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meowdoglover  asked:

May I please ask how the 2ps would react to when on a windy day walking with their S/o, a gust of wind blows and the s/o skirt gets flipped up and the 2p can see their panties?

2p!America: “Hot damn!” He would like it. A lot.

2p!China: “Nice ass, kitten” He’ll just be the perv he is.

2p!England: *infinite blushing *

2p!France: No reaction. He’ll just pull you to a corner and be pretty pervy as usual.

2p!Canada: “Be more careful. You don’t want something bad to happen to you.” Caring as always.

2p!Russia: He’s not going to say anything, but he’s gonna (maybe) grab that ass. And boi, he will have a dirty mind for the rest of the day.

2p!Germany: *see 2p!America*

2p!Italy: *What a view.“ He’s gonna like it, but he’s not gonna let someone else get there.

2p!Japan: *insert hentai music* "Well… Isn’t it a great day for something fun?” He’s gonna do it. Outside it is.

2p!Austria: “Oh my, the devil really did send me a pretty little demon! I am glad.” He’ll like it, but won’t bother you with it.

2p!Prussia: *see 2p!England*

2p!Romano: “My, you have such a beautiful body!” He’ll be just in the mood to talk about how perfect you would look un some dress he made.

2p!Lithuania: “Well isn’t this a nice view.” This boi has something I mind.

2p!Estonia: Won’t say anything. But, he is thinking some interesting stuff in that little head of his.

2p!Latvia: He’s gonna grab that ass.

Today will be dedicated to someone who is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. Our precios, loyal puppy who loves Inspirits more than anyone and is willing to sacrifice himself to make us happy. The person who carries so muhc in his heart - love, pain, loyality, longing, happiness, sadness - he is strong and brave enough to cry infront of us.
Today is his day on perving on Infinite.

-Admin L

today would wrap up the two weeks i have spent with you dear inspirits, it has been a great adventure so far and i enjoyed every minute of it, i hope you enjoyed it more than i did though i know you did enjoy it very much you perverts ;) , also i apologize for my lack of updates in the second week since school resumed around then, but for today i will post as much as i can and confidently i will be picked once more to perv on this great blog and over our sexy devillish beautiful handsome boys plus meet amazing and dedicated fans like you.

-Admin MJ