pet doge

An important phrase for any dog-loving traveler:

Japanese: いぬを なでても いいですか。

inu o nadetemo ii desu ka?

[Is it alright if I pet your dog?]

Feel free to add it in other languages so that all dog lovers can ask the all important question for safe doge love.

So I am in the process of building my portfolio, rebuilding my website and designing new products for my shop! What do you guys think of these space doggies? 

I was going to turn them into a notebook design and I was wondering what kind of paper you guys like to write on most in your notebooks: lined, blank or square? 

The actual background is going to be much more exciting, I just couldn’t upload the final design to here for some reason.


bunny ears


Matsunami Yuuki (Sarukui) and his dog Meru-kun!  

Apparently Meru-kun is a 1-yr old dog, and his left leg will be fully healed in another 2 months or so.