perverse fantasy

people keep making up “reasons” on why they hate pairings like sougou/hinayachi/aomomo by insulting the girl in question and make a huge deal out of it like.. relax edgelords just because it’s not yaoi doesn’t mean its not a good ship get outta here with your fujoshi bullshit you and me both know you only hate the girl because she gets in the way of your perverse fantasy of gay relationships

Prima speravo
di ritornarti in mente
poi mi è passata
la speranza, intendo
adesso ti chiedo
di non ricordare niente
di non pensarmi mai
di non sentire la mia mancanza
guarda, nemmeno per sbaglio
nemmeno di domenica
e se ti venisse voglia di vedermi
bacia un’altra
dille che è bella,
“mamma mia come sei bella”
odia la luna perché l’amavo tanto
anzi no,
distogli lo sguardo
eliminami dai tuoi cassetti
dalle tue fantasie perverse
non rischiare
di riscoprirti innamorato di me
non ti permettere
di scherzare
di comporre il mio numero
di comprarmi un regalo
di parlare di me
né, bada bene
di tornare.
—  Susanna Casciani

neurotics have perverse fantasies. One can see very well that it is not the same as perversion.

The fantasy the neurotic makes use of is what serves him best in defending himself against anxiety, in keeping a lid on it. … This objet a that the neurotic makes himself into becomes him much like gaiters do a rabbit. Thatswhy the neurotic never makes much of his fantasy. It succeeds in defending him against anxiety precisely to the extent that it is a postiche a.

that he doesn’t want to give anything bears a certain relation to the fact that his difficulty belongs to the realm of receiving.  … What you have got to teach the neurotic to give is the thing he doesn’t imagine, it is nothing, it is precisely his anxiety.


anonymous asked:

Grell has probably really perverse and disgusting fantasies. Like, holding hands, in public. Or hugging, and kissing someone on the cheek. Only the dirtiest of fantasies work for Grell...

OMG, how disgusting! O_o This needs to be censored.


Neptune: coma, drugs, alcohol, delusion, arts, bacteria, dreams, virus, illusion, victim, dancing, manipulation, poisons, sacrifice, music, obligations, confusion, escapism, martyr complex, imagination, visions, inspiration, unstable, perverse, universal love, oneness, fantasy.

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It's really hard to explain to people that asexuality, for me, doesn't mean "No nothing ever!!1!" it means I don't get why I HAVE to do anything. I know it adds extra layers of intimacy into a relationship, I've figured that out because of reading [good quality] smut and fics. But the trouble explaining to those who struggle to understand is that I'm not "No smut, no XXX, no fantasies, no perverseness" because I still crack sex jokes like other people do, I just don't care about DOING it. q-q

I understand your frustration. :)