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Ruth Shady (b. 1946) is an archaeologist and anthropologist from Peru. She is the founder and director of the archaeological project at Caral – the most ancient city in the Americas, and the site of the Norte Chico civilisation.

She has directed numerous archaeological projects around Peru, offering valuable information about the history of the Americas and the civilisations that once inhabited it. She also served as the director of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology of Peru, and professor at the National University of San Marcos.

Countryside school.


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On the Plaza de Armas (main square or literary Weapons’ Square)  In Urubamba. 

Urubamba, located in a Sacred Valley about one hour by bus from Cuzco is a small town where life’s going slowly and nights are dark and cold.  Good place from which you can walk to Salt Pans (Salineras) and have a break from busy Cuzco. 



© Blazej Marczak