Baba yaga

Baba yaga is an old witch in slavic mythology. In russian mythology and folklore there’re many stories. 

She lives in a hut with chicken legs that can walk around. As the hut moves it is supposed to shriek. The hut also has a fence made of bones. To get into the house you will need a magic incantation, if you say it the house will sit down and the front door will fling open. Inside you will meet Baba yaga and she’ll ask you if you came by own free will or if you were sent. There is only one answer that is correct. 

Baba yaga is both evil and kind and she got great powers, so don’t mess around with her.

Baba yaga prefers to eat children but she will eat an older person too so don’t feel left out.

Baba yaga isn’t your normal stereotypical witch with a black hat and a broomstick, she moves through the woods by pushing herself forward with a pestel and sitting in a big mortal.  She is hideous to look at though like many witches in folklore. Her nose is really long, she got iron teeth and she is very thin

In some stories she got sisters and some stories a daughter.

 Like many old tales the stories vary.

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Part 2 of 2.

15th century Italian antiphonal in diced russia leather, s. XVIII (?), retaining most of the original 15th century metal ornaments, as well as the heavy wooden boards; stamps of the Holy Monogram, the Agnus Dei, a sunburst, and a flower. - Written for the Benedictine house of S. Pietro (Perugia) of the Congregation of Santa Giustina of Padua, whose ownership notes appear on ff. 1 and 166v; George A. Plimpton (1855-1936). - De Ricci, p. 1760. Stephen N. Fliegel, et al., The Caporali Missal: a Masterpiece of Renaissance Illumination (Pestel: The Cleveland Museum of Art, 2013) nn. 2 and 3 on pp. 88-89.

Country: Italy

Region: Umbria

City: Perugia

Artist: Giapeco Caporali

Music: Square notation on 4-line red staves.

Figurative Decoration: 3-line historiated initial in white-patterned pink on burnished gold ground; 3 roundels.

Other Decoration: 2-line parted initials in red and blue or in blue with a void design, both with flourishing; infilling sometimes includes color-washed pen and ink drawings of acanthus leaves.

randomness-unicorn  asked:

This is odd: what kind of tumblr blog would the UT/US/UF bros have? For example: which post do they reblog? The theme they have, the quotes or pictures they share, this kind of things. Or maybe their blog could be dedicated to a subject or something.

UT Sans: Shitpost Blog, but the later at night it is the weirder they get. Follows all the pun blogs and spam reblog them from time to time. Sometimes reblogs cute cats.

UT Papyrus: Recipe blog. He collects different recipes from all the different cooking blogs, often posting picutres of his food, after following the recipe. The blo suddenly boomed when he started posting cooking videos where he just destroys the kitchen together with Undyne.

US Sans: Everything cute and pestell coloured. Reblogs slime gifs and glitter gifs. And fluffy cute animals. It’s a very happy blog.

US Papyrus: Almost completly empty blog, he barely reblogs anything, jbarely every likes anything. He only scrolls trough tumblr and follows people.

UF Sans: Really…..worrying shitposts. He gets annons asking him if he is ok pretty often. Also kinetic sand gifs.

UF Papyrus: Reblogs cool cosplays that have an armor of some sort. Also vampire asthetic posts (red, theet, blood, roses, black). 

Night in the city: Pestel Street at 5 am.


Row of Iron || Multi

Lips wet pulled back in sinewy motion over two smiling rows of iron teeth. The witch Baba Yaga let out a soft cackle as she leered over the boiling pot, so Vlad had found her again. It was time for yet another reintroduction. She patted her mortar and pestel looking flight contraption. Landing outside the temple she rolled her head back a sickening crack and a lovelier form of herself a glamour spell she had mastered. She walked through the woods and upon reaching the barrier spell flicked her hand no mere Goddess could keep her out. There was a tear in the spell a rift that closed as soon as she had stepped through, she wouldn’t endanger innocents for a meeting. As she neared the blonde alone, just how she preferred it. “Hello,” She spoke softly, “I’m told they call you Ali in this lifetime.”