He’s already IN a computer, doofus!

He can log into Pestermon from here.  It’s an IM program, used for pestering your fellow Pokémon with messages.

External image

…Evidently not a very widely-used program.  All these contacts are offline.  Ho-hum.

The chumhandle he’s chosen is artificialAcuity, which he thought was a clever online name for an AI.

sparkingCharm [SC] began pestering artificialAcuity [AA]

SC: Not exactly sure how this thing works, but

SC: Umm

SC: Hey, Bracket

SC: Are you still on your space vacation?

SC: Bet you’re having fun, huh..

SC: It’s just..

SC: I sorta miss you okay

SC: It’s been two goddamn weeks. That’s a lot, you know

SC: So.. when you’re back from your space

SC: Pay a visit ok?

SC: I’ll be waiting.

SC: Umm.

SC: Take care.

SC: P.S. I’m still mad at you.

SC: P.P.S. Don’t ask how I found your pesterthing.

sparkingCharm [SC] ceased pestering artificialAcuity [AA]