ok i really need to stop now

i already spammed more than usual

yet i still have dozens of glorious blonde hae picturesbut there will be other spams and it looks like donghae is not planning to go back to that hair so they are rare treasures. sob. give me a bucket for my fucking creys.

but other than that yay for pervingonhae’s 100th post!

hope our spams are making you and your hormones happy

actually i dont know if i did any good tonight i was way too emotional, aka pms-ing.

so im ending tonight’s spam with another pic of haemoobs, because i can, so i will.

so i made some changes on the blog

it took me a whilebecause im a lazy assbut i finally did it

a while ago a lovely anon asked me if i could do captions visible, because he/she didnt have a tumblr. tbh i never thought that people outside of tumblr visit this blog but knowing that made me happy >3< 

so hope those nice people without tumblrs didnt give up one me and pervingonhae yet; if you’re still visiting this page, enjoy!!

Who wants a Fantasy Friday?

so i was sitting on my bed and thinking about the fantasies i wanna try on hae

yup, thats how i roll all day long

then i also wondered what’s on my followers’ minds

go anon or not lol and share your fantasies

well actually im a pretty cliché bitch so i’d also like to learn some creative ones kekeke.

so wanna do this? fantasy friday?


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