How a Gun Control Petition Went from Tumblr to Washington DC

I created the petition “Immediately address the issue of control through the introduction of legislation in Congress” as a knee-jerk reaction in mid-December of last year. It was a way of gaining control over a situation I had no control over. After the awful extent of the Sandy Hook shootings became clear, I felt disoriented. The mind tends to turn toward blame, but the murder of twenty children and six school officials was, and will always be, a hard thing to wrap my head around.

I knew that if there ever were a tipping point for effective gun control, this would be it. So, I wrote a petition. My primary goal was to appeal to both sides of the debate. Writing an incendiary, partisan petition benefits no one. The vast majority of gun owners are people who have the Constitutional right to own one, several, or many guns, and singling these people out was wrong. Simply put, the petition was intended to start a realistic dialogue about guns and their role in the United States. We have a gun problem, plain and simple.

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Here’s Obama’s response to the gun control petition launched by Perzadook.

perzadook  asked:

True Story: I've been struggling to find something cool to give to my dad for his birthday, and what I got is pretty much perfect (seriously). I was even going to get a long sleeve shirt for myself, but times are tight over here (like hilariously so). Your photos are great. NOT A PITY PURCHASE, just good tumblr timing on your part. Post this so people know the truth! Buy Bobby's garbage!™

Oh man, you are far too kind. Thank you, that’s awesome. I hope you’re dad likes my garbage! 

And It Has Been Answered... #AcademyAwhydidIdothis

The game is afoot, and we have come to terms. Oscar Challenge 14 has commenced and a victor will have her (Noelle’s) spoils. 

Once again, it is winner-take-all for all categories for tomorrows awards, and the loser must acquiesce to the successors rewards, or do dumb stuff on Tumblr.

And so it goes, the terms of The Bet:

  • (If Noelle is the [Prophesied, Clearly Ultimate] Winner: 

Lots of you are lovely, and take lovely selfies. My gambit is to have Chris re-create these selfies after they are published, including wigs, props, and possibly some legs. He is to publish ten (10) of these from March 3-March 31 of his choosing. This means that the selfies  you publish will be lovingly recreated by the be-bearded Chris Huff (@beerburritowhiskey). This is in no way a mockery but an homage. This also means that you are welcome to put him into compromising positions. I have requested leg pics.

 That means that ya’ll can get creative and pose in various fashions that would be funny on a (handsomely) aging 36 year-old. 

  • If [the skies open up and Lucifer himself changes the natural course of history and] Noelle loses:

As was suggested and subsequently amended by @perzadook (followed!), in the unlikely case I am thwarted… which is unlikely (hubris!) I will submit to four (4) audio-only monologues from Oscar-winning movies (one of which will be chosen by me), posted on Mondays, …recorded while completely hammered on Saturday night. I have no right to veto these recordings and I will be super wasted. 

All of these events will be posted on both Tumblrs and we hope will be reblogged. Thank you for participating, and God help us all. 

perzadook  asked:

Does having two masts make the boat faster?

Two masts can give you more sail area, but so can one mast with one really big sail. Primary benefit is flexibility in sail handling - with two sails you have more options for adapting to wind conditions. You also need more hands to handle sail, though. 

The speed of a boat is mostly limited by the type of hull and the length of the boat. Longer = faster top speed by virtue of a bunch of complicated water physics. Little speedboats go fast by skipping along the top of the water, so they’re working with a different set of equations than bigger displacement hulls.

Boats are great!

perzadook replied to your post “perzadook replied to your post “This Tom Hardy Krays movie, Legend,…”

Yeah I mean Legend is dumb. It’s not AWFUL, just ultra forgettable and pointless. Warrior is a “fantastic” movie though. I usually cry watching that.

It kinda wasted my time. Like, I don’t mind a bad movie, but this was annoying, and it wasted two critical hours I could’ve devoted to a Star Trek marathon, football, or Bad Girls Club. I won’t forget this slight, and I won’t forgive that. 

perzadook  asked:

With being fairly descriptive, talk about the next 2-3 years for you. Specific plans, fears, good/fun things you are planning to do etc.

Well, I’ve got two years of school left so the next 2-3 years should be big ones in the grand scheme of things. This fall I’ll be transferring to a larger (read: better) university to finish out my English degree so I can go on to have a career in something I’m currently unaware of.

I’m also in a long distance relationship with the lovely deneece and so that factors into a lot of my plans. We have no real idea logistically how to make it happen** but the short term plan is to move her to Canada temporarily for a while or the duration of my degree. Once I’m finished the plan is for both of us to head back to America, where we belong.

I won’t even get into fears, I’m a bit too afraid of them. That’s a lot of difficult stuff to accomplish and right now I’m counting on all of it working out. So obviously my fear is that I know there’ll be bumps in the road.

I’ve also just started a new job this week and while I’m still in training I’m really enjoying it and making decent money for the first time in a long time. It was originally just going to be for the summer but the plan now is to stay full time for the summer and then go part time through the school year. Really hoping that pans out.

** If you know anything about immigrating to Canada or temporarily working there, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease message me.

perzadook replied to your post: I am so fascinated by Todd in…

When Todd smiled in last episode, during the re-telling of how he killed the kid, that was next level sociopath. I don’t think Snoop necessarily enjoyed inflicting pain, it was just a means to an end. Make sense? I could be way off.

Hmm I think Todd was just like ‘I solved the problem!’ and was happy because of that. Like he didn’t have any interest in the fact that he KILLED A KID. It was just a thing that was a problem and he fixed it rather than getting a kick out of the actual death. Same with Todd shooting that woman - it’s nothing personal.

Jesus can you imagine. 

If genuine, we are appalled by the brutal murder of an innocent American journalist and we express our deepest condolences to his family and friends.
—  National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden • Discussing the video purportedly showing photojournalist James Foley being killed at the hands of ISIS, reported as retaliation for U.S. airstrikes on Iraq. Though it’s not confirmed, Foley has been missing for nearly two years, reportedly kidnapped while on the ground in Syria. Our policy on the video follows perzadook’s: We ain’t linking to it.