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Min Yoongi | 03091993 | Seoul, Korea | Resident Asshole

  • Major: Music Production
  • Job: Part-time Disc Jockey for a Hiphop Station, SugarCube Music (his freelance name)
  • Extracurricular: Writers Guild, Interior Design Club
  • Social Media: IG- Min_genius, Snapchat-YinMoongi (courtesy of Hoseok when Yoongi was too lazy set up the account himself), BTS Chat Handle- Sugar 
  • Relationships: Namjoon’s childhood best friend, Taehyung’s pseudo older brother, Hoseok’s college bestfriend and apartment mate, Jungkook’s apartment mate, Jimin’s good friend, Jin’s future w(h)ine and dine friend

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4x09 teaser

Clarke: *is kidnapped/held hostage by someone again*(there’s a gag that’s been taken out of her mouth and is now around her neck)


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^This was my face when I got to that part in PLROA w/ the um… (how do I say this w/o spoiling y’all)… THAT SCENE. Derek. Derek’s hand. I think you know which scene. Idk holding my left eyebrow was helping me anchor myself to reality.

Reflecting on it now, I think I was sorta going for this:


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the jeff kaplan ask but with the one hero being bastion, not the reader

jeff 👱👓 KAPPAlan 🐸🙊 there aren’t 21 heroes 🤔2️⃣1️⃣🚫❌🙅 there’s only one ☝🏽️1️⃣ and that hero 💪🏽 is BASTION 🤖🐥😟😶🆘 so 😒 keep Raging 😡🖕🏼👎🏽 keep Dying 🏃🏼🏃🏼🔫☠🤕😔 & don’t ❌ count 🔢 on getting that 🅿️🅾✝⛽️ Because 🚨🚨 Heroes Are Gonna Die 👩🏼👼🏼🏃🏼🙋🏼🔫☠🙍🏼

Only One - Jaehyun [2]

A/N: Ok just sayin it now, the ending isnt great… i didn’t really know how to end it soo yeah. This part came out a bit longer than I expected, but I’m pretty happy with it for the most part so hopefully you guys are too

-Admin Kay

Part 2 - I Missed You

Genre: Fluff, Some Angst

Rating PG-13

(strong language)

Word Count: 2,857

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