perth comic con 2014

Laughing for a gajillion years at this photo I got with Dean. He is the one who said I should strangle him… So I posed, then looked at him and said “You have to look terrified” then he said “I AM” between gritted teeth. That’s when they took the picture, and you can’t ask for a redo!

I also got something signed, where he asked to see my real face, so I did (despite sweaty grossness) and then chatted about my gauntlets with him and Stephen Hunter (Bombur).

Still laughing.


My Nazgul cosplay this weekend for Oz Comic Con Perth! Thank you to everyone for the photos and compliments, I’m so incredibly happy right now! (yes I am a girl, no I’m not that tall, no I don’t have a face, no I am not a Dementor)

More pictures on the way! (including my interesting photo with Dean O'Gorman - Fili)