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I wrote a book

The e-book of my novel is now available for anyone to purchase.

It’s called Party Panic, and it is the first in the Growing Around series of novels.

It’s aimed at ages 7 to 11 and it takes place in a world where kids rule. The roles of adults and children are reversed, but people still age normally. And it’s a much more optimistic take on the idea than projects with a similar premise. The world functions. Kids have very exotic pets, like kangaroos. Our main character’s house is built like a fun house with warped mirrors and a ball pit. The police force is boy scouts and girl scouts.

The story follows eight-year-old Sally Dunn, a typical kid in this world as she gets a party duty notice, as opposed to jury duty, and she has to balance her daily life while preparing for a party big enough for the entire town and deal with a budding stage fright problem.

I am planning to use the funds of this book to fund more to the product. Your purchase of the book will go to making comics, similar to these. I’ll be using it to fund graphic novels, merchandise, and yes, eventually animation. That’s the plan anyway. It’s a no harm no foul kind of situation. I’ve dabbled with the idea of crowdfunding before, but I never trusted myself. Handling other people’s money would cause an immense amount of stress. This is a happy medium between the two. If everything falls through, you still have the book. It’s what you’re paying for when you get the book.

So, get the book. Get the word out. And tell me what you think. This book has been in production since April, and I’m glad that it’s finally released. The cover is currently a work in progress, and when I have the finished version of that, the book will be available in print - both hardcover and paperback.

anonymous asked:

I just heard that Australia is getting hit with a heatwave. Drink lots of water and stay safe. I hope you and the kangaroos are ok

where i am cooled down yesterday afternoon, so we only really had two hot days in a row thank god

thanks for the concern though, myself and my pet kangaroos are all a-okay

anonymous asked:

WHAAAAT do you have an aussie accent :o is it true that Australians keep kangaroos as pets. And also is it true that there are huge giant spiders everywhere

ok so. Yes i have a noticable aussie accent. 

Keeping kangaroos as pets is a very difficult task and you need to have some qualifications as a wildlife protector/vet type knowledge because they are a peculiar species and unless you have raised them from a joey they will probably try to kill ya if you fence them in.

Yes we do have huge ass spiders, most are about 10cm in width but can get bigger the longer theyre allowed to be alive and eat. some can get as long as 30cm if they live that long. I murder them with a makeshift blowtorch. They are non-venomous and non aggressive spiders but boy golly are they fucking terrifying.