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(from ask-dragon-quest-louis) louis:@chara: soo... are you a ghost or are you alive? its kinda heard for me to tell who's alive or not ...

*Also, I am corporeal.

*Therefore not a ghost.


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So what is your relationship like? Is it cute and cuddly or are there some other aspects as well? *Nudge nudge wink wink*

A-anyway, we have a relationship like anyone would expect, arguments inlcuded. In fact… it’s more like we have those cuddly moments very rarely. We just don’t show the other aspects.


Blind?: Teen Top Chunji Smut

For the anon who requested this; I’m really sorry if its not exactly what you expected. I tried to play off your idea as best as I could and make it more relatable… hope you enjoy :D

Pushing the key into the lock of the front door. You held onto your best friend really tight; walking you both to the inside of your apartment. Shutting the door with your foot and tossing your bag to the floor. Making sure your best friend was in site and close to you. Setting him on the couch; you went to fetch some water and snack for the both of you.
“You still can’t see anything?!” you questioned, hoping he heard you.
“I’m temporarily blind; not deaf!” he yelled back.
“And who’s fault is that!?” you walked back to your friend, Settling the snacks and glasses of water on the table. “If you had listened to the doctor; you would have been seeing perfectly fine” you commented.
If taking your best friend Chanhee to the doctor wasn’t pain enough; you had to take care of his for the next couple days. If only he had not been himself and actually LISTENED to the instructions given from the nurse and doctor; he would have been fine. But just like Chanhee would, he had to disobey and believe he was invincible, rendering him partially and temporarily blind.
“Why are you talking to your visually impaired friend this way! What if I stay like this forever” he stayed, throwing his hands in the air and gesturing intensely.
“Oh please stop being dramatic” you scoffed, grabbing the bottle of water and placing it in his hands; ordering him to drink some.
You could hear him gulp down the drink; allowing you to relish in the quiet that wouldn’t last long.
“Here…” you heard him say, pushing the bottle towards you before you could catch it in your hand. Dropping it onto your lap; water splattering all over your legs and  some on your stomach. You squealed at the chill from the ice cold water; sending a sharp pain down the areas it hit. Gasping you tried to pat off the dripping water.
“What! What happened!?” he questioned seemingly concerned.
“Chanhee you idiot! You spilled water all over me!” you stated through clenched teeth.
“What! Here let me help!” he suggested, throwing his hands in the air towards your body.
You growled at him; causing him to flinch lightly and pull his hands away.
“It’s really sweet that you would want to help, really it is. But THAT’S NOT WHERE THE WATER SPILLED! YOU PERVE!” you smacked the side of his head. And pulling your chest away far away from his wondering grasp.
Sighing heavily you walked away from the sofa and headed to the bathroom. Grabbing a towel and patting yourself with it.
“Chanhee, do you have a change of clothes, mine are completely soaked” you called out from the bathroom.
“Sure go look in my room!” he responded back. You walked out from the bathroom and headed towards the bedroom and scrimmaged for a spare change of clothes. Thinking one of his shirts and a pair of gym shorts would work best; until your clothes dried.
Stripping yourself of the wet clothes; you placed them on the bed neatly. Reaching for the spare clothes, you could hear a grunt behind you; causing you to turn around. Seeing Chanhee at the door,
“Did you find a pair?” he asked, seemingly oblivious to your half naked state.
“YAH! GET AWAY!” you screamed, embarrassment radiating off your body. You pulled the clothes on your body as quickly as possible. Stomping your way to the still present Chanhee.
“What do you think your doing!?” you questioned.
“What do you mean?” he responded.
You would have just passed it off this time; with his temporary impairment and all. But if it wasn’t for the slight tint of rose on his cheeks; you would have just let it be. That tint on his cheeks meant something.
“Why are you blushing?” you asked, extremely curious.
‘W-w-what?! I am not!“ he demanded.
His face now emanating rosy red. It clicked; every gear in your mind falling into place. The light bulb lit. He could see; everything.
Your eyes wide and cheeks on fire; backing away from him.
"YOU COULD SEE!” you squealed
“(Y/N), it’s not like that! I’m sorry… I just…” he begged, trying to reason with you.
You paced back and forth; it wasn’t necessarily serious that he was peeping. But the fact act just made you feel a little uncomfortable.
“Why are you such a perve” you questioned, settling on the bed.
“I don’t know…” he sighed; causing you giggle in reaction. He looked at you confused “That’s not how you answer that kind of question” you continued to giggle.
He pulled the glasses that covered his eyes and set them on the table beside the bed. Sitting beside you, he watched you intently.
Feeling the burn from his stare; you turned to face him. Looking at his expression, you tried to figure out his motive.
“Why?” you asked him, needing to know the reasoning behind his actions.
Hi sighed heavily, “Because I kind of wanted to be taken care of by you. I barely get to see you anymore and I stupidly came up with the idea” he started.
“And the water? The peeping?” you asked.
“That wasn’t intentional I swear! It just happened and I kind of went along with it”
“But why would you want to see me… you know…” trying to pull out as much information, because it still wasn’t adding up. There was a long period of just staring and silence. You glare was making him nervous and he couldn’t help but become shaky by the way your eyes screamed 'Answer Me!’.
“Because….because I… like… you” he smiled, trying to soften the blow from the sudden confession. Eyes wide and mind blown. You found the gears in your mind that had clicked together earlier; grind and fall loose.
“Huh…?” You managed to get out. Not being able to find any other words. He moved his face close to yours; closing the distance between you both. Feeling your heart race a mile a minute.
It was clear many times that he felt something towards you. The constant touching and possessiveness was more than what you were used too; in your kind of relationship. His eyes would wander and hands… but the fact that he would be so desperate to be with you. He would fake an injury and then even peep; was another level.
Looking at him closely, you knew feeling were growing by the millisecond. He was an amazing friend; for the most part, and it was no secret he was extremely attractive.
You could feel his breath on your lips; leaning in slowly. His lips touching yours made your stomach flip, the butterflies tickling your insides.
The kiss began to intensify quickly, each kiss expressing more and more need for another.
“You… like… me…?” you asked between each kiss.
Causing him to chuckle in response. Pushing you into the soft sheets on the bed.
“I do” he stated pulling away from the kiss and staring down at you intently. You could feel the pressure being pushed against his jeans, at your clothed core.
“Chanhee~” you whimpered as he unconsciously ground himself into you; make your core burn with need. You placed a hand on his chest, unsure.
“It’s okay. We don’t have too~” he placed a kiss at your temple and began to roll off your body.
But your leg wrapped around his hips and kept him in place; biting your lip and shaking your head.
“But I want to” you stated
His eyes gazed, now bright an alert; “y-you do?!” he stuttered.
You nodded your head and his eyes hazed immediately; lips back on yours in needy kiss. His hands creeping into the shirt your had on; feeling his hands tremble against your skin.
He was nervous.
You used all your strength to turn him on his back, taking his shirt off your body and to the floor.
He pushed himself up and grabbed hold of you. His lips on your chest; and fingers unhooking your bra.
He threw your bra away; in awe at how perfect you looked to him. He took your breast into his grip; his lips working at your nipple.
You pushed your chest forward, wanting more and more of him.
Putting you back beneath him he worked his shorts and your underwear off of you. Kissing up your thighs and stomach; back to your lips.
Pulling at the hem of his shirt; signaling him to take it off immediately. Working at his belt for his pants to come off as well.
There was such a rush between you too; a line somewhere between lust and pure joy. Both feeling extremely happy and giddy in the moment; as well as undoubtedly desire and fervor for one another.
He watched you beneath him, making sure you wanted exactly as you had said. You nodded you head; assuring him that you wanted him; all of him. His hips aligned with yours; feeling him at your entrance. His bucked his hips slowly. Your eyes propping back into the sheets as your hands clawed at his back; the feeling of him stretch you slightly, making your body tingle. His pace picked up as your moans filled the air. His name falling from your lips over and over again; his panting in your ear made your body tremble with pleasure.
But you needed more; you wanted more.
He saw your expression and knew exactly what you needed.
“Hands and knees now~” he demanded. The sharpness in his tone almost made your core pool, from that alone.
He pulled away from you and helped you to all fours. Running a hand down your spine; you could feel the tingle shoot straight to your center. He thrust himself into you; holding onto your hips. His nails digging into them, the heat finding it way back into your core. His hand pulling around to rub your clit; your legs were becoming jelly. He continued to hit your favorite spot and rub at your clit in a unspeakable speed. It was too much. Your core began to pulse and tighten around him; causing heavy pants and groans to escape him as he tried to match your orgasm. Your body shook from the continuation of his thrust, only dragging out your orgasm. His movements became sloppy and he was quick to come undone soon after. His body jolted as he worked off his orgasm with slow pumps into you.
Both collapsing onto the bed; you relished at the feeling of him beside you.

It was a start for both of you and you couldn’t be happier.
“You know you could have just said you missed hanging out” you giggled, tracing circles on his chest.
“Oh my god this is never going to end is; couldn’t I just have this moment without being reminded that I’m an idiot” he chuckled, placing a hand over his face in embarrassment. You both continued to giggle as you teased him about his idiocy and very childlike actions; in order to get your attention. 

He was right; you were never going to let him live this down. Just wait until his members found out…

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Lovelies, thank you for all the notes on my last post! My lunch break translations aren’t in vain xD 

Next is from the same radio show as before “Dolce compagni”, this time with Hino Satoshi as the guest! The topic for today is…. ladies underwear xD Please enjoy the talk of these pervs! ^0^


MA: A question for Hino-san!

HI: Keep em coming!

MA: “Previously, Tachibana-san and Maeno-san has been discussing their favourite colour on girls underwear. What colour does Hino-san prefer? By the way, the colour of my underwear I’m wearing right now is pink! :)”

HI: Pink is nice and all, but I like violet! 

TA: Uuoh, erotic! Violet?! 

HI: Black is also good, but recently it’s…

TA: Purple? 

HI: Purple is the colour that… turns me on!

MA: Eh, wha…serious? 

TA: It turns you on? 

HI: Purple turns me on! 

MA: Ee.. well, I do kinda understand but.. 

HI: Pink is cute, sure, and black is sexy, but to me it has to be violet!
     World peace and desire is purple! 

MA: This is really something I did not want to hear from you Hino-san! 

TA: Should top and bottom be the same colour? 

HI: Top and bo…? Of course! If bottom would be purple and top would be blue or something….  

MA: You don’t like them in separated colours? 

HI: Different colours, no I don’t like that

MA: same colour is good?

TA: So same colour on top and bottom is best! This is what we talk about on this radio show

HI: Purple is nice! 

TA: Different colour or same colour…. 

HI: Before I’ve had a discussion with our kohai Terasshi-kun… 

MA: With Terashima-kun! 

HI: … about shimapan  (T/N: striped white and pastel coloured panties) 

TA: Shimapan! The infamous discussion! 

HI: In TV animations, there are a lot of girls wearing shimapan, but girls in real life doesn’t wear them

MA: In my experience, I’ve not seen any girls wearing shimapan 

HI: No, me neither, that’s why shimapans are also good! 

MA: Is this what you talk about in your daily discussions? 

HI: I do! 

MA: Really? 

HI: Yes! 

TA: Shimapans are horizontal-striped right? 

HI: Yes, horizontal 

TA: What about vertical-striped ones…? 

HI: Vertical?? 

MA: Do they exist? I’ve not seen any! 

TA: We’ve discussed if the stripes on horizontal-striped ones should be thicker or if thinner stripes are better 

MA: You discuss this?! 

TA: Yes! 

HI: But when it all comes down to it, I like purple! 

MA: Eeeeeeh…. 

TA: Purple without stripes? 

HI: Yes, no stripes TA: So only purple 

HI: Maeno-kun, what colour do you prefer? 

MA: I’m all for pure white, but I really didn’t want to hear purple from you, Hino-san! 

HI: I also like pure white

TA: What? 

HI: Pure purkle! 

TA: Eh? Pure..?

HI: Pure purple! 

TA: Pure purple?!! That’s new! 

MA: Is that 100% purple then? 

TA: Pure black?

MA: I’m not sure… And on that note, thank you very much!


Thank you for reading! 
Disclaimer: I do not own the clip. 
I’m not 100% fluent in Japanese nor is English my first language so please forgive me for any weird grammar. 

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Out of all the main characters of AOT who would be most likely to get too excited during sex and end up hurting their partner? (Sorry for the perv-y question I just wanna know, ya know?)

You know it’s Eren and Bertholdt

Imagine your previous icon laying in bed, waiting for you to come home, not realizing you changed icons to your current one. As soon as you come home with your current icon, your previous icon lays there looking at you seductively until you scream for them to get out, and that they’re a perv. Your previous icon questions you and sees the current icon, and blames you for cheating. Then, your previous and your current get into a fight until JOHN CENA COMES IN FOR THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT AND OHHHH THAT LOOKED LIKE IT HURT! PREVIOUS ICON IS DOWN FOR THE COUNT! CURRENT ICON AND JOHN CENA WINS!

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Perv question time: how do you imagine the sex life of CS? What would be their kinks, preferences... Please do share your lovely thoughts, Hilary.



As I’ve said before, I think they are sleeping together and we can infer that as adults in a committed relationship who are extremely physically affectionate and touchy with each other, it’s happening. There was that deleted scene from 4x14 about Emma spending the night at Hook’s; they’re planning to move in together; Hook knows in the scene with Merlin at the diner that Emma isn’t sleeping and she sits up at night making dream catchers, so I’m pretty sure they were sharing a room in Camelot (the one with the bed we saw Emma lying on in 5x04). Just because OUAT is a PG show doesn’t mean we can’t read between the lines. I think they consummated their relationship after Killian got his heart back in 4x11 and with the six peaceful weeks, because they are AWFULLY domestic and cuddly and familiar when we pick up again in 4x12.

I don’t think either of them are into anything particularly crazy. Both of them clearly have experience and have been with several other partners, but sex hasn’t meant anything to them in a long time (one night stands/conquests). So I think they take it slowly and intimately. It wasn’t about leaping straightaway into it, it was about touching, talking, getting to know each other, exploring, being vulnerable with each other, Killian letting Emma see his stump without the brace on it for the first time and worried she’d be repulsed, but of course she wasn’t. Emma telling him the story of her tattoo. Working up to the actual moment of real sex bit by bit and as shyly as teenagers at times. It most likely happened in his room at Granny’s because Emma still didn’t have her own place. That or they arranged to have David and Mary Margaret take the baby and spend all day at Regina’s or something. There was an element of sneaking around that made it exciting and clandestine.

Killian is an extremely generous and unselfish lover and sometimes Emma has to push him to accept her giving him the same kind of care and attention back. He always wants to take care of her and make sure her pleasure comes first. She’s never had ANYONE be this dedicated to her and it’s probably the first time she’s had a genuine orgasm in years.

Killian never minds being on his back. He may have a slight thing for being tied up, but that’s not something they’ve gotten to exploring yet. They haven’t had much time apart from those six weeks to get comfortable enough to try it. They did have sex in Camelot several times when Emma couldn’t sleep and Killian woke up and wanted to distract her and try to relax her. That was slow, dreamy, careful, almost sad sex, both of them clinging to each other for dear life and trying to make the darkness/clippy Rumple go away (which it did). But it realized this was a threat and convinced Emma she couldn’t touch him like that and so she told him they should wait until she was cleansed and they were home.

They haven’t been together since that time and they’ve never spent a night in their big bed in their house. Emma keeps trying to imagine what it will be like when they get there, to give her strength. They’ve been together in his room at Granny’s and in the small bed on the Jolly and her bed in the loft, giggling and hoping her parents don’t choose this moment to get home, and in that bed in Camelot when he’d drift to sleep afterward and she’d lie there listening to the silence and fearing the moment the darkness started to whisper again.

Emma has promised herself that when (she can’t think about it any other way) they save him, she’ll take him home and they will make love for the first time in that bed, and it sometimes feels utterly impossible and foolish to even hope for. Other times it is the only air in her lungs.