pet otter


I can’t believe these creatures exist


Ladies and Gentlemen: A Otter fighting a Roomba.

Hallo cat sujess! Zoe Cat heer. Nawt sew gud at sell-fees yet, am Lderlee (17).
Su jess: Staynd in doorway, YELL at mum an dad. STARE into I ballz until ZOOM Mum-airlyft to bed. Snuggle wif mum on one syde, dad on otter, duhbull pets and snuggles and ear skritches. Much purr.

PROWOMO ME !!! IM ZEI AND UHH I LOV U i  usually flw back and like all yr posts also i wanna pet an otter rn read /links if u can TY HAV A GOOD DAY ☆!