pet hoarding

Here’s that Lavellan with no vallaslin!

My sweet, tiny tank… 

In a Dragon Age AU, there’s no way she’d be Inquisitor. She’d be a templar who wants to help fix the world (managing to escape the clutches of Red Lyrium), and after seeing what’s happened to those Red Lyrium Templars and becoming aware of the addiction she has to lyrium, she works to try and break her addiction with Cullen’s support.

She’s totally gonna specialize as a Champion, this girl will literally die if she has to if it means saving someone.

wtf pepsi, share the names

like may i have the new zelda game, and i thought maybe i’ll make a fanpet on one of these npcs i find interesting. guess not… pepsi took all the dragon names, a champion, and one other mentionable character. ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE MORE NAMES? DO YOU PLAN TO DO ANYTHING WITH THESE PETS?

i’m ngl, i checked all your pets and wtf are you doing, squatting? i see that you adopted 2 pets from the forums recently and also you created plenty of others. what, 1 2 3, no FOUR other pets? in the last month or two. you’re just as bad as the other people who hoard pets and do nothing with them. 3 spotlight winners means nothing when you don’t do anything else with the pets you have.

if you ever go inactive i will be there to take as many names of yours as i can. i will be so happy to do so.

stop hogging nice names if you aren’t doing shit with them!

anonymous asked:

Someone sends an offer for several of my hoard pets - I politely edit my side asking for them to edit again, and explain that I don't have doubles I'm willing to give away - They cancel, claiming that they didn't realize I'm hoarding and "you should make it clearer next time" - Did you not even look at my groups or trade thread? It's literally in my trade center, the title of thread, and huge text on the top of every reply, stating exactly what I'm hoarding.

The signs during a tornado

Aries: taking vertical video of the tornado

Taurus: hiding in the basement

Gemini: chasing the tornado

Cancer: saving all the people and hoarding their pets into the basement

Leo: the weather guy freaking out on tv

Virgo: driving around the neighborhood warning everyone

Libra: doesn’t realize there is a tornado but survives it anyways

Scorpio: the one person who doesn’t make it to the basement in time

Sagittarius: the person who gets in the car and doesn’t stop driving until they reach Russia

Capricorn: the person who miraculously survives by hiding in a freezer at a gas station

Aquarius: is the tornado

Pisces: the person who getas sucked up by the tornado