Pony Tails and Root Beer

For Day 1 of the Jonsa S7 Summer Challenge hosted by @jonsa-creatives

Prompt: Travel

Part 1/5: Twenty Years of Summer

“Hey mom, can Ghost and I go down to the lake?” 

Lyanna Snow sat at the kitchen table of the small cabin she’d rented for the summer, hands on the keyboard of her laptop. She hummed an acknowledgement before giving a mumbled “Have a good time.” Her eyes never left the screen.

Jon followed the trail from their cabin down to the edge of Long Lake. It was so big, he couldn’t even see the other side. He grabbed a handful of small pebbles and began to throw them in the water, one after another.

“I’m bored, Ghost. I bet you are too.” They had been at the cabin for six days now and Jon thought each one of them would never end. His mom was writing her story all the time and his friends were back in the city. Jon didn’t think it would be so bad if his friend Sam had come with.

He sat on the damp ground by the water’s edge, the moisture was already seeping into his jeans but Jon didn’t care. He threw the last pebble in the water and held out his hand, waiting for Ghost to place a front paw in it so they could shake. “You’re my best friend.” His dog only gave a tentative lick of his cheek in answer. Ghost hardly ever made a sound.

A sudden rush of activity and the ruckus of several voices talking over each other drew his attention to the cabin next door. He’d snuck over to the property a couple times and peeked in the windows before but it was just a boring cabin, a kitchen and some bedrooms.

It was a family. One looked to be a boy his age. A little girl with red hair in a ponytail was chasing after a toddler in diapers and laughing. Another girl with dark hair like his came over and they began to argue with each other, Jon wished he could hear why. Then, a man appeared and their yelling stopped. Jon guessed it was their dad.

“Do you think their dad takes his vacations with them?” He asked Ghost.

His dog only nuzzled into his lap. Jon scratched his ears.

He didn’t have anything better to do so he watched the family next door. It was four kids and the baby. They seemed to be playing some sort of game with the little toddler running around between them all, laughing. They never noticed him.

“Come on, Ghost. Let’s go inside and look at our comic books again.” He stood and wiped the bit of dirt that clung to his jeans before heading back into the smaller cabin he shared with his mom.

That night, the family next door built a fire in their yard, close to the water. He could hear them singing and talking together.

“Hey mom?”

“What is it, sweetie?” She was still sitting at the kitchen table,

Jon wanted to ask if his father would come visit soon but he knew it would only upset her. “I hope your writing was good today.”

His mom had dragged him up to Long Lake for the summer because she said it was easier to write outside of the city. He didn’t know what that meant.

She took her hands off the keyboard and looked at him. “I’ve barely paid attention to you today, haven’t I? This place came with a bunch of board games, let’s play one together.”

They made hot chocolate and played games together. Jon didn’t have a big family like the people next door but he had his mom and Ghost and they loved each other.

The next morning, Jon was back outside and playing fetch with Ghost when the little red-haired girl approached him. Close up, she was almost as tall as him.

“Hi. I’m Sansa Stark and I’m eight. How old are you?”

He pet Ghost, feeling suddenly shy. “I’m Jon Snow and I’m ten. This is Ghost.”

“Can I pet him?” She did not wait for an answer, bending down to rub and pet his dog. “My brother Robb is ten. My sister is Arya and my other brother is Bran. The baby is Rickon. Are you here all summer like us?”

“Yeah, my mom thought it would be a nice vacation.” Jon didn’t want to tell her that it was just the two of them. His mom had not admitted it but he knew his parents were going to get a divorce soon.

“You should come play with us. I’m the princess and my brothers are rescuing me from an evil dragon. My brother Robb is my knight in shining armor. You can be one too, if you want.”

Jon’s eyes brightened with excitement. He hadn’t seen any other kids his age in over a week. “I would like that. Dragons are awful. They burn people and eat them.”

She gave him a bright smile then. Jon thought she looked pretty for a girl. “In a couple days, my parents are taking us to this place where they used to make a cowboy show. It’s got hay rides and you can drink all the root beer you want. You should come with us.”

He thought that would be fun too but Jon didn’t think her parents would want him. “Would your mom and dad let me?”

She pulled at his hand, dragging him towards her brothers and sister. “Of course. My dad tells us that our family is like a bunch of wolves. We’re a pack and it’s good to let people be a part of it. My friend Jeyne is. Robb’s friend Theon is a part of our pack too, even if he isn’t a Stark.”

Jon liked that, he’d never been part of a pack before.

Sansa led him into her family’s yard where the rest of them played. He felt like all of them were staring at him. Jon began to grow uncomfortable again.

“Hi, I’m Robb. Who are you?” The boy had a darker shade of hair than Sansa, more brown than red.

“I’m Jon Snow and I’m staying next door.”

“Do you like to play with Legos?”

Jon lit up. “I love Legos,” he said excitedly. “I brought some with me to play with this summer.”

Robb nodded his head approvingly. “Sansa is the princess we are rescuing. Arya is the dragon. You want to play with us?”

“I told Jon he could come with us to the cowboy place.” She looked at him. “You should have dinner here tonight with us too.”

“We have to ask mom and dad first,” Robb pointed out. He turned his head, yelling, “Daaaaddd” in the general direction of their cabin.

A man walked out the back door, it was the same that Jon had seen yesterday. “Robb, I could have heard you from a mile away,” he said, approaching them. He had dark hair and grey eyes just like Jon.

It was Sansa who introduced him. “Dad, this is our new friend Jon. He’s going to play with us. I already told him he should come to dinner tonight and I want him to come to the cowboy place with us. It has all the root beer you can drink, you said so.”

“So I did.” He stuck out his hand. “Hello, Jon. I’m Ned Stark, it’s nice to meet you. Where are you staying?”

Jon took his hand and shook it. “Hi, Mr. Stark. I’m staying next door with my mom and my dog Ghost.”

“Ghost, is it?”

His dog had followed along, tail wagging at the mention of his name. The younger boy, Jon thought it was Bran, began petting him.

“Well, Jon. I’ll ask my wife to go talk to your mom. Why don’t you both come over for dinner  tonight. We’re having a cookout. We can talk to her about you coming with us. If she is ok with it, we would be glad to have you along. What’s her name?”

“Lyanna Snow, sir.”

“You don’t have to call him sir if you don’t want to, he’s just our dad,” Sansa explained helpfully.

Mr. Stark only laughed before telling them to have fun and heading back into their house. Jon decided he liked Mr. Stark immensely.

He spent the rest of the day playing with the rest of the Starks. After several games of princesses and knights, water guns suddenly appeared. They filled them all up with water from the lake and squirted at each other until all of them were soaking. That night, Jon filled up on hot dogs and ice cream. He could not remember the last time he had so much fun.

anonymous asked:

hey will jaime live till the end of the series or will he be killed?

Hi anon, thanks for the question.

To begin, I obviously do not possess the power of foresight, so all I can ever do is to make a more or less educated guess (as is the case for anyone other than D&D and GRRM, if he ever stopped posting pictures on Twitter with ridiculous hats instead of finishing the friggin’ remaining novels *sigh*).

However, there is that one thing I can say for certain, I believe, Jaime will die *at some point*. That is, unless it turns out that Jaime is a superhuman creature meant to outlive everyone, become the Lion of Night and win the boss fight against the Others with his magical, golden mane. Thereby bring back the Light after the Long Night, shake it up with the Maiden-Made-of-Light and Wench-of-his-heart and then they live forever in the pantheon they will create, bringing forth the Godly Braime Bunch™.

… I quite like that scenario right now…


Where was I? I got distracted by glorious lion manes and the Braime Bunch™.

Back on target – Jaime’s death and my more or less educated guess on the potential outcome of that mix.

Well, I belong to the faction of the fandom that tries (and will for as long as I have might in my body and mind) to stay clear of the Valonqar Disease™. By which I mean to give the fair warning to anyone favoring that theory, you will not see approval of it in this post. It is no theory I share in, so if that is what you believe it to be, that is your more or less educated guess, not mine, and therefore you will not find pro arguments in this post. Though, of that I am most certain, there are plenty of people being quite verbose about that theory, so I believe I can safely leave it aside and instead talk about what I take to be my most educated guesses.

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