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    Also, I need to clarify, this blog is extremely nsfw. The series Alex is from does have a lot of gore, violence, and sexual themes since it is a mafia based anime. I think there is some confusion that because she works as a singer/ secretary that this blog isn’t risque in content. That being said, I am 25 and I wish to post more adult themes including erotica and nsfw threads in all manners. I’m trying to no longer be embarrassed about this, it is without say though you may not abuse this. If at anytime I feel like their force with smut or if you are only here for these general themes, I will block you. My muse is very precious to me as I worked hard on her characterization and continue to so, she is not some perverse fantasy for anyone. I will only write this content with those I feel comfortable about, this update will also be going into the rules too.

Voglio un pensiero
capace di leggere
tutto ciò che si cela nella mia mente.
da scavarmi dentro.
da farmi arrossire.
all’altezza delle mie più perverse fantasie.

Elisabetta Barbara De Sanctis

I mentioned here that there are some interesting parallels between Littlefinger and Euron, and I just wanted to expand - Littlefinger is a thoroughly mundane Euron, the other rising Chaotic Evil villain of A Feast For Crows.

Where Euron runs off the perversion of high fantasy heroic narrative, Littlefinger is the low fantasy hero gone bad. Petyr once dreamed of defeating knights and great lords with his wits - and guess what? He could! Comparable to Euron turning his greenseer powers to the subjugation of others, Littlefinger turned his talents to betrayal and manipulation. Much as Euron spent his time building power pretending to be a pirate, Littlefinger has spent his time building power pretending to be nothing more than a wrangler of coins. The sheep fell for it both times.

The breaking of norms and collapse of societies is key to Littlefinger as it is for Euron, though their targets reflect their differing focus. Magic-oriented Euron, the godliest man who ever lived, breaks religious faith and magical taboos. Politics-oriented Littlefinger breaks chivalry and feudalism. He murders his liege lord, his wife, his stepson/ward, his patrons, his employees. He plots against his king, his foster father, his “lady love,” and ruins them all. There is no sworn relationship Littlefinger will not betray.

Their aims are obliteration. Euron of humanity, Littlefinger of society. As he tells Sansa,

“Is it all lies, forever and ever, everyone and everything?”

“Almost everyone. Save you and I, of course.”

- Sansa V, ASoS

It’s no accident that these two are the “winners” of AFFC. Littlefinger, with his arsenal of low fantasy tools, doesn’t have the sheer firepower to drop in and hijack the meta-narrative of the series as Euron does - but what we do see is a steady accumulation of influence and power, set to crystallise into a single massive political/economic threat in the person of Petyr Baelish. Prophecy cannot warn of Littlefinger and Euron in human imagery, depicting both as inhuman - a savage giant and a black and bloody tide.

Only a certain type of villain can grow fat off a feast for crows. Magical and mundane, Euron and Littlefinger are alike.

THREE {pt. 10}

Type: Halloween Special Series; Nine | Ten | Eleven 
Genre: Drama, Mature, Thriller
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 1,567
A/N: I consider THREE to be one of my more dark and unsettling works, so I do want to warn you guys to read it with caution as the story progresses.

Joshua finally returns home. After calming you down this morning, he helped you get ready for work. At first, he suggested you not go, but you insisted because you didn’t want to get in trouble with your manager. He walked you to the bus stop and even rode the bus with you and took the extra step to drop you off at the entrance.

If anything were to happen, whether it be you were feeling anxious or saw the strange man again, you were to call Joshua immediately. He would drop everything and come to you right away.

You also wouldn’t be returning home for a few days and instead would be staying at your friends. Joshua would keep a close surveillance of your house while you were away, but he knew it wouldn’t be needed.

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agesavage  asked:

Um hi? My name's Adrian, I got a voucher in the mail for a free mulligan at your company? I dont want to like, invent anything or steal anyone's music... No I've... ive got this really good idea for a tv show, but i think its too late to ever make it... I don't have anything else except just my blog, can you go back and like, make my younger self, like, rhink of all these ideas way earlier in life? I want to be a famous filmmaker already by now!

Rel Ative #2

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The woman looks you up and down with a smile: “Very well. You’re actually the first to ever use one of these vouchers. Here you go. Please follow me into the lab, where a time specialist will write down what you want to change about the past.”

You look at the woman in surprise. This seems a bit easy. You want to ask her where the catch is, but she’s already on her way and gesturing you to follow quickly. You do just that and are led to a small office with another woman sitting on a desk. You sit down on the other side.

“So.. Adrian is it?”. The woman has a cold attitude. “You want to put some ideas in your younger version’s head so that he can be successful earlier in life? It’s a common request honestly. I take it you do understand that with using the coupon you agree to take place in some more experimental procedures here at the company?”

“Experimental procedures?”, you ask. You hadn’t thought about that, but now you understand - why would they just give you access to such a costly technology for free? “What kind of experiment?”, you stammer.

“It’s nothing to worry about really”, the woman assures you. She looks up a few documents on her computer and seems to be browsing a list. “I do have some interesting experimental extras for your trip that fit your situation.”
“Will you tell me what they are?”, you wonder. The woman looks you up and down realizing that you’re about to bail out on the new information. “Really. I told you.. nothing to worry. One of the experimental methods is that instead of you actually writing down ideas on a sheet of paper, a machine will read your brain waves and automatically send everything to your past’s self. Isn’t that nice? You don’t have to do anything. We’re just trying to improve your experience.”
You feel a bit easier now, even though she has only revealed the meaning of one of the several checkboxes she has clicked. But it seems like they really only want to do the best possible service, so you agree to the terms. You’re led to the door and step through it.

The room behind it is completely white, like in sci-fi movies. Only a man in a white suit is inside waiting for you. You slowly move towards him. As the door closes behind you, you almost expect not to be able to breathe. That’s how alien this room looks to you. The man has a syringe in his hand. He tells you that he’ll need to inject you with this state-of-the-art anesthetic. As he does so, you feel the world get blurry and everything starts to spin slowly. It’s like being high, but soon your body loses the battle against the sleepiness. You fall on the floor and the last thing you see is more people in white clothes coming in to pick you up. Then everything goes dark.

“Welcome back to Jinkxed! The show where bimbos are made!” The crowd roars. Our candidates today have been more than interesting. Peter - a football coach - hasn’t started with a lot of IQ points, but has been able to keep more than our special guest Adrian - the original creator of this show. After five seasons he has finally admitted that when creating this show, all he really wanted was to be a candidate himself. He has been going to the randomizer four times every round so far and has been suffering the most amount of transformations I’ve ever seen somebody get this early in the game. Maybe he has been losing on purpose?” The camera is pointed at you. “How are you feeling Adrian?”

“Uhmm… like… super”, is what your mind scrambles together like on auto-pilot as the camera moves close to your face and you can see the reflection of a ditzy blonde bimbo with heavy makeup.
Your brain feels slow. What the hell is going on here? You vaguely remember the time travel service and the experiments. Oh shit! They must have messed up the ideas you had for tv shows and instead made your younger self interested in the same erotic fetishes you write up on your Tumblr blog. And now you are in the same situation - getting transformed into a fetish bimbo sex slave - and even worse, you chose to do so yourself. You feel a rush of horniness shoot through your body. The situation you’re in is both terrifying and extremely sexual. The fear of what you’ll turn out, in the end, is too much for you and a strong orgasm shakes your whole world. You want this. To give up control. To be transformed into your deepest darkest desires.

You realize you just had an orgasm on live tv. The tv host laughs and finally says: “Wow. The random orgasm card has really done a number on you. Anyhow, are you ready for your next path to the randomizer? Just hit the big red button in front of you, babe.”
As you hit the button you feel excited. What perverse fantasy of you will become true next?

“Aaand the slots are running. What will it be? Ohh there’s the first card - the high heel. Well looks like it’s game over for comfortable footwear for you. Your feet will be genetically altered so they always only fit in high heels. And here comes the second slot. Oh my.. another IQ drop. I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody go this low on their IQ. Oh my god it wasn’t finished. It’s a double .. noo a triple IQ drop. Is this even possible? Can somebody backstage confirm that we are even able to drop her IQ more than it already is? Wow.. the randomizer just keeps going so I guess it’s fine. And it’s one of the cruelest ones we have - the radar vision. Your eyes will forever only be able to focus on the biggest dick around you. It will help you find it so you can be an even better little bimbo. And the last one… uh, this is a special one. The leash. You’ll see what it does soon enough.

You’re brought backstage to the transformation machine, that you vaguely remember inventing yourself, because of your commitment to the bimbo fetish community from your early childhood. You always wanted to be a scientist just so you could invent this machine and your subconscious always wanted you to become the biggest bimbo there ever was. You started wearing women’s clothes and a chasity when you were just thirteen years old. Your mind must have been flooded with bimbofication porn. You’ve become a total sissy in this dimension. You think about how remarkable it is that you could’ve turned out to be in such a different position in this reality, but you cannot complete the thought because the machine starts its work on your brain and melts all thoughts away. You try to calculate simple math equations in your head to see if you’re still capable of basic thinking, but no matter how hard you try you cannot add one plus one together and soon you forget the concept of math or the idea that there is a “one” in the first place.

Only sexual energy remains. Horny. You’re so horny. Sex. “Fuck me”, you hear yourself say not sure to whom exactly, but your eyes are locked on the trousers of a man close to you.
You hear some strange mumblings that you cannot put into any words. Only the audience understands the language the presenter uses anymore and that your last card has been making you unable to walk. Instead, you’re bound to walking on all fours. As the next game continues nobody is able to stop laughing at you. They don’t see you as human anymore. This game has to do with some kind of forms on little fields, but you don’t understand.

Finally, the tv show host announces that you’ve lost this game as well. You’re brought to the randomizer a final time. This last game gave only one randomizer slot to you. It’s something no one in this show has seen before and even the production team look at each other in horror. Weeks later, you lay on the bed in the local brothel, getting fucked hard by a stranger. You are unable to move because your arms and legs have been removed. You’re so helpless and you love it. This is where you were meant to be. You feel like you’re nothing more than an expensive sex toy getting fucked by strangers several times a day. On the tv, there’s a news report about someone named Adrian - the inventor of a tv show and that apparently he has been cheating by preprogramming the randomizer. Of course, you don’t understand a word, but the guy behind you says: “Oh my god. The bitch did this to herself on purpose? How fucked up is that?”, but he doesn’t stop fucking you for a second.

Suddenly everything is dark again. You’re yourself again and you can think clearly. You hear voices in the distance. “Finally. We’re through. We’ve made it. We can take him back.”

You scream: “No stop… this is what I’ve wanted. I want to stay here.”, but it’s too late. You are sucked through the wormhole again and are back in your original reality - in your original body. You feel frustrated because you will never be able to feel the same bliss again in your life ever again.

Apparently, the company has been experimenting with a new technique that allows them to transport you back. You tell them that you didn’t want to go back and that everything was going exactly as you had planned it to go, but they only tell you that you can only get back by paying the regular amount of money, which is around a few million dollar. You are left here with the absolute need to become her - your perfect vision of bliss. Instead of falling into depression, though, you feel determined to go through with it and become the ultimate bimbo sissy in this reality as well. The future is yet to be written and you will be a dumb bimbo whore in it.


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Lost Children

The game progressed from there with everyone gradually getting more and more drunk as the questions became more and more provocative, as well as sometimes simply ridiculous.

At one point, Draco had wrapped his pink lips around the bottle, holding Harry’s eyes the entire time as his Adam’s apple bobbed, and Harry had thought he was going to explode. He’d received a particularly hard elbow to the ribs from Ron for that one.

“Never have I ever fancied Harry Potter,” Seamus said, drawing Harry from his slightly perverse Draco fantasies and causing him to splutter. “Sorry mate, you’re just not my type.”

Ginny laughed and held up the bottle, “Guilty.” He grinned at her before forgetting how to breathe when Hermione took an awkward sip from her drink, causing Ron to squawk indignantly.

“What?” Ron demanded, folding his arms over his chest.

“Well, first year Harry was so nice and-” Hermione trailed off blushing.

Pansy sighed, “For Merlin’s sake Weasley, we’ve all had a bit of a crush on Potter at one point.” Harry’s eyes bulged, and he stared at Pansy as if she’d grown a second head. Actually, he would have been less shocked if she’d grown a second head than hearing that confession. “Mine was sixth year about the time the whole Chosen One thing came out. You’d gotten less—” she waved her hand at him, a slight wrinkle to her brow, “how did Draco always describe him, Blaise?”

“Specky and scrawny,” Zabini offered, and she nodded with satisfaction.

Harry, who had been so shocked by this entire turn of events, swung his head around at the mention of Draco’s name to see him sitting there perfectly still, fingers tapping away at his bottle. “What?” Draco snapped, clearly sensing everyone’s eyes on him. “Yes, I am stung by Pansy’s betrayal, but I hardly see why you all find my reaction so fascinating.”

Draco Malfoy was many things, but stupid wasn’t one of them. Harry knew Draco knew that that wasn’t why everyone was staring at him. However, Harry also knew he wasn’t getting the reaction he wanted out of Draco, not in a situation like this. So Harry did the only thing he could think of: he evened the playing field.

“Never have I ever fancied Draco Malfoy,” he blurted out, biting down on his lip hard as Draco’s grey eyes darted to his.

Pansy sighed and took a sip of her drink. “Here we fucking go.”

Chapters 8 and 9 are now up

Re-reading Room by Emma Donoghue. Funny thing is: You can tell Donoghue went into this book deliberately not wanting Old Nick to be the “cool, interesting sociopath” we see in all the TV shows and movies. But he’s sort of creepier because of that.

The banality of evil, you know?

Most of his time in the novel consists of him complaining about taking out the garbage, bitching about all the renovations he has to do or all the groceries he has to buy. He sounds bizarrely like a henpecked husband at points. 

After all these years, he’s realized: This kidnapping stuff wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. (Ma notes more than once he’s gotten more miserable over time.)

It explains why Ma has gotten even more terrified of him by the time the book rolls around: She knows he mostly finds this situation an inconvenience now. But he’ll never let them go.

The foreclosure thing forced Ma’s hand, but I think the implication was: Her and Jack were on borrowed time anyway. Because this guy’s perverse fantasy just, eh, hadn’t turned out like he planned.

A chilling character, IMO.

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater Chapter Five

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater | Phan Skam AU. Internalized homophobia is probably one of the hardest obstacles to overcome, but it’s only made harder when the people around you don’t quite understand why you’re so afraid. When Dan Howell meets Phil Lester, he finally realizes he has to overcome that hurdle. | Phan | Mature | Internalized homophobia, Drugs, Alcohol, Underage drinking, Parties, Discussions of Religion, Sexual Comments, Smut, Bi-polar disorder | Ongoing Chaptered

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil, or any other youtube personalities.

This chapter: 3,367 words

(Previous) (Ao3)

Due to my own lack of forethought on how I was going to meld the UK a level systems with the Norwegian high school system, I have messed around a bit with the Russ Bus and Revue system as I had studied it to write this AU. Don’t worry, it’s all pretty self explanatory while reading, but anyone who understands the intricacies because they are Norwegian or because they studied Skam as well, just know that the change was intentional, and you don’t need to correct me. I’m just playing around with the concepts because of all the intermingling traditions and cultures that I’ve melded in this fic.

Chapter Five

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My PMs are open to chat but I can promise you I will not be nice to you if you launch into your bullshit fetish material without so much as an introduction.

Its exhausting and boring to repeatedly remind chumps that I’m here for me and nobody else. Trust me, if you fit into my fantasies I will let you know.

Part of my “fantasy” involves people who know how to have a conversation without non-consensually launching into role-play. Seems to be rare so I will keep dreaming!

With that said, feel free to say hello. Turning Asks on, even.

Crash Course - Rafe x Sam

Title: Crash Course
Fandom: Uncharted
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: Rafe/Sam
Rating: Adult
Words: 5,212 (this chapter)
Overview: On the other side of those prison gates, Rafe is the only thing Sam really recognises anymore. He doesn’t know how to cope with being back in the world, but Rafe needs him, so for now that’s enough - but how long can it possibly last before it all comes crashing down?

Notes: Set after Sam gets out of prison, in the two years before the game. Warnings for this chapter: masturbation, sexual fantasy. Many thanks to @thevaultmessiah and @zer0tucker for beta reading.

My first attempt at an Uncharted fic for my new OTP *___* also posted on my AO3 account here. Be gentle with me..

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Prima speravo
di ritornarti in mente
poi mi è passata
la speranza, intendo
adesso ti chiedo
di non ricordare niente
di non pensarmi mai
di non sentire la mia mancanza
guarda, nemmeno per sbaglio
nemmeno di domenica
e se ti venisse voglia di vedermi
bacia un’altra
dille che è bella,
“mamma mia come sei bella”
odia la luna perché l’amavo tanto
anzi no,
distogli lo sguardo
eliminami dai tuoi cassetti
dalle tue fantasie perverse
non rischiare
di riscoprirti innamorato di me
non ti permettere
di scherzare
di comporre il mio numero
di comprarmi un regalo
di parlare di me
né, bada bene
di tornare.
—  Susanna Casciani

people keep making up “reasons” on why they hate pairings like sougou/hinayachi/aomomo by insulting the girl in question and make a huge deal out of it like.. relax edgelords just because it’s not yaoi doesn’t mean its not a good ship get outta here with your fujoshi bullshit you and me both know you only hate the girl because she gets in the way of your perverse fantasy of gay relationships

There is something oddly exciting reading other peoples perverse fantasy or confessions. Weather they are Fact or fiction moral or immoral, I agree or disagree. There is a dark edgy eroticism hearing someone confess his/her lusts sins fetishes taboos.