pet buy and sale

Anyone want to buy some African Clawed Frogs on the cheap?

I have albinos and wild types. The biggest froglet is about 2" long, the smallest is the size of a nickel. As adults they get about as big as the average fist, slightly smaller for males. In the store, these frogs sell for between $13-20 each. I’m asking $5 each plus shipping. Unless you already have other ACFs already, I’m requiring that they go in pairs, at least. They’re social animals. But do not out the babies in with adults! They will be eaten.

As babies, a pair can be housed in as little as 10 gallons, adults NEED 10 gallons per frog at least– bigger is better, but keep the water level relatively shallow if you can. They’re cold water frogs, no heater or chiller needed, room temp is fine. DO NOT keep them with ANY type of fish or invert, including snails. Think of them like axolotls but hungrier. They will eat anything. Even if it can’t fit in their mouth. Especially if it can’t fit in their mouth.

As such, no gravel or small stones. Some people keep them on sand, but a harder-packed substrate is better imo– even if they don’t eat the sand, they will be constantly kicking it up and muddying the water. Eco-earth with some kind of moss/grass spreader is great, or you can go bare-bottom. Silk or live plants only, their feet webbing is sensitive. And they need lots of hides to feel secure, but take care to avoid any holes they can get stuck in.

They eat lots of things. In my opinion, the best diet is 90% earthworms and 10% frozen food or gut-loaded insects. But with enough variety, they can eat 100% frozen food. It’s just a tad more expensive. Avoid large amounts of krill or other foods with lots of thiaminase; they LOVE krill but it should be fed only as a treat, and with vitamin-b rich foods.

I can ship them just about anywhere (as long as they are legal where you live– they are totally fine in the US as far as I know), but if the temperature in your area, or on their route, exceeds 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll have to wait for it to cool down. I would prefer to go with overnight shipping for their safety. They will come in a Tupperware container filled with damp moss. If you want to buy more than 2, we can talk about reducing the price of each.

I need to rehome these babs so please boost if you can!


Ok! So it looks like my new boop is going to need a vet visit cause something is wrong with her mouth. I went for this rehoming situation because I expected someone who has the snakes for breeding to have them all in good conditions, so they’d be healthy when I got them. But because I am a fool, I didn’t run when i saw the conditions the poor babe was in.
As such, i am selling the contents of my life. You want one of my existing embroidery projects (pictured)? Want it in a cute frame? You got it. A premade felt critter (also pictured)? A hot/cold pack made out of whatever fabric I have in my drawer ATM and shaped like an owl/other simple critter? A plethora of knit hats in a variety of colors? My stuffed squid (if you don’t mind that it’s used and has a seam the wrong way round and couple weird tentacles)? Any other quick projects using materials I have? I can do shrinky dink charms of your pets, low quality drawings, what have you. No custom embroidery ATM because I’m working on a commission and they take a really long time. Hell, you a stalker and want a lock of my hair and a piece of paper with my lip print? Today is your lucky day! Make me an offer. I want to get this girl in to be seen as soon as I can, her mouth is wonky and I’m worried it’s mouth rot, in addition to her being too thin. Right now I have just enough for an exam, but I also need to buy her some basic supplies since this was so sudden, so I won’t have enough to get her in for a couple weeks, and I’d rather do so sooner. So if you want any of my stuff, or want me to make you something cute and quick, shoot me an ask!