peruvian candy

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For the comic in spanish with Yuri, Mila and Otabek in it::::: Yuri: “I don’t know dude, I think Fruna sucks, it’s like a cheap imitation of candy.”[Fruna is a brand of Peruvian candy] Yuri continued: “Who can eat that shit?” [Otabek is broken hearted because he has a tub of candy with the Fauna logo on it. Attached is a big heart that says, “Happy Birth Month” the smaller heart says, “I love you”]

Aaaaaaaa thanks so much Anon-san!! I’m indebted to you TvT

…and so with an amazing night in São Paulo, tonight was the end of our South American tour. This tour meant so much to me because Latin America has such a special place in my heart - getting to speak to u guys in my native tongue (and also getting to learn Portuguese for these shows everyday hehe) was so fun and made me feel at home. Every time I felt your guys’ love it gave me the energy to give you all I’ve got - it didn’t matter if at any point I was sick or exhausted - seeing your faces gave me all the energy I needed to keep going. I know so many of you have been saving up your money for such a long time - doing bake sales, working double shifts, running through the streets just to see us at the venue even if you didn’t have tickets. Coming from all different parts of South America to make it to these shows and bring us the sweetest most thoughtful gifts - drawings, music from your countries, paintings, Brazilian, Argentinian, Chilean and Peruvian candy! I don’t take that lightly at all and I am so grateful for all of you guys here. I can’t tell you thank you enough times. You put so much thought into everything and I really appreciate you welcoming us into your cultures and teaching us about them. You are really a beautiful and unforgettable group of people. (by camila_cabello)