Your only problem is that you think being sad is wrong. You’ve been brained washed by a society that romanticizes over exhaustion and over positive thinking. You’ve been surrounded in a world filled with hope—filled with these depressing self-help books that say: You can do it! You can make it! That everyone including you can succeed—but the reality is that not everyone will succeed. Not everyone will live up to their potential.
—  Juansen Dizon // Reality

eritreayunani  asked:

HI HI I LOVE YOUR WRITING OKAY IMMA TONE DOWN MY EXCITEMENT NOW. Um, could you pretty please do prompts on an optimist who is best friends and/or lovers with a really pessimistic person? Thank you in advance!!! xxx

1) “You don’t always have to see the worst in people, you know.”
“I’m seeing what’s there. People are the worst.” 
“Including me?”
The pessimist faltered. “You’re…not the worst. Sometimes.”

2) “We’re going to die.”
“Have a little faith.”
“I have a lot of faith - in gravity. We’re going to fucking die. Why do you always do this?”

3) “I’m such an idiot,” the optimist said. “You were right.”
The pessimist frowned, hating seeing them so worn, so defeated. Hating the bastard who’d take advantage of anyone trying to see the best in people. Being right didn’t feel good, not then. Not when they looked so small as a result. 
“It’s not your fault,” the pessimist muttered. Trying desperately to think of a way to fix it. 

4) “I thought you hated my quote ‘foolish optimism and reckless insistence on assuming people are good’ end quote.”
“Oh, I do,” the pessimist said. “It’s the stupidest thing ever.” They wouldn’t look at the optimist, a touch of colour on their cheeks. “But I admire you for it all the same. Someone has to see the world as better or it’s never going to be.”