— puppy eyes.

requests: Please dose me up with more rk900 x reader hcs? I LOVE HIM. maybe getting a puppy?

Hello! I LOVE your d\DBH x readers, could you perhaps do one where RK900, Connor, and RK800-60 react to thier s/o bringing home a dog/cat? Thanks! <3

i was so slow at this because i was petting my cat i’m sorry
(also RK900 is a bit longer since anon asked so kindly for him)


• he’s the one that comes home with a new friend
• it’s a dog (!!!)
• “I’m sorry, [name], I know this is sudden but an officer found him today while on duty and nobody was going to keep him, so Hank suggested that I took care of him. Of course if you don’t approve I’ll find another solution.”
• how can you say no to a double pair of puppy eyes??
• and when you say that he can keep him??
• his eyes shine bright like tiny stars
• how in the world can he continue working at the DPD if he’s so illegally cute
• “I’ll take him out when he needs to, you don’t have to worry about anything!”
• also the dog is a bundle of joy
• and it licks everything like his owner
• he makes sure that the pup and Sumo are best friends
• i mean he and a little dog together? heaven
• girls flirt with him at the park
• and he doesn’t even know, he genuinely thinks that they like his dog
• so when you make him aware he blushes like hell
• “why would they–”
• “because you’re cute as a puppy”
• “but I’m obviously engaged” he mutters with his face cyan 


• “you can’t say no to this” you’re holding a holographic flyer about some newborn puppies searching for an owner
• “no.”
• “it was a metaphor.”
• “the answer is still no.”
• oh well you hope he’s going to love it anyway
• because you will get that pup no matter what
• “they shed, and you need to walk and bathe them regularly.”
• “just like humans, isn’t that cute??” you try
• he won’t budge
• not even when you’re being super clingy
• not even when you’re dressing prettier than normal
• you won’t buy him so easily
• at some point you just give up because he’s too good at this game
• so you just…. take the puppy home without his authorization
• he knew you would do something like that
• he fucking knew
• why you didn’t get an android pet, it would have been 10 times easier

• so he’s kinda there, a grumpy giant, with his arms crossed, sitting on the couch
• “come on. it’s not that bad! in fact, I think he likes you!”
• “I do not reciprocate.”
• “yes you do.”

• and this baby dog is so happy to be in your lap
• his tail is wagging like crazy
• you now have two beautiful babies, one that shows emotions with a LED and one that uses a tail
• “!! are you, perhaps, jealous?
• “jealous? of such thing? of course not.
• he’s obviously jealous AAA how can he be so clueless and cute???
• plus his LED is fucking coral red it’s obvious
• maybe it’s better if you wait and don’t tell him right away that you may or may not have decided to call the dog “9”
• ofc in the end he’s the one that gets overly attached to the dog 


• you come home with a cute tiny kitty cat
• “what’s this”
• “isn’t it the cutest thing ever?”
• he’s a bit wary, his LED yellow
• he’s definitely not used to real pets
• technically he knows everything about cats but
• “why don’t you touch it?”
• and he touches it, and it’s so soft why didn’t you tell him sooner
• he buries his face against its soft fur
• and the kitty starts to purr
• and he absolutely loses it
• “why it is doing this”
• “because that’s what relaxed cats do, I guess??”
• “it’s fucking beautiful
• he’s so in love with this cat, honestly, you better watch your back
• what do you mean too many toys
• he spoils the kitten so much
• and when it meows at him he meows back
• and they chat like this the entire day
• you always find them snuggling against each other on the bed
• your phone’s new wallpaper is a photo of them being all lovey-dovey