pescatarian life

My boyfriend just sent me this. On the left is a photo he took of me in March after the gym. On the right is a selfie from a few days ago. Progress, man. Sometimes it’s good to look back and see how far you’ve come.


Thai rice wrapper spring rolls filled with finely julienned vegetables and prawns and served with a sweet chilli, soy and lemon dipping sauce. They were a bit unsubstantial for the Lovely Man, so he had a hard boiled egg too :)

On a better note, cooking habits shined tonight.

Haven’t cooked for awhile and since I’ve been trying this Pescatarian lifestyle, figured I might as well let my creative juices flow. So I’ve decided to cook up a nice vegetarian flatbread pizza. Bella Mushrooms, Baby Spinach, Sun-dried Tomatoes, &cheeses galore on whole wheat tortilla. 

Before the bake:

After the bake:

The end results? Deliciously tasty. Could’ve baked it for a couple more minutes because it wasn’t as crispy as I hoped for it to be but it was still good post workout food. Healthy & no bloating feeling! HA. It was paired off with a Caesar salad (not pictured, it was pretty ordinary). It was a comfortably light evening. 

Happy dining, tumblrheads!