pet meee

Drunk Luke
  • Luke: *petting calum* good petunia
  • Calum: Stop petting meee
  • Luke: shh *petting Calum*
  • Calum: no im not petunia stopp
  • Luke: *petting calum* you've gotten so big petunia
  • Calum: Luke for fuck sake stop petting me, I am not your dog.
  • Luke: Why are you sounding like calum *squishes his cheeks*
  • Calum: I am calum
  • Luke: such a cute dog *kisses calums cheek*
  • Calum: Bro
  • Luke: Bro lets kiss
  • Calum: woof im petunia
  • Luke: dogggoo *petting calum again*
pet switch (otayurio and victuri)
  • Yurio: what is this thing
  • Yurio: why is it slobbering all over me
  • Otabek: its called a dog
  • Yurio: otabek proTECT ME
  • Otabek: i think it loves you
  • Victor: hi, kitty kitty kitty!!
  • Yuri: victor, I don't think you-
  • Victor: c'mere kitty!
  • Cat: o-o
  • Cat: hiss hiss
  • Victor: nooo LOVE MEEE!
  • Yuri: *pets le cat*
  • Cat: :)
  • Yuri: :D
  • Victor: pay attention to meeee, Yuri!!!!!!!!!

One word tag

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Where is your phone? – printer
Your hair? – short
Your dad? – nope
Your other half? – shrug
Your favorite food? – pasta?
Your dream last night? – shrug
Your favorite drink? – caprio
Fear? – gone
Favorite shoes? – converse
Favorite way to relax? – music/friends
Your mood? – meh
You love? – art
Where were you last night? – computer
Something that you aren’t? – notable
Muffins? – good
Wishlist item? – shrug
Where you grew up? – ireland
Last thing you did? – gmod
What are you wearing? – clothes
Something you hate? – meee
Your pets? – perfect
Life? – why
Regrets? – many 

“Somebody pet meee“ the great spirit may appear to be languishing simply because the dragon is away. She needs attention, a lot of attention and is rolling over on the porch leading to the garden. Please, beware not to step on her tail or she will bite.