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With You By My Side - Eight

A/N: Closing in on the end here people. Just two more parts after this. Betaed by the wonderful @thorne93.

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared

Warnings: Fluff with a side of angst. 

Wordcount: 1842

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Because Jensen had to go back to Vancouver just a week after your wedding, you didn’t get a chance to go on a honeymoon. Not that you minded, it was nice just to be able to be with each other, to enjoy each other’s company for as long as you could before he was going back to work. You had also made a deal not to talk about your cancer until you got the results back from Germany, which would happen two weeks after filming started back up. Jensen had already arranged it so he could come with you.

“I want to ask you something,” Jensen said as the two of you lay in bed, stalling for as long as possible before you had to get up. “You can say no if you want.”

“You know I can’t say no to you,” you teased. “Shoot.”

“Do you want to maybe come with me to Vancouver? I just hate the thought of being without you.”

“Of course I’ll come. I’ll start packing when I get home tonight,” you said excitedly. You had wanted to go with him, but you knew how busy he was when filming and you didn’t want to impose.

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So happy with the healing process. Quick update.

Pet scan/mri Tuesday.
Second opinion with oncologist from MD Anderson Wednesday. His office specializes in melanoma.

Then two weeks with no doctors appointments (yet).

First Oncologist follow up the 27th.
Surgeon follow up the 28th. Discussing more surgery that day.

Then depending on what the second oncologist says—immunotherapy with someone.

It’s hard waiting. Not knowing if it’s spread more. What’s next. Etc. but I’m learning much of cancer is waiting.

And naps. There’s naps.

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So I worked doing medical necessity reviews for things like CT scans, MRIs, PETs and the like. We were rather large and I personally handled about thirty health plans. I had a lady call in (on my last day!) who didn't know which insurance her patient had. Because they didn't take insurance where she worked? Which??? Makes no sense??? I flat out told her that I couldn't help her.


Science confirms what dog owners know from experience: dogs discern meaning from words and tone.

The reward pathway in the dogs’ brains lit up when they heard both praising words and an approving intonation — but not when they heard random words spoken in a praising tone or praise words spoken in a flat tone, according to a report in the journal Science.

The report doesn’t mention how the dogs responded when researchers spelled out “W-A-L-K” or “V-E-T.”

The dogs were specially trained to sit still in an MRI - an adorable experimental technique we’ve covered here at Skunk Bear before.

Full story!

Images: Eniko Kubinyi/Science; Borbala Ferenczy/Science


Sweet Sundays.

Yesterday was amazing. Breakfast with Andie. Time to laugh and love and be.

Then the bubble. Which are those rare moments where nothing exists beyond the bubble. Time stops. But continues for infinities. I’m sure it sounds strange but it’s our time to ignore all the other things. We eat popcorn and hide in blanket forts.

It’s the best.

Then the morning came. And it’s still good. But Life. PET scan and MRI tomorrow. I may know the results Wednesday. This is the scariest test because it confirms stage 3 or 4. All the other tests have brought difficulties but I can deal with them. And I can deal with stage 4 if that’s what it is. But I know the journey is so different between 3 and 4.

Not better. Or worse. But different. More difficult, but in that more growth. More love. More life ahead. More lessons.

That being said—I really hope it’s clear.

Love Is Not A Factor - 3 (Imagine with Harrison Wells)

Part One Part Two

The song that kept playing during pivotal moments is Viverti by Mattia Cupelli. Treat yourself and listen to it!

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You walked into STAR Labs slowly ringing your hands. You kept your eyes shut keeping the noise out. It was hard enough when you weren’t nervous and now you were about to be poked and prodded.

You knew they were trying to help, but when they did these things you just felt in the way, “Y/N?”

Your eyes opened and saw Caitlin standing in front of you, “Yes?”

“Are you okay?” She looked at you with concern.

“I…yes…” You nodded, “I’m I late?”

“No, you are projecting though. We heard you about five minutes ago, Dr. Wells finally asked me to come find you.” She smiled when she saw you get flustered, “It’s beautiful.” 

“Thank you…I think…I don’t have much control over it.” You told her as you walked next to her.

“So it’s based off of what you’re feeling?” You nodded, “This is good to know, it will help with the process.”

You walked into the cortex seeing Cisco and Dr. Wells at a computer. You smiled and waved as Cisco looked up at you passing by, “Good morning, Y/N, I see you bring sunshine and symphonies. Symphony…”

“Cisco…” Wells said in a warning tone.

“Sorry…it’s a defense…” Cisco looked at you apologetically.

“It’s okay, I like your nicknames.” You told him and looked at Wells, “Good morning.”

He looked at you with those blue eyes and your heart started beating quickly. The music around them seemed to swirl and swell, “Yes it is.”

“Y/N, can I have you over here?” Caitlin called fore you over to a side room, “I just want to do a check up. Vitals and such. After that we’re going to be performing few CT, MRI, and PET scans.”

“That’s a lot…” You sat down on the bed and she began to take your pulse.

“Yes, but each scan will show something a little different. We’re going to introduce different stimuli during each time to see the effect in the brain. If it’s more telepathy then just projection we’ll see it in the scans.” Caitlin marked somethings on your chart, “Your heart rate is a little elevated.”

You nodded, “I’m…uh I’m a little nervous.”

“Why?” Caitlin set everything down.

“I feel like I’m taking your valuable time.” You looked at her then over at Cisco and Wells. 

Caitlin listened carefully to the tune change, slowing down. Calm, yet strained as if it might break, “Y/N, we’re here to help you. We care about you.”

You looked back at her when Wells looked up at you, “Before all this I was just a pianist…”

“You were in a recording studio when the accident happened weren’t you.” Caitlin stood there.

“Yes, I was trying to mix symphony in with it a track I recorded. I never thought of STAR labs once, then everything changed….” You sighed looking down at your hands, “Then everyone kept asking me to turn off my music, and I started looking for answers.”

Caitlin touched your arm gently, “I cannot imagine…”

“I should be thankful.” You looked at her nodding, “At least I wasn’t exploding things or hurting anyone. Just loud, I guess.”

“How’s our patient?” Wells rolled into the office. 

“She’s good to go. I’ll set up the first test.” Caitlin smiled and walked past him.

When he stopped at the foot of the bed your eyes met with his, “I’m glad you came.”

“You make a good argument.” You told him as your hands gripped the mattress tightly.

“We were arguing?” He tilted his head a little. He liked your timidness, but he wanted to build you up. Only the strong survived in this world, “If you really don’t want to be here…”

“No, I do. I just…I’m little terrified what we might find.” You looked at him tearing up, “Sometimes it hurts so much, so I know figuring it out will help…Still what if…”

He waited a beat before moving his chair closer to you and took your hand gently, “What if what?”

“What if we start finding out more and it gets out of control?” A tear fell down your cheek.

“I won’t let that happen, I’m here to help you not make it worse.” His thumb caressed the top of your hand in a soothing motion.

“I believe you.” You sniffed wiping the tears from your cheeks, “It’s still hard to let go of that fear.”

“Y/N, once you let go of that fear the possibilities will be endless, but fear keeps us safe, grounded.” He told you letting go of your hand slowly.

“A double edged sword.” He smiled nodding.

“Dr. Wells.” You both looked over at the door at Cisco, “We’re ready to begin when you two are.”

Wells looked at you and smiled, “Are you ready to figure this out?”

You took a deep breath and stood up from the bed, “Yes…I think so.”

A few hours later you were still laying in a machine with wires attached everywhere. You were getting tired, but they seemed to be collecting a lot of data so you never said anything.

“Every stimuli we bring in gives a different reaction in the brain. Almost as if she was composing on the fly in reaction to the situation.” Cisco smiled fascinated, “Happiness, fear, sound memory…”

“All emotional connections when seeing pictures, but seeing words…just words produces nothing.” Wells nodded slowly, “But lyrics register a response. It’s looking less like telepathy and just a reaction to her environment at the time of the particle accelerators explosion.”

“But how does she project it for everyone to hear?” Caitlin sighed leaning on her arm looking at the computer screen.

Wells looked up at you laying still on the machine’s bed. Concern rushed over his features, “Y/N…”

Cisco and Caitlin looked over at you and instantly rushed over. You looked at them, “What? What’s wrong?”

“Don’t be alarmed,” Caitlin started, “You’re bleeding.”

“What?” You reached up to your face and felt a warm liquid around your nose, “Why is this happening?”

“We’re going to find out, but we need to do some more test.” She told you, “You have to try and stay calm. If you can, don’t use your gift.”

“You think it’s my gift?” You looked at them your eyes landing on Wells, “Harrison?”

He sighed, “Caitlin, Cisco, could you please leave us?”

“Dr. Wells…” Caitlin began to protest.

“I can handle it.” He smiled a little. He watched them both walk out and turned his attention on you fully, “How do you feel? Headache? Dizzy?”

“My head hurts and I feel tired, but otherwise fine.” You looked at him, “What’s going on?”

“We may have overstimulated you, pushed you a little too far.” He grabbed a pen light and rolled in front of you. He waved it in front of your eyes seeing the reaction. 

“So I take a break and I’ll be fine?” He took your temperature, then heart rate.

“Perhaps.” He put his tools down then looked at you folding his hands in his lap, “Or you’re dehydrated.”

“What?” You looked at him confused.

“Rapid heartbeat, dry skin, headache, and a fever.” Wells smiled a little, “All symptoms of dehydration. You need rest, fluids, and something to eat.”

You stared at him embarrassment rising into your cheeks, “I’m sorry…I was so nervous this morning…”

“Let’s just get you better.” He smiled taking your hand, “How’s lunch in the atrium sound?”

That same soft lulling sound flooded the room slowly. You smiled letting your fingers lace into his, “That sounds nice…Belly Burger?”

“Uh no…” His eyes lit up, “I brought something better, anticipating a break.”

“You cook?” You stood up taking off a missed wire attached to your neck.

He laughed letting his hand slide from yours to his wheel chair control, “Occasionally…when I’m trying to impress someone.”

You smiled eyes lighting up, “The impression was already made. I’m already hooked…”

“Then…I’m reeling you in further.” He smiled at you nodding for the hall, “I hope you like pasta…”

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I'm writing a dissertation about phantom pain studies with MRI and PET (I'll soon be an x-ray technologist) Do you have anything you would share about it as an army doctor? Any help is appreciated!

I am not a doctor and I do not have much information in the subject.


我大概練習了300小時,才大致學會了阿歇爾晚期巴克斯谷地區工具製作者的類似技術。如果我有老師,或者能參加工具製作團體,學習過程應該可以再快一些。儘管打製研究的實驗已有數十年歷史,但目前仍然沒有任何關於學習過程的系統化研究。2008年,英國艾克斯特大學的考古學教授布萊德雷(Bruce Bradley)以及一位進行打製實驗的研究者一起邀請我,希望能運用我的知識來填補這道鴻溝。布萊德雷計畫訓練出英國學術界下一個世代的打製研究者,他認為我應該會想要順便蒐集一些神經影像,以便研究此學習過程。沒錯,我的確想要這麼做。

我想嘗試「擴散張量造影」(DTI)這種新技術,這種MRI方式可找出大腦白質纖維(也就是腦中的電纜線)的位置。2004年,時任德國雷根斯堡大學的德萊根斯基(Bogdan Draganski)透過DTI發現,學習拋球雜耍的受試者大腦出現了結構性的變化,這項發現挑戰了「成人大腦結構相對上已經定型」的傳統觀點。