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eliiiise why do fic writers think "mon cher" is the only french endearment ça me derange, quoi, literally no one says that unless you want to be a sarcastic little shit

This is very true but FEAR NOT non-francophones peeps, cause here’s a guide :

First of, let’s talk about “Mon cher/ma chère” : This is very old-fashioned. Like… 80s fashion old-fashioned. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that pet name being given in real like if not a) sarcastically (think sarcastic “darling”) or b) canon era movies. Plus it’s not really a lover’s pet name, it’s an endearment for sure, but more for friends (”Elémentaire, mon cher Watson” kind of thing)

Really great pet names :

  • Mon chéri (m) / Ma chérie (f) : pretty old-fashioned too, really great for canon era. Literally means “my cherished”. Still used today but very “adult”
  • Mon coeur (gend n.) : My heart, “sweetheart”
  • Mon amour (gend n.) : My love
  • Mon ange (gend n.) : My angel
  • Mon trésor (gend n.) : “My treasure” also great endearing term for kids
  • Chaton (gend n. though debatably f.) : Kitten
  • Doudou (gend n. though debatably m.) : Literally means “soft toy” or “plushie”
  • Ma puce (f) : “My flea” but I swear it’s cute
  • Bébé (gend n.) : “Baby” if that floats your boat
  • Poussin (gend n. though debatably m.) : Duckling / Chick (as in baby chicken)
  • (Mon) Loulou (m.) : I guess that comes from “loup” aka wolf????
Their pet names for their so

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Newt- love, that’s what he sees when he looks at you, that’s what you are.

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Jacob-sweet pea, his grandfather would pick a sweet pea flower on his weekly walk, setting it in his grandmothers hair, as Jacob helped her in the kitchen, covered in flower, hands sticky with jam. That’s the kind of relationship that he had always strived for.

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Tina- dear, it’s easy and simple, and it’s what her father always called her mother

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Queenie- sweetheart, that’s what made her fall in love with you.

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Perceval- darling, it’s simple and elegant just like him.

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Credence- sunshine, that’s what you are to him, the very thing that lights up his days, bringing him from the darkness of the cold night.  

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prompt: magnus calling alec 'pretty boy' again

it was mid-afternoon, somewhere far enough past lunch that sleepiness was starting to settle in. alec’s limbs felt heavy as he sat on the couch and he knew he had been paying attention to reading his book at some point, but at some point the even lines of text had gone blurry and unfocused. the maple syrup light wasn’t helping, neither was the slow tick of the clock, but worse of all was the way magnus was lit up by the sun.

his left side was all alight, the sun cutting up his sharp jaw and his cheekbone, burning up the tips of his spiked up hair. he had been working on a potion for the past hour, his face set in tense concentration, every single movement he made so particular. he measured ingredients with studied focus, his brows furrowed and amidst it all the sunlight kept glinting on his rings and the chain hanging from his fitted waistcoat.

alec found himself mesmerized, lips pursed and his gaze a little out of focus as magnus tapped on vials and sifted through ingredients. he was so handsome like this, the planes of his face set in determination, but it really wasn’t just how he looked. it was his focus, a palpable thing settled next to him in the room. it was his knowledge, the fact that he did all of this freehand and knew exactly what he was doing. it left alec wondering so many things. but he knew better than to interrupt magnus when he was working. which was why he didn’t say anything when he closed his book and pushed himself up off of the couch, starting towards the kitchen.

he was idly adjusting his shirt when magnus’s voice echoed in the stillness of the loft and brought him to a halt near one of the brick pillars.

“where are you going, pretty boy?” magnus’s voice was deep and warm, like it always was, but that wasn’t what made alec break into a big smile, his cheeks warming. it was those two words, catching him off guard as they always did.

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Nicknames the Skelebros Give S/O
  • Comic (UT Sans) will gravitate towards Babe, Sweetie, and Darlin’. However, the longer the conversation continues, the cheesier the pet names. Mornings with him are infuriating. “what’s shakin’, bacon? what, munch too to handle? can’t handle my eggcellent puns, love muffin? alright, i’ll try to tone it down. just for you, butter butt.” Please stop him.
  • Classic (UT Papyrus) likes to call you his Datemate the most, never really using any cutesy pet names, but rather a lot of titles like The Sexy S/O or Spagettore: Second Edition. He can very well create very original nicknames when it comes to you, though. Brace yourself. “GOOD MORNING, YOU HANDSOME POLE OF FLESH!” or “LET’S GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY LIKE MY HANDS GRAB YOUR RUMP WHEN WE CANOODLE, BODACIOUS BABE!” are two prime examples.
  • Chief (UF Sans) just calls you many different names depending on his mood. If he’s content and relaxed, he’ll call you Sugar and Dollface. When he’s in a bad mood, he’ll get real creative, but never outright insult you, like Soggy Cereal, especially when you’re just starting your relationship. It takes him a while to actually give you pet names ‘cause of the fact that the Underground wasn’t very kind. After he realizes you’re in for the long run, he’ll start to call you Sweetheart, Sweet cheeks, Sweetie. Basically anything with sweet in it.
  • Boss (UF Papyrus) will most definitely call you his Lackey, no question about it. He had called you his Minion for the longest time, until someone mentioned the yellow jelly beans in overalls. He doesn’t call you his Minion after that. To get you nice and flustered, Boss will take to calling you Darling. Only in private or when he’s jealous (he gets jealous very often because he’s secretly insecure and doesn’t want you to be whisked away).
  • Sweets (US Sans) likes to use My Love when talking casually, but he’ll hit you with a Mi Amor when he wants to make you flustered. What, you thought it stopped at tacos? Nope, he’ll throw some Mi Coraźon and Pollito atcha. If you’ve irritated him, he’ll call you a Cabrón, but in a grumbling manner as he buries his face in your neck. He can’t stay mad at you when you’re so cute.
  • Honeypot (US Papyrus) will use any dessert nickname for you, like Honey, Cupcake, and Baby Cakes. When he’s high, he’ll refer to you as a Cute Bird. Why? “cause damn you fly ;)” He does the winky face and everything. He’s actually really easy to fluster, so he tries to get you flustered before he loses his nerve, but there are those rare occasions where he’ll become very blushy and shy and call you Baby Doll. Don’t let this one go.
🖤 SOA-Preference:“Pet names for their girlfriends” 🖤

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Jax: He would call his girlfriend Darlin’.

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Tig: You would always be his Baby.

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Chibs: You would hear him call you Love, unless his Scottish mood comes on and he mutters something like Mo chroí (my heart).

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Opie: Hun would be the term.

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Kozik: Ready to be his Kitty?

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Happy: He would proudly call you Babe!

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Juice: He loves to call you Sunshine.

The Zodiac Signs in a Relationship

Always blushing: Aries, Pisces, Virgo

Pet names <3<3<3: Capricorn,  Libra, Gemini

Buys you food: Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Reveals hidden thoughts/insecurities: Taurus, Leo

When Marvin says “you’re looking sweeter than a donut” Whizzer basically just sighs in exasperation, like he’s used to Marvin saying weird ass things like that, which leads me to believe that Marvin was constantly using odd pet and ridiculous metaphors and I am 100% certain that the first time they get into a fight after getting back together Marvin screams “You’re nastier than Cordelia’s cooking!” and all the tension immediately leaves the room as they dissolve into laughter

Headcanon where Link & Sidon only use food related pet-names because they are gay gourmet dorks.
  • Link: You're my giant sushi roll.
  • Sidon: Well you're my lil' veggie risotto.
  • Link: Porgie pie~
  • Sidon: Barbarian Burrito <3
  • Link: Sautéed spicy pepper! ;)
  • Link: ...
  • Sidon: ...
  • Link: ...
  • Sidon: Link you're drooling.

My other pet name post was written with like an established relationship in mind, but I’d like you to consider,, sleep-deprived/tired/sleepy Flug just using cute terms all the time without realizing he’s doing it, even before a relationship, and Black Hat just cannot handle it

Black Hat: Dr. Flug! Where’s the invention I asked for!? We’re set to film in five minutes!

Flug (Half asleep and nodding off standing up): It’s right over here honey