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Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Broken Promises’

BTS reaction

BTS reaction about seeing you walking down the stairs in a short tight dress.

He would be really protective and tell the members to not look at you because you already belong to him. this Gif is so cute I can`t 

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He wouldn’t really show a reaction but get really jealous if you talk or look at someone. He thinks you look really good in the dress but he can’t express it because he would get flustered.

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He is the one that makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. He’d shower you in compliments. (He probably also would grab your butt when nobody watches.)

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Rap Monster
Rap Monster would smirk at you while seeing you walking downstairs. He would take you close to him and whisper into your ear what he wants to do later when you both get home.

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Jimin was the one that picked the dress out such a perv lol. He would always grab you by the waist and move you closer to him. You would end up dancing with him on the dance floor really closely.

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He’s also more protective and would push the members away from you. But he would be happy if you are happy and at the end he would be the one ripping the dress off your body.

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He’d be a blushing mess. He would stare at your body for a minute without noticing until his hyungs made fun of him. He’d take your hand because he would be scared of losing you. who would leave him tho?

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