iambestfriendshawol asked:

i really want to know what has happen to Bestfriends today.. i'm completely lost..why have we become pervfriends??:D

This, my friend :)

had to link someone else’s cuz my theme is stupid

but that’s not the only version, rofl.. there are many more … 3 of them, you can find here xD

and NO, our fandom name did not turn into pervfriends .. it’s just a sub-fangroup to besfriend as taetiseo is to GG xD

You know how Girls Generation has a sub-group called TaeTiSeo?

Then just think about PervFriend as a sub-fangroup of BestFriend, yeah? ;o

.. This means that WE’RE STILL CALLED BESTFRIENDS.. it’s just that some bestfriends cant manage their damn hormones. me!