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Ever since the day Steve Greig went to a shelter and brought home the dog with the least chance of being adopted, he continues to take in elderly animals that would have been euthanized. So far he’s collected 10 dogs, several cats, 2 ducks, some pigeons and chickens, and an old pig named Bikini. Source


Meet Willow.

I call her Willow, because that’s what we were going to name her. But unfortunately, we are unable to adopt her. So we’re desperately going to try to find her another home.

Willow is FIV positive.

For those of you unaware, FIV is the feline version of HIV. It is transmitted much the same way, through contact with bodily fluids. Because of this, Willow puts our own cat at risk.

But there’s still hope! Our vet says as long as Willow is in a single cat home, she is still perfectly adoptable and could live a long, healthy life. But that’s the catch. She must be in a single cat home. There is no wiggle room for this. You cannot have other cats, and before coming into contact with other cats you should take precautions like thoroughly washing your hands to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

If we do not find another home for Willow, we will have no choice but to euthanize her. We can’t turn her over to the shelter - they would euthanize her the day they got her because she’d be a risk to all their other cats. We can’t just drop her off on the street because she’d be able to spread the virus without checks. This is Willow’s only chance.

She is a sweet, wonderful Siamese mix. She is very affectionate and a perfect lap cat. It would be a shame to have to euthanize her for something completely out of her control.

We live in Moundsville, WV. We are willing to travel up to an hour and a half away to deliver her if you’re willing to adopt her.

We are unsure if she is spayed, because she was a stray. She has a notch in one ear, and her upper right canine is broken. As of her exam, the only blemishes on her record are that she tested positive for FIV and currently has fleas.

Even if you cannot adopt her, please signal boost. This is life or death for her.

If someone can adopt my doggy, I would be forever grateful.

My mom has been wanting to get rid of him for a long time, since he started barking at her yesterday (when he threw up and got sick) she decided that this was the last straw and she’s about to send him to a kill shelter. His name is Ares and he’s essentially a big teddy bear. He’s super sweet and he knows “sit,” he doesn’t go past any designated area that you tell him not to go into, and he knows “Come here, fatass!” (I taught him that one myself).

We live in atlanta.

I really don’t want him to be put down. My little brother has been in his room crying all day because he’s about to lose his best friend. If you know anyone who has room to spare for him, please signal boost! 

Hello this baby needs a home.

Does anyone in the Indianapolis area want a cat?

We have a seven year old black baby who is completely litter trained and super sweet. 

His name is Tesla and I’m so afraid that if we have to put him in a shelter, he’s never going to find a home. 

No fleas, fixed, and up to date on his shots. 

We moved to a place that doesn’t allow cats because there are dogs, so our baby, his cat tree, and my fiancee and I are jammed into one room until we can find him a new home. 

Here are some cute ass pictures. 

The other big baby has a home. 

The cat tree featured in the last picture is the one that comes with him. 


Say hello to Prince. He certainly is handsome enough to be a prince! He has a lot of energy (I think he’d make an excellent agility dog!) but he is also a sweet dog. I imagine once someone gives him time and an energy outlet, he’ll make a wonderful companion.Prince was on hold when I met him and I’m glad to say he was indeed adopted!


Hello everyone! Last night I found this little fella at my workplace hiding in the bushes and brought him home. He’s the sweetest little kitten, but unfortunately I already have a kitten of my own and don’t have the resources to care for two felines. He’s got a healthy appetite and loves people, and I’d hate to drop him off at the local shelter since it can be very difficult to find black cats good homes.

If you’re interested in adopting him or would like more information, shoot me an ask or email me at He’s 100% free to a good home. I’d like to get him adopted out asap, or I’ll have to drop him off at the local shelter. I’m in the Valdosta GA area, and can travel as far north as Atlanta GA, and as far south as Orlando FL to drop him off or meet someone halfway. I’ve also added a donation button to my blog incase you all would be willing to contribute any money for food and supplies I could purchase to keep him fed and comfortable until I find a new owner for him.  

Even if you can’t adopt him yourself, please spread the word by reblogging this post and asking around. The shelter is the last place I want this cute little noodle to end up. Thank you in advance!   


circumstances in my life are very complicated rn and basically i have to give away my cat, midnight. he’s about 8 years old (birthday sometime in april), he’s fixed and has all of his shots, and has all of his claws. he had to have a few teeth pulled early this year but other than that he’s physically perfect. he has grown up to be an indoor/outdoor cat, but could be completely outdoor if theres a safe place for him to be during bad weather. he is not very nice towards dogs or other animals, but given some time he could probably deal with being around another cat. he does hunt small animals like mice and chipmunks, but towards people he is the sweetest. he is very affectionate in his own way, and doesnt require a lot of attention.

if you’re interested in adopting him or want to know more please send me an ask or email me at


Hey guys! Just a little PSA.

This is my cat Sage and I adopted her about 6 months ago. I’ve been struggling since moving out of state for college (and dealing with mental illness) and moving in with a parent of whom I realized I hated and of whom is making my life miserable. She’s the little light that I have in my life.

I went to the animal shelter with the intent of adopting a kitten but they had a cat room and how could I resist visiting all of the kitties? As soon as I came into the room and sat down, Sage approached me and leapt into my lap. Right off the bat, she was extremely affectionate and cuddly.

I came to the shelter to visit her again and she remembered me, doing the exact same thing. At that moment, I knew I had to adopt her. She was the sweetest damn thing I had ever met. Some that were volunteering at the shelter made some remarks about Sage’s attitude towards me. “She picked you” one of them said, and they were absolutely right. Sage adopted me.

Sage is 6 years old and as you can see, her ears are partly missing. She had only been in the shelter for a year and I’ve been told that her ears are missing due to frostbite (that makes sense in Wisconsin!).

You see, when I first saw her I did notice her ears, I mean…they’re kind of not there! Regardless, this didn’t change the way I felt about Sage. She chose me for a purpose.

I encourage all that wish to adopt not only to rescue from shelters and humane societies, but also not to discriminate based on appearance. I hate to say this but I genuinely believe she had been in the shelter for so long because no one wanted a kitty with torn ears. No one would give her a chance. I did and it was the best decision I had ever made.

Please rescue, please do not buy. Please do not choose an animal because of the way it looks. You never know who may steal your heart.

hi guys, your lovely blog moderator here. last night we found this very friendly cat in our neighborhood and decided to take him inside because it was below freezing out. i took him to the vet this morning and he has no microchip but he is neutered. i’m really hoping that someone comes forward but i want to start looking for a new home for him just in case. we will keep him for the next couple days so that he can have a nice Christmas but we can’t keep him beyond that because we already have two cats. i’m going to explore if we could get him registered through the city’s TNR program or take him to the humane society but i want to avoid taking him to the city shelter. 

we live on the northwest side of indianapolis and i’m willing to go meet you anywhere within the city limits if you’re willing to take him. i am asking for a $20 rehoming fee - this is for his protection, not to line my pockets. he appears healthy aside from the healing wound on his face, but we have no idea about how up to date on shots he may or may not be. he’s fully grown, but i’m not sure exactly how old. he still has his claws and is incredibly loving. 


Lilly was part of a neglect/hoarding case. She is a little shy but is very sweet. There’s no telling what kind of life Lilly had before coming to the shelter, but her life has changed for the better! While Lilly is a little shy, she also has an adventurous side. She loved wandering around outside and liked to do her own thing. Once she is in her forever home I’m sure she will be an outstanding little pup for someone :)


As a lot of you already know, at the end of June I will be moving. This wouldn’t be so bad, except that I am moving into a house with someone who has severe cat allergies. This means that I have to rehome my cat, Nermal. It’s getting down to the wire, and I am running out of options. I don’t want to have to put him in a shelter. He is a healthy, neutered male indoor cat. He still has his claws, but doesn’t make a habit of clawing furniture. He’s very independent and doesn’t really like to be picked up, but when he decides he wants attention he’s the sweetest thing. He’s used to living in a home with other cats. He does not take kindly to dogs, and takes time to warm up to strangers. If anyone in the Hanover, Ontario area can give my baby boy a home, please drop me a message in my ask box for more information.