peru project

Ruth Shady (b. 1946) is an archaeologist and anthropologist from Peru. She is the founder and director of the archaeological project at Caral – the most ancient city in the Americas, and the site of the Norte Chico civilisation.

She has directed numerous archaeological projects around Peru, offering valuable information about the history of the Americas and the civilisations that once inhabited it. She also served as the director of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology of Peru, and professor at the National University of San Marcos.

We are a group of film students and we want to make a documentary about what happened to us in Chilca two months ago. We went camping with some friends on a beach in chilca known for UFO sightings, abductions and paranormal presences. We stayed for three days and what we saw was the most unusual thing I have ever witnessed in my life, more than 20 lights moving in a pattern toward the top of a hill, when every light got together in the hill, they formed a single large light, we headed with the group to the place as the earth quake periodically. As we approached everything began to calm down and the lights went out, when we were getting closer we saw a group of man wearing similar suits with gray complexion, as my friend says, next there was a man who we could tell it was a Chilca citizen because of his clothing and he turned to see us but the other group of man kept staring at him. When we realized that we were in danger, we ran to the truck and left the place. The next day we asked to the people of chilca about that hill and they felt uncomfortable and didn’t answer, but one of them wanted to talk as long as we agree to talk privately in return of money, he explained that he won’t say much but told us that the disappearances, rare diseases and rare phenomenon are controlled by three families in the area. It’s time to discover what hides from us this city and share good quality material, not from cellphone or cheap cameras. The plan is to live in the area for a month or two and not stop to figure out what’s going on. Please, we need budget for a better film equipment and data collection, as well as espionage and thermogenic cameras, microphones, illumination and costs for the trip. We already have a crew of 5 members including an ufo investigator, one journalist and two filmmakers, it’s fine. The truth is out there, support us.