perversion is in our hearts

anonymous asked:

Hello. I was just wondering, as a Christian are you against gay people and other lgbt+ people? Personally I am Christian and I am not against them, but I think people should believe what they want to believe, especially in religion. Thank you for answering.

I’m absolutely for those people! I’m for them because God is for them. He loved them so much that He came down from heaven and died for them. 

I absolutely do not believe that people should believe what they want to believe! We’d end up worshipping ourselves if we just believed whatever sounded the best or the nicest or the most modern. 

Believe the truth. That God created to world and each one of us. That we decided to walk away from Him and that led to brokenness and perversion in the earth as well as in our minds, bodies and hearts. Believe the truth. That God Himself took on human form. That Jesus Christ was crucified and rose from the dead, winning victory over sin and death and providing a way for us to reconnect with the Father, and begin the process of healing all of this brokenness. Every problem in society stems from our decision to walk away from God. Every problem could be solved by deciding to follow Him again.