eyeless Jack has also formed a special bond with the Seed Eater. Not so much as a owner and pet relationship, but more of a mutual agreement. Eyeless Jack would collect his needed organs from the victim and give the rest of the carcass to Seed eater. Hoodie is the only one of the ‘pastas with an actual pet. He has a yellow ball python that he named ‘Nuka. He often likes to parade around the house with her around his neck, or hidden in his hoodie pockets. Toby likes to mess with the ‘lil old “‘Nuka-puka” (yes that’s her nickname) but he often winds up with a black eye. Don’t mess with Hoodie’s snake, he will ‘fite you.

- The ‘Pasta’s favorite seasons:

Jeff the Killer: Summer


Slenderman: Winter

Ticci-Toby: Summer

Masky: Spring

Hoodie: Fall

Jane the Killer: Spring

Eyeless Jack: Fall

- Jane the killer is a Lesbian since she’s canonically lesbian. Slenderman and Zalgo are both interdenominational beings and Eyeless Jack is literally possessed by a damn demon, they don’t have a preference. Jeff is pansexual, leaning towards women. Don’t get me wrong, the dude is okay with dicks and all, he’s just really into tits. BEN is too lazy to form a preference, so he’s pansexual, but leans more towards men. Masky is questioning his sexuality, but he considers himself to be pansexual. Hoodie is also pansexual, he just doesn’t care about gender or anything like that. If he loves you, then he’s gonna love ‘ya. Lastly, Laughing Jack is asexual. The dude is an imaginary friend made up by a small child, he does not have a penis or any clue what the hell sex is.

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I just found out about your ningago wizard au, and I was wondering what it is? More info on the characters~

Well info on the characters, OK let’s go!

-kai: type of magic- Pyromancy: he can control and create fire at will, immune to get Burns, pretty useful ability when working as a blacksmith before Wu found him to train his magical ability

-Nya:type of magic-medical magic (healer): can control water at will washing injuries and healing them completely, useful if your big brother keeps getting accidental cuts at work

-Jay: type of magic- potion making: since Jay loves to create things in Canon I thought that the best way to keep his creative side in this au was potion making, he keeps coming up with new brews that the rest of the team doesn’t want to try in fear things go wrong, but he’s actually pretty successful at making really good and useful potions!

-Cole:type of magic: Dragonology: I picked Dragonology for Cole just because of Rocky, I loved the pet-owner relationship they had and wanted to keep that in the au. Same as Canon, originally Cole was afraid of Dragons until Rocky changed his mind, in this au, he still has Rocky

-Zane:type of magic- divination and dream interpretation(Seer): his power allows him to see the future through dream analysis, the falcon is also present in this au as a spiritual guide for him

-Pixal:type of magic-arithmancy: since she has a close bond with Zane I decided to give her a similar power, with with a slight difference, while Zane can see the future through dreams, Pixal however, can see the future via number analysis

-Morro: type of magic- legilimency and mind reading (legilimen) : I wanted to give Morro some short of power similar to possession, but since he’s not a ghost in this au, the closest thing would be legilimency and mind reading, he can infiltrate someone else’s mind, control it and see all memories or thoughts said person has

-Lloyd:type of magic-alchemy (alchemist) : the alchemy is a branch of magic and science that studies the composition and magical properties of the four basic elements it is connected with potion making and transformation magic, His father, Garmadon is also an Alchemist

-Wu:type of magic-Spagyric (plant alchemy) :this power allows Sensei Wu to create herbal medicine produced by alchemical procedures, this process involves fermentation, distillation, and the extraction of minerals from the ashes of plants

-Misako:type of Magic-Herbology: Misako studies plants for intended for medical purposes, it is also sometimes extended to the use of fungal and bee products, minerals and shells

Thank you for asking pumpkin! Have a lovely day!

Little Things to Remember When Writing about Cool Pets in Fantasy

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One thing that is kind of irresistible in fantasy are the totally awesome, sometimes mythical, exotic pets. I will never say don’t write them, because I love them (and I LOVE reading about them) but definitely keep a few things in mind while writing them. 

  1. They are animals. Let them act like animals. They may act as an extension of the hero’s hand, but that should only mean that they are well trained. They’re still separate (most of the time) from the character and like to do their own things. Think of a dog. It might fetch you your newspaper, but it also might chase the neighbor’s cat, chase its tail, and explore odd rooms of your house at random times of the day. It’s what dogs do. 
  2. Remember the owner-pet relationship. If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know this is a sacred thing. I’ve shared this bond with a pet fish, Bloop - and yeah, it’s sacred stuff. Think of this relationship as you would any relationship. It’s one that involves nurturing, bonding, dependency. Even a fairly self sufficient pet will require bonding. 
  3. When writing about fantasy creatures, know the mythology. As the writer, you have a large degree of freedom, but if you’re writing about a creature that has a somewhat ambiguous appearance (like most of them) make sure you keep their descriptions consistent and if you don’t plan on describing in super detail, make sure they are consistent with popular belief, especially with creatures like dragons, werewolves, goblins, and griffins - as these in particular can be depicted in a number of ways and are some of the most variable. 

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Thanks to you, the vet clinic I work reception at has a term among the employees. "Arbuckle" An Arbuckle is a pet owner who perceives their relationship with their pet as adversarial, that said pet is their enemy and that the per knowingly does things to aggravate or inconvenience them and as a result they treat the pet like a family member they hate but have to take care of.

that’s really sad that there are real life people like that, but also really hilarious and amazing that my tumblr has influenced an entire vet clinic to start calling them arbuckles! i’m so happy the anti-arbuckle message is spreading!!!