I don't know her story...

I don’t know her story but…

Young, Gifted, and Motivated she is. Honest, Strong, and independent she is. Scared, Apprehensive and worried she also is….. I don’t know her story, but I can see life itself is her testimony. She has something to prove not just to others, but to herself. Prove that she can do all things, prove that she is worthy, prove that she is a fighter, prove that she will not stop untill every negative morphs into a positive. Her strength derives from her family, it was built on the hard times and upholds on the good ones. I can see that everything she is and everything she strives for in life is for her family…


Her family is her pride and joy, her sunshine and moon light, her reason for life, the reason she gets up everyday ready to tackle what she was told she would never be able to do…..Sometimes I see her and she looks so weighed down, hurt, defeated, scared, and tired. 50% of that pain isn’t even her own, but the pain she carries for her loved ones.

…I see her giving up or doubting what she knows God can do. Scared because she can’t see his plan or know what the future holds. Tears stream in fear of what she can’t see, sobs flow because of the outcomes she sees in her head. Slumped over because the world gets too heavy for her sometimes…

The irony is her name means the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. And I know if she holds in her heart what her name defines….everything will be fine.

And…..I don’t have to know her story to know that.

The kinda man you deserve...

U don’t have to settle with anything less than you deserve

U deserve a man that will love you deeply

U deserve a man that wants to give u the world and want nothing in return.

U deserve a man who will wake up every morning with the soul purpose of making your life better

U deserve a man that will go out into the world everyday and fight the good fight so that u don’t have too.

Look deeper than yourself…

Women choose a man on looks or what they can do for them.

Rather than take the time to examine themselfs to see what purpose it takes to fulfill or make them whole.

A man will marry a woman he can’t live without. Ladies marry a man they can live with.

In the end……Say yes to the man who represents the very best of who u are. 😊