Scumbag Mewtwo EX.

The game was pretty much over. Josh didn’t have to do much. His Terrakion was fully powered up and stomping across every that Richard could put down. His fault for playing an eels deck, Josh thought. He only need two prize cards but then again Richard only had to knock out the last remaining Terrakions. That was one problem with running the Quad Terrakion Deck. But Josh didn’t think he need to worry about it. All he had to do was remove Richard’s Zekrom and then one Eelektrik.That’d be game.

Richard made his turn. Skyarrow Brudge was down. Zekrom had an energy on it, so he could retreat it and there was a lot of energy in his discard. Between the three Dynamotors he could do, he could dump a lot of energy on to a Pokemon, The problem was which one. Richard played a P.O.N.T and refreshed his hand. He smiled as he saw not only a Double Colourless Energy but the Mewtwo EX to accompany it. He played the Mewtwo EX, attached the DCE and then Dynamotored three lightning energy onto the Mewtwo EX. He retreated his Zekrom and promoted the Mewtwo EX. Josh just sighed. He was beaten.

Richard used X-Ball and between the total of five energies he had on Mewtwo and the three Josh had on Terrakion, Mewtwo was dishing out 160 damage. Terrakion was KO’d and Josh moved an energy over to the benched Terrakion with his EXP Share before promoting it. Myabe he could set-up two Retaliates or something. He could still win. He drew his card. Another fighting energy. That was it, with no supporter in hand he couldn’t possibly get the last Terrakion and EXP Share without it. He attached the energy and used Retaliate for the 90 damage.

Richard didn’t bother to keep setting up. Between Mewtwo EX and Terrakion, there were seven energies in play and seven times twenty was one hundred and forty. Terrakion only has one hundred and thirty hp. Just enough to take the game. Richard used X-Ball and won the game, leaving Josh to wonder at how much of a scumbag Mewtwo EX really was.

Mewtwo EX is a scumbag. I am so very much opposed to Mewtwo. He just dominates everything and it shits me. It shits me to tears.

Seriously, the amount of games that people have won just because they threw down a Mewtwo EX and there’s nothing I could do about it. I don’t mean to bitch about it but I kind of have to. This one card is a dominating force in the format and I see it continuing to be a large player in the future, especially as the Black & White onwards format is kind of limited at the moment.

The thing with Mewtwo EX is X-Ball. This attack does 20X the number of energies attached to both this pokemon and the defending pokemon. And that’s for the low, low cost of one DCE or two random ass energies. That alone means you can tech in Mewtwo EX in just about any deck and still get some nice reward from it. There is practically no reason beyond price to not run Mewtwo. He fits in nicely to any deck and can and will fuck over your opponents. It doesn’t take much.

Mewtwo EX is just the ultimate scumbag card because the only thing that can practically stop it is another Mewtwo EX. The sheer beat-stick quality of Mewtwo EX meant that before the release of Darkrai EX with Dark Explorers, tournaments would be decided with a Mewtwo War. It was just who could play their Mewtwo the best. And this wasn’t just local tourneys; this was the big time. If someone was forced to drop a Mewtwo EX early, then they were fucked because their opponent just dropped their own and KO’d it.

I call Mewtwo EX a scumbag because it comes into your game and trashes it entirely. It’s like that meme, Scumbag Steve, where the guy does something completely douchey and thinks it’s fine. Like, say, using your energies to kill you. Like a scumbag.

The thing is, it’s only going to become more wide-spread with the release of tins in September and at $15 a tin, you can afford to run all of them. So… I don’t I know. I may have to put on my Scumbag Hat, buy some Mewtwos and just play them better than my opponent. That’s the real reason I hate Mewtwo EX, people play them and win games they didn’t deserve to.

I don’t know. It’s a dominating and destructive card. But it stops being fun when it starts being you on the receiving end of the X-Ball.

I’m Josh and I hate Mewtwo EX being played against me poorly and having it win my opponent the game.