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  • <p> <b>Friendly reminder from your favourite Spaniard:</b> The road to El Dorado sets in 1519. In those years, there weren't "pesetas". Spain's currency was the "ducado". And in 1539, the "corona" or "escudo".<p/><b></b> I have seen people use the peseta in Miguel and Tulio fics! Just some information about the country for the next time! Have fun!<p/></p>

So I’ve hit 2K followers over the summer vacations and that number keeps going up ! OO I can’t quiet believe what my eyes are seeing when I am face with that number…!

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El engaño de los productos light.

¿Crees que es más sano un producto light que uno normal? Te equivocas, y mucho.

[Abro ladrillo] Por cierto, el comidista se llama Mikel Iturriaga, y sí, es hermano de Juanma (López) Iturriaga, de ahí el parecido. Por si alguno se olía la tostada, sí, es gayer, y lo lleva con orgullo. Aunque lo de suprimir el primer apellido (López) y dejar primero el de “Iturriaga”, no denota precisamente ausencia de complejos… en cualquier caso, mis máximum diesels por su pograma.

Lo del apellido me recuerda a una compañera de clase que se llamaba Miriam y se hacía llamar “Miren” :) Su apellido también lo “vasquizó” pero no lo voy a dar para no tocapelotizar.

Es cierto que hay famosos que se ponen el apellido materno porque es más reconocible, pero no creo que sea el caso, ya que “López Iturriaga” ya era hiper-conocido en los 90. Iñaki López (La Sexta Noche) podría haber hecho lo mismo, pero creo que no habría salido muy bien, ya que Iñaki Roldán habría sonado un poco regular al coincidir el inicio de su carrera con la época dorada del ex-jefe de la guardia civil que se fugó con muchos millones de pesetas de dinero público en el bolsillo. [/Cierro ladrillo]

So I have just reached 500 followers and I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for following me and sharing and just being a badass/awesome fandom !! I’m not really good at those type of stuff…So please know that I appreciate each and everyone of you and you have all made my journey in this fandom a complete and utter delightful / amazing / exciting experience ! 

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josuereadscomics  asked:

Hi Anon! I've been thinking about Carlos Ezquerra's influence on creating the dystopian world of Judge Dredd. Afterall, he lived in Spain during Franco's dictatorship, and I remember one interview he gave where he said the Judges' eagle in their uniforms was inspired by the eagle in the Spanish coat of arms of that time. Any thoughts on that?

I think there’s few things as fascinating as Ezquerra’s thought processes when designing Dredd, and a lot of it has to do with the circumstances of said design. Ezquerra didn’t have an editor near him to go back and forth with. He didn’t have the writer at hand to propose ideas to him. All he had was a short description of what kind of character Dredd was gonna be and a picture of David Carradine in Death Race 2000 and he proceeded to go absolutely wild on every bit while still making an apalling lot of sense.

Like, why is Dredd’s Lawgiver holster on his boot? Because Ezquerra was told Dredd would be a motorcycle cop. Why did he use an executioner’s hood as one of the main inspirations for his helmet? Because Dredd would deal instant justice to those he sentenced. The eagle, IIRC, was actually taken from a peseta coined during Franco’s dictatorship. And I imagine by then the man had seen his share of long, riot-like truncheons.

While all these elements may seem outlandish or random without the context, they all stem from Ezquerra’s own interpretations of what little he was given. And that, to me, speaks a lot about how absolutely crucial artists really are to comic books. Left almost completely alone and to his own devices, with only the bare bones of a character and a movie promo pic, Carlos Ezquerra created an unforgettable design that conveys every single bit of information he was given while also being thoroughly unique, even to this day.

Also, it always cracks me up that while Dredd’s uniform went through a sizeable lot of changes before he was finally published, the Lawmaster was pretty much perfect from day one:

Spanish Expression of the Day #46

Ser pesetero

To be cheap (when talking about a person)

*Comes from the Spanish word peseta, which was (and is) the currency of some Spanish-speaking countries*

E.g.: Juan si es pestero… por lo visto, no le regalo nada a su hermana para su cumpleaños - Juan is so cheap… apparently he didn’t buy his sister anything for her brithday

Today, in news you probably didn’t hear about...

Quick recap in English:

March 6th 2001,  judge Baltasar Garzón keeps on his personal crusade stating that “everything’s ETA”, he procceeds to illegalise several youth political organisations, and to arrest their members, that mass media describe as “ETA’s young blood”. They got arrested by midnight and remained 5 days in solitary confinement.

A day after it, Haika [another youth organization still legal at this point] member Asier Tapia & Arnaldo Otegi give a press conference to condemn the incident. Tapia encourage to answer with anger against those who want to anihilate Basque people” and that what they’d done “won’t be for free”. Garzon immediately ordered his arrest for belonging to ETA, threats, and induction to burn buses. 15 Haika members are arrested and sent to prison in Madrid.

After 8 months and a 5 millions pesetas bail [around 30,000€], Tapia gets out of jail. In court, public accusator asks for 111 years of prison for all the damages that occured after his press conference. Damages he didn’t do and that were suffered by some buses and dumpsters.

Association of Victims of Terrorism [an ultra lobby] appealed 7 YEARS AFTER and got the years in prison asked by public prosecutor DOUBLED. Haika and the rest of surviving associations are now considered terrorist groups.

Tapia - now an ETA member for mass media - got re-arrested in Hendaia in 2007 with no guns or false ID, and immediately sent to prison in Madrid, where during the Christmas theatre play, Tapia and “other ETA members” supposedly threatened the Prisons Secretary. The threat was telling her she was responsible for the dispersion Basque prisoners suffer. 3 more years of prison are claimed for Tapia.

In 2010 Tapia is eventually condemned for illicit actions inside an illegal organization - a time paradox, since he was member of Haika BEFORE it was declared illegal. He was released in 2013 after 6 years in prison.


  • Standing at the edge of the very tall city wall
  • Miguel: *sees barrels full of water below* I'll bet we can make that.
  • Tulio: Two pesetas says we can't.
  • Miguel: You're on! *jumps from the fall followed by Tulio*
  • Miguel: *After he and Tulio have safely landed in the barrels* You lose.
  • Tulio: *tosses two coins at Miguel*
  • *they cover their barrels to hide more and are lifted into the air by a crane.*
  • Miguel: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What's happening here?
  • Tulio: We're both in barrels that's the extent of my knowledge.
Road To El Dorado Goofs

Some tiny historical inaccuracies which made me giggle a bit:

  • The main characters make mention of the peseta as a currency. The peseta wasn’t introduced until 1869, exactly 350 years after the time the movie is set in.
  • Cortez stated that once they touch land, Tulio and Miguel would be sent to Cuba to work as slaves on sugar cane fields. The cultivation of sugar cane in Cuba began in the 18th century. In the 16th century, the name of Cuba was “Isla Juana”.
  • The movie is set in 16th century Spain, but when Miguel and Tulio are about to jump into the barrels they bet 2 pesetas on it. Pesetas weren’t in circulation until the 19th century.
  • Altivo’s apple can be seeing bouncing off a telescope on Cortez’s ship. The telescope was not invented until the early 1600s in the Netherlands.
  • Tulio mentions how they are now richer than the King of Spain. In 1519, there was no title ‘King of Spain’ The man who ruled Spain, Charles V, was known as the Holy Roman Emperor and ruled Spain as King of Aragon, Castile and Léon. The title 'King of Spain’ was not used until Charles’ son, Philip, became king in 1556.

Who knows…maybe they’re TIME TRAVELLERS? oh god another au for me to write