Paint tool SAI Tutorial - Clipping layers

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This Weeks Special Is Finally HERE  - Coco Coconut Patties

A Delicious Jamaican Recipe updated with Kosher Kush - 7 for $30. + shipping

This Cocoa Coconut Pattie is made around the fall in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean and Africa.  People love Coconut for its healing properties, yet the taste of Chocolate is the decadance that made these such a treat.

We take the finest freshly grated coconut and combine it with a melange of tasty favorites to make this old time favorite come alive with the kiss of Kush.  We add our famous 5 Kush Tincture to this recipe; in addition to the Kosher Coconut Cannabutter. we give you the homestyle taste many of you may remember from your childhood. except as an adult you deserve more.

this is the Kosher equivelant to every kids dream candy

  • shredded coconut
  • canna coconut butter
  • coconut water
  • florida cane sugar
  • sweet condensed coconut milk
  • fine african cocoa powder
  • 5 Kush tincture
  • toasted sliced almonds
  • coconut essence flavoring

We keep it simple and delicious for our friends with special diets - Non Gluten and Vegan; Kosher.  No Peservatives so you need to eat them up within two weeks and store them in a cool place.

shipping and payment are simple as pie because we’ve thought this through

  • We use google wallet so that you dont pay a fee,
  • and no questions are asked.
  • Google verifies both of us so theres no sketchy business there either.
  • everything is trackable and online for easy access.

we use the usps priority mail boxes for fast descret shipping. we know its important to know where your goodies are and with the tracking provided by usps we give you the enjoyment of watching your goodies arrive to your door.  

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Remember this is Candy, not anything else so please Police Stop Asking Where We Ship From and Where Our Website Is - NADA

Thanks for Your Support and remember send a message here on Tumblr to order. tell us what you’d like and also your gmail address so that we can set up your order quickly.  We Appreciate Your Support.

anonymous asked:

📚 share 3 books that you love and your favourite quote from them for Teddy?

TEDDY: * Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian.  It had this quote about why Arnold, the protagonist, draws. He draws because words are too limited and unpredictable. He also has a lisp and stutter like I do so I relate to him. 

TEDDY: * He was also born with funky brain issues and dealt with lots of stuff out of his control but he never faltered. He’d pick himself up and find hope. 

TEDDY: * So Arnold Spirit Jr. means a lot to me. He left his home to go to school somewhere where he had a chance of hope, and didn’t get it. In fact, he went through hell and peservered through it all and turned out fine.  

TEDDY: I’m also a fan of Norton Juster’s The Phantom Toolbooth. There was a quote about not being afraid of learning from your mistakes because it’s better to be wrong with the right reasons than right for the wrong ones. 

TEDDY: * It was a good book full of wordplay and gave lots of life messages. 

TEDDY: * You can’t expect me to rate a 3rd one, right? It was hard enough to pick these two from my top favorites. There’s the entire Uglies series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, tons of classics… [He lists more series of books, clearly delighted.]