peruvian fine

The Scarf

This is for @1amvengeance who did some manip work for me because I am incompetent with that kind of thing. Unrepentant fluff. No warnings, except maybe that it’s cavity-inducing.

It showed up on his desk one morning. A smallish box tied with a bit of green silk. He was immediately suspicious, but since all deliveries were screened through his personal vetting process, he knew the thing wasn’t going to explode on him.

He set his mug of tea aside and pulled on the end of the bow, which slithered apart into a puddle on his desk.

Inside the box, nestled in white tissue paper, was a hand-knitted scarf.

Q frowned at it for a moment before picking it up. The scarf was soft, the yarn a fine peruvian wool. It matched the shade of the bow - a rusty olive green - but the yarn had flecks of yellow and brown and orange in it, too, giving it an almost tweed-like look. Two simple cables ran the length, adding visual interest. There was a small handwritten note under the scarf that said ‘It reminded me of your eyes’ but no signature.

Q laughed, wondered when Bond had paid someone to knit a scarf, and promptly wrapped the gift around his neck.

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