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The Iron Garden

Hello all you beautiful people! I am excited to share my work for Gajevy week 2017. While this story does not follow a prompt I have been working on it for a couple of months now and wanted to share it during this Gajeel and Levy extravaganza!

This is my very first ever shared fanfiction! I am really excited to share it with all you beautiful and obsessed Fairytail friends. This is all about my favorite couple and how they began working in the council and the adventures within. I am a perv when it comes to these two little lovebirds so please believe me when I say rated M. A big ol throbbing, tingling, wet, moaning M (Ya catching my drift?).

Well let’s get on with it! Please review, comment, advise and so on (virtual hugs are also appreciated). I don’t own Fairytail, infact it more owns me with the amount of time I spend obsessing over it. Meh I could have sold my soul to worst things. Bahaha I am really excited, nervous and tingling all over!

Welcome to the Magic Council! This story follows the entrance of Gajeel, Levy and Pantherlily into their council life. The emotional trauma which occurred after the disbandment of the guild and the adventures within. Gajeel has a dirty mouth that can’t be contained nor his sexual desire for our favorite bluenette! So ye be warned for crude language with lemons ahead!

For @kuro-kelly, from her AU cinnamon roll!Nozomi with her whipped gf eri also her sweater request. Here you go, I tried to mix it up which might not end up well lol

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all your favs are pervs and/or assholes. that's not meant to be offensive it's just an observation. 8)

Let’s see, a list of the favs I’ve posted already, based on the first impression you’d probably get from the character(at least in my opinion):

Kyohei Rikudoh: asshole and perv.

Zen: asshole, and perv comes later.

Laito Sakamaki: asshole and perv.

Huedhaut: asshole, and perv but that’s a bit later.

Kent: asshole, I don’t think perv ever really applies.

Ryoichi Hirose: asshole and perv.

Noiz: asshole and perv.

Kiyoto Makimura: asshole and perv.

Shit man, you’re right.

If this doesn’t say a lot about my personality I don’t know what will.

Have to get this off my chest.

Since I’ve become friends with @kyzer-aqueron and @kawaii-daisy I felt more welcome and comfortable at first, but recently I felt uneasy because I don’t know if this would be okay with my mom. I broke down a bit and she told me I could tell her anything that was on my mind. So after a while, I told her about the friends I’ve made and how they’re older than me. I TOLD HER THAT NO ONE WAS THAT KIND OF PERSON YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OF PERSON IM TALKING ABOUT RIGHT??? BUT I WAS SURE OF IT AND TOLD HER I KNEW SO, WHICH WAS TRUE. She was accepting of it in the end. She told me that I knew what was and wasn’t appropriate, which is true, and also that I knew that if any creepy perv were to come upon me, then I unfriend them and mention them NO MORE. But I know NONE of my friends are like that. They are caring, considerate, supportive, funny, talented people who devote their lives to what they love doing. That’s what I love most in my friends, near or far. Keep going, keep being happy and keep doing what you enjoy doing! I care about you more than you believe. And that is a fact.

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Hello. Sorry that you had to go through all that unsolicited dick pics stuff. I just don't get it as to why guys do that. I mean, yes they are pervs, but come on, why don't they put the time to get to know someone before even thinking of sending dick pics.

Yes, thank you, anon! I’m in no way against dicks, or pics… but when they’re sent to me as the first introduction in a message without striking up a decent conversation beforehand (like I’m a human being, not a fucking vagina), and getting my go-ahead, I get super cranky and delete them without responding.

👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼Why? Because it makes me feel cheap… like these guys think I’m fucking easy. 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼

Moms shipping Scorbus

That awkward moment when you are hanging out with another mom at your children’s play date, discussing Cursed Child (which you lent to them) and she is talking about the ending and how she thinks Rose may eventually see Scorpius’ strengths as a partner since he is a lot like Hermione, and you just bite your tongue.

Then a few unbearable minutes later she says “But I was kind of confused because I really thought Rowling was setting the two boys to be gay…” and you let out all the breath you didn’t know you were holding and say “Yes! This is such a huge thing in fandom right now. It’s even gotten media attention, they’re calling it queer baiting.” And she is like “Oh I’m glad I wasn’t just imagining things.”

And then you talk about all the subtext and the way scenes were framed and lines were delivered. And she might not be a shipper but thank all the gods she doesn’t think you’re a perv for coming to that conclusion. Oh I am so relieved!

Imagine: He watches you cooking.

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My mom always told me not to cook with headphones. ‘What if an intruder walked in’ was always her argument. I never cared. I never had reason to. I’ll admit, moving in with Jay made me nervous, who knows what perv photographer would decide to come barreling through the door or come up to the window? Old habits die hard, and tonight was no different. Dubstep could only be heard at an unreal decibel and preferably as close to the eardrum as possible. Today was particularly loud, and I was into it. Dancing and all. 

How long he had been there watching before jumping on me I don’t know. In a flash of a second his arms were around my waist, his voice dark and low in  my ear…growling. “Didn’t your Mom ever tell you it wasn’t polite to tease men like that?” My heart thumping, a scream crawling its way up my throat. As if reading my body he clamped a hand over my mouth. 

“My boyfriend will be here any minute!” His hand traveled lower, traveling down my underwear stroking me. As soon as it was there it was gone. He flipped me over on the counter, his body between my legs. Immediately I started laughing, slapping him on the arm. “Justin! You scared the shit out of me!”

“Shhhh baby. Better make this quick. That boyfriend of yours will be here any minute.” He pulled his shirt off, and i, immensely turned on, quickly pulled his pants down. His hard on making me wet. He slammed it into me, a loud moan escaping his mouth. He shuddered with pleasure and kept going, going in and out, over and over until my I couldn’t see straight. My sweaty back was beginning to stick to the counter. I grabbed a fistful of hair and moaned his name loudly, my hips bucking to meet his where they came. 

“Y/N you’re so sexy babygirl. Fuck.” He a ran a hand through his hair, bringing it down, he licked his finger, beginning to twirl it around my nipple. I bucked harder, unable to speak, but begging him to go harder. He leaned over, his mouth sucking on my nipple where his finger left, his thrusts coming in fast. He came fast and all of a sudden. The sight of him cumming always enough to send me over the edge. We fell in a heap on the counter, panting. 

“Oh shit Jay.” I sighed, wiping my forehead.

“You looked so damn delicious over there dancing. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Turn the stove off. Looks like my boyfriend is running a little late. Wanna go again?” I suggested with a wink. He threw me over the shoulder popping my ass, as he ran us down the hall kicking the door shut behind us.

Imagine N as a prince who‘s forced to dress as a princess so his bankrupt father can marry him into money. N is constantly terrified of ending up with an old perv, but then Prince Sanghyuk comes along and loves him even when he finds out N’s a man.

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#ore monogatori#yeah i mean#other than they made yamato focus all her energy on impressing takeo#it a good show

Okay, I actually want to talk about this bc I find it a really interesting aspect of the show.

There are of course things to criticize about the show-reliance on the damsel in distress cliche, not a lot of characterization for Yamato’s female friends, that scene about kissing between Takeo and Suna a few eps back- but Yamato focusing on wanting to impress Takeo in her swimsuit this episode isn’t something I see as problematic myself.

This is only from my limited perspective, but a lot of the humor in the show comes from Yamato being way more of a sexual being than Takeo expects, because he hasn’t been taught to see girls as capable of that stuff so much.

Takeo is a good kid re: women. He goes out of his way to make sure he doesn’t make any woman feel threatened or uncomfortable. He seems very aware of how horrible that is. But one thing he doesn’t seem aware of is that women can also have sex drives.

This is understandable. Obvs I don’t have much of an understanding of Japanese culture/context, but I do get the impression Takeo was raised knowing that men are often sexually aggressive and make women uncomfortable- and vowing NOT TO BE THAT KIND OF MAN and to STOP ALL MEN HE SEES DOING THAT.

But at the same time, he probably never heard or was told that women can have sexual thoughts, have sex drives and want to initiate sexytimes too. He knows a narrative where women are always the unwilling recipients and always the victims. He really doesn’t ever consider that Yamato might be turned on  by HIM because of this.

Which doesn’t mean he shames women when they show sexual feelings- we’ve seen that in the show when he responded to Yamoto’s confession. He just doesn’t seem to ever anticipate it.

The humor comes from the fact Yamato is WAY MORE TURNED ON and is THINKING WAY MORE SEXUAL THOUGHTS than he knows. She spent the entire last episode super turned on about spending the night with him and he assumed she must be worried.

It’s the same in this episode. He never considered that Yamato might want swimsuit sexytimes to happen. He never considered that seeing him without his shirt on my give her butterflies. Yamato specifically says the reason she wants to impress Takeo in her swimsuit is because HE ALWAYS TURNS HER ON so she wants to give him that feeling too! She NEARLY PASSES out at the thought of him in a swimsuit, she is totally spaced out about seeing him with his shirt off. I think more of the episode is devoted to her wanting to GET IT ON than wanting to impress Takeo per se.

Takeo is a sweet kid, but he gets this idea that women are always like, sexless pure beings or whatever (and to his credit, he would never diss a woman for not living up to that expectation, it’s just his mindset because he’s ignorant). Yamato is proof that this isn’t the case, and that’s the humor of the show and misunderstandings they have.

(Seventeen) When You Get Hit on but Show Pride That You’re with Someone (Rap Unit)

Title seems confusing, but when reading this, I think you’ll understand 

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You guys were on a walk late night walk in the city, enjoying the night air, when someone came into view and grabbed your butt, make you scream out in surprise. Immediately you turn around and start chewing the perv out. “Oh come on, why don’t you come chill with me? I can show you a great time.” Seungchol was about to whip out his tae-kwon-do action on this loser, but you intervened, avoiding confrontation. 

“No thanks, I’m actually with someone, obviously. Good-bye.”

He would be proud that you stood up for yourself and soooo happy that you didn’t have him fight. When I’m sure he would be happy to do so, you didn’t let this continue.

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To be honest once the cat calling actually happened, Wonwoo would probably just shuffle uncomfortably, trying to ignore it; but since it’s aimed towards you he would fall in love with you all over again once you defend yourself. As soon as you make your statement clear, he would wrap his arm around you shoulder pulling you closer to him. 

“You know I love you right?”

“Heh, I know.”

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You guys were waiting in line, hand-in-hand, about to buy tickets when this guy came up to you and started inviting you to watch a movie with him.

“No, I’m actually with my boyfriend.” you say watching the guy get embarrassed and walk away. 

Mingyu would be so happy and proud that you took care of it yourself and would love you even more for that knowing that he chose a great girlfriend.

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He was shocked to hear you stand up for yourself THAT quickly. Like as soon as the stranger could even finish his sentence, straight up: “Um I don’t know if you can’t see this, but I’m with my man right now so I would appreciate it if you just leave.” He (Vernon) wouldn’t have to say anything, you made your point across and he would just direct you both somewhere else, leaving the stranger looking like an ass.

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