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6/14/2015- Gleeful misread a few things and wanted to get “Physical” with Pacifica but the blonde disagreed and is now punishing the taller for her perverted mind lolol. That’s how I’m seeing it after reading that message lol. Seriously, be specific at times okay? Don’t confuse me… c:


*Bum tries to pass without being seen*
Bum: Sangwoo… Sangwoo… *Glance*
Sangwoo: She didn’t say anything?
Bum: No…Nothing…
Sangwoo: Ugh…That perverted granny. Not saying anything when you’re dressed like that… Come on.

Sangwoo: Want to lead the way?
Bum: Okay…???
Sangwoo: *Looks Bum’s butt* …I want to touch it…
Bum: Have you said something?
Sangwoo: Nop :D (That butt grrrrrr)

“Not Like Other Girls” January 2015. The Pep Talk Girls.

Inspired by this post:

“Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to.”— “You’re not like other girls.” Shut the fuck up. (via cutely-perverted)

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when a girl buys a vibrator, its seen as a bit of naughty fun. BUT when a guy orders a 240 Volt FuckMaster Pro 5000 blowup latex doll with 6 speed pulsating vagina, elasticized anus with non-drip semen collection tray, together with optional built in realistic orgasm scream surround sound system, hes called a pervert??????

Ugh you guys on here stress me out

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o hamlet! taehyung please.

O Hamlet: my character sees your character’s ghost.

There were a lot of things that sucked in this world, but you thought that having a ghostly boyfriend was the worst of them all.

Of course, tragedies weren’t like cups of flour. They couldn’t be measured out in teaspoons or cups, so you had no way of labelling yours with an objective number value. On a scale of runaway pet dog to world hunger, where does an undead, spectral boyfriend fit in? But you supposed that it didn’t really matter. Grief was subjective, so if you said that yours was the worst, then the world would simply have to accept it and leave it at that.

Not that you weren’t justified in your line of reasoning. When your lover was a semi-transparent spirit who was able to walk through solid objects and hang suspended in the air, probably anybody would have agreed with you and said how, mildly speaking, freaking miserable it was. There were so many things you wanted to do together, but death stood in the way of them all. You couldn’t touch. You couldn’t kiss. You couldn’t do the- ahem- unmentionables, which was absolute torture when you both were horny and aching for some good ol’ fashioned release (it had both amused and impressed you to learn that yes, ghostly boners were actually a thing).

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SHINHWA Burning Your Bias List AGAIN & AGAIN

this polite never aging signature greetings ~

seriously look at that M Sytle AEGYO!

and that ZOMDY surprise kiss of love ~

there goes that epic Jinnie Bae polished poker face..

and Oppayam’s high cheekbones ~

Eric Oppa’s ugh.. uhm.. perverted hands?! XDDD

there on the other side is our modest little prince Hyesung Oppa..



and until the end.. THEY ARE SHINHWA, the legendary BIAS RUINERS


Pairing: NaLu

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,271

Prompt: every time you sneak out of your damn house you go through my yard and my dogs won’t shut up and I am tired of it prepared to be soaked with water guns on your way to your next party

“Not this time, you jerk!” 

A very angry blonde jolted out of her bed and pressed her face to the window, overlooking her backyard. The glass was foggy, making it difficult to see anything, but she knew.

Every single Friday night for the past month her stupid, obnoxious neighbor hopped the fence and ran through her yard, causing her dog Plue to go ballistic. If only her little white shi-tzu was actually intimidating, it might have stopped the guy from trespassing, but no

Who the heck was this kid anyway? 

Lucy was new in the neighborhood and had only ever managed to see the back of a messy pink head as he descended on the other side of the fence.

Pink hair, honestly! What kind of place did her dad drag her to?

Whatever it was it didn’t matter at the moment because the culprit was about to get away.

She’d carefully lain her slippers by the bedroom door and, shuffling them on, she dashed down the hallway to the sliding glass door. 

Her father, a very heavy sleeper, was completely oblivious to the racket Plue was making. She had to give the dog some credit though; for all the ferocity he lacked at least he was willing to put forth some effort to be intimidating.

She could hear the boy’s muffled laughter as the little dog tried to sound fierce from his spot in the kennel. Lucy was even more peeved now; she couldn’t wait to teach this jerk a lesson.

Slipping through the door, she snatched up her strategically placed weapon and quickly pumped air into the chamber, only stopping when she had to use all her strength to pull the lever back.

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1/? ♥ #12 vs. #24 

Yunho's coach walked up behind him.
"See him? Number 12? He's the captain. Watch out for him."

Yunho scoffed, "Don't worry. I think I can handle him."

He shook his head and wagged his finger in response.
"Keep an eye on his tactics. He likes to play rough."

"...I'd prefer that." Yunho smirked and headed to the field.


What about this one, since you’ve got the oneshot hidekane gears turning.

Hide hates OS Kaneki to begin with, he hates him more than anything. He hates him because he antagonizes his younger brother, Kuro (which is kuroneki, the one we love), and treats him like garbage.

OS Kaneki doesn’t care for Hide much anyway, he’s annoying, loud and worse, he’s a friend of Kuro’s. Though Kaneki makes the mistake of thinking he’s just like Kuro. He thinks he’s submissive, he thinks he lacks self esteem, and pretty much unable to fend for himself.

However, he sees the real Hide after Kaneki makes Kuro cry. It started out as a “harmless” prank.

Kaneki is a waiter at one of the cafes the college students go to, and because Kuro is his  younger brother, Kuro has to go to the cafe a after school. However, Hide always goes with him.

Both boys order something, Hide a cookie, and Kuro, iced coffee. Things go fine and dandy, however, until Kuro gets his iced coffee. Right when he drinks from it, out pops a green frog, croaking at him, and staring at him with the largest eyes.

Kuro is deathly afraid of frogs. As soon as he sees it, he goes ballistic. He starts screaming, and then he starts crying, and hten he starts bawling. Hide is doing everything he can to calm him down, but nothing is working. And to make matters worse, Kuro knocks the iced coffee on his pants, so now it looks like he’s peed on himself and there’s a frog on him. Humiliated and afraid, Kuro runs out of the cafe.  

They’re all laughing behind the counter, all of them. Kaneki is laughing the hardest. However, before he knows it, he’s on the ground with the bloodies nose ever known the man, and with the most vengeful blond on top of him, grabbing him by the collar.

“What the fuck is wrong with you man!? That’s your little brother,” it doesn’t take much for Hide to lift him (which is surprising, considering that Hide is human) and shove him against the wall, “Why are you always treating him like shit? You asshole!”

It’s not like Hide’s nature to physically hurt people, but he’s seen just what OS Kaneki’s treatment has done to Kuro. It hurts Hide to know that the source of his friend’s issues resides within his family. OS Kaneki treats him like shit, his twin (shironeki) avoids him to go hang out with his boyfriend, and Haise is never there.

So he let’s his anger get the best of him.

OS Kaneki, however, doesn’t stop him. He’s in love. He’s never really looked at Hide until now. His eyes are so beautiful  when they’re lit up with rage, his blond hair is the shade of the burning sun, his angry expression (though directed towards Kaneki) is one of the cutest things he’s ever seen in his life, the angry blush spreading across his cheeks is adorably.

And though he’s being beat senselessly into a pulp, the skin contact seems rather pleasant. Not to mention, Hide smells good when he’s angry and flustered.

Kaneki makes the mistake of casting a lewd smile towards Hide.

“Ugh, you pervert,” Hide drops him to the ground, “Stay away from me and your brother.”
Hide stomps out of the restaurant, eager to catch up with Kuro.

It’s Nishiki who comes to Kankei’s side first, “Damn, are you okay? He didn’t hold back.”
“I though Nagachika was human,” Touka pipes in, “But he beat you like he was a ghoul.”
Kaneki can’t even think properly though, “I think…” He begins, “I think I’m in love, and a little jealous of my brother.”
And much to Kaneki’s joy, there’s a pair of orange headphones on the table. He smiles, he’ll have to meet Hide again.