You are the “tragedy”, Jon.

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Maybe RFA + pet names for MC? I love your headcanons, they're the best *^*

Aw yeah here we go. Formatting will be a little weird, I’m posting this from mobile lol



⭐️ probs very basic stuff tbh. Honey, sweetie, cutie, sweetheart, etc. Basic af (he’s embarrassed to use anything like babe bc it’s ~too sexy~ and he just blushes and stutters too much poor thing) but u know u love it. Probably would have some super secret name he calls you but only in his head like “sugar cake” or something. He says it out loud one time without thinking RIP Yoosung


🎤 babe obviously. Prince/princess/princex, honey, baby, sexy, angel, gorgeous, basically every cheesy, flattering thing under the sun. Refers to you by them as often as possible, he loves watching you cringe at them. Also probably calls you “lover” or smth boi is just the definition of romantic


☕️ I think she’s also pretty basic?? Dear, sweetheart, etc. Thinks she’s not cute enough to call you cutesy nicknames (that’s a lie tho she’s the cutest). Dies when you call her coffee related nicknames like “my little coffee bean” and is always trying to think of cute interest-related nicknames for you but she doesn’t think anything she comes up with is good enough


🐱 doesn’t have a lot I would think? Sticks to like “my love”, “angel”, “dear”, “darling”, boy probably only has like four he’s comfortable saying out loud rip in pieces Jumin always gotta be professional about everything. For some reason I can see him using “pumpkin” tho????? Like maybe only between you two or around other members (cuz it irritates Zen when he acts cutesy lmao) but I feel like he’d use that as his One Cute Nickname


💻 “my little Honey Buddha Chip~”. Without a doubt. Also just whatever pops into his head??? “You’re my banana~” “why?” “Because you’re soooooo a-peel-ing!” Pun nicknames constantly. “You’re the software to my hardware~” half the time you’re just rolling your eyes and groaning but u know he loves u. Also would use space themed nicknames and call you like his galaxy or universe or smth protect this boy


“[Sansa, Arya, and Bran] are a huge part of the story, in many ways the central part of the story. And I always intended to separate them and set them on their own paths.” - George RR Martin, Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones: Seasons 1 & 2

anyone who doesn’t think fish have personalities needs to meet my betta Ness.

- he greets me whenever I turn on his tank light

-he enjoys curling up near the heater to rest when his light is off

-he follows people who walk past him

-if you sit near his tank and look at him, he’ll engage you in a staring contest. good luck winning, he doesn’t have eyelids.

-he loves amiibos. if i put one of mine near his tank he instantly swims over to it and stares at it. no flaring, just staring. he’s especially fond of my Ness (hence the name) and Lucas amiibos.

-i put a quartz crystal in his tank and he likes to admire the lights reflecting in it.

-if he sees u with a camera, he poses for pictures. i had my camera set up close to his tank and when he saw it, he sat just outside the frame for a second before slowly strutting out into the picture and keeping his fins fanned out. 

-if i call him, he swims over to me

-he does better puppy-dog eyes than my actual dog

-he likes to hide in the toy coral i have in his tank and peek out at u

basically what im saying is that this fish is an adorable little goofball who clearly has more personality than just “glub glub feed me” and anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously missing out on how much of a delight a pet fish can actually be